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2009 Bajaj Pulsar 180 and 150, coming soon…

Bajaj Auto has been known to upgrade the Bajaj Pulsar family, every couple of years, since they were first launched in 2001 and has since then seen four such upgrades (3 if you discount fear the black version).

With the current models already a couple of years old, an upgrade was long overdue, especially with so many new entrants in the market.

According to scoop carried by Bike, the wait is almost over. Bajaj Auto would soon be introducing to the world, an updated Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi, while the updated Pulsar 150 and 200 DTSi would be launched later.

According to Bike India, the power of the 2009 Bajaj Pulsar 180 has been marginally increased from 16.51 ps to 17.02 ps and in keeping with the tradition of increasing wheelbase of all Pulsar upgrades, the Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG4’s wheelbase has also been increased by 25mm to 1345mm.

This increase in length is thanks to the new swingarm (borrowed from Pulsar 220) and would likely add more stability. Bajaj Auto has also decided to dive into the parts bin of Pulsar 220, to give the new Pulsar 180, front suspension, steering tee, clip-ons, seat, rear suspension, rear tyre, sprockets and o-ring chain of the 220. While the tank extension have been borrowed from the Pulsar 200.

Thanks to all the parts borrowed from Pulsar 220, the new 180 is heavier by 5kg (would likely negate most of the increase in power) and kick start option has also been done away with, ala Pulsar 200 and 220. These would also increase the cost of the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi by Rs. 3000.

While details are still sketchy with respect to the new Pulsar 150, it is expected to receive only cosmetic upgrades like all black engine and alloy treatment and Pulsar 200 tank extensions.

Whether or not these upgrades would be enough to hold back and triumph over new entrant in the 150-180cc segment is something that the market would tell. However, we personally feel Bajaj Auto could have done a slightly better job, especially with the TVS Apache RTR 180 just around the corner.


  1. Nice scoop… keep going .. i am waiting for the new launches to buy.. please keep on updating we poor fellas

  2. ***Upgraded Pulsar 180 review:
    I’m from Pune.I got to know about new arrivals of P150 & P180 posted on nets.Today, I visited and saw the newly arrived/launched p180 @ normal bajaj showrooms-Gems.
    Fabulous,At last Balaj has realized to add the Advanced/high range features of pulsar family to lower category.
    p180 seems to copy of p200 with new clip of handlebars & Forks from 220,wide rear tyres-tubeless as like p200.Great job
    p180-Missing things and HAS to be included by BAJAJ to compete with other companies ASAP-right a way:
    1)Engine with FI-fuel injection – i.e. P180 DTS-i Fi
    2)Oil cooled Engine : Optional.
    3)Still More power & torque : upto 18PS.
    4)Gear indicator

    ****Expected Pulsar 200cc should launched with below features.
    I’ve been waiting for the upgraded launch of P200.I would expect below feature that should be added or part of newly upgraded P200cc to be live in the 200 market category, considering other companies filling this segment around the corner.

    1)Engine with FI-fuel injection – i.e. P200 DTS-i Fi (new world tech.)
    with Oil cooled Engine :
    2)Still More power & torque :more than 20 PS.
    3)MONO SHOCK absorber suspension in place of exists one.
    4)6 gear transmission with 1,2 down , then neutral and then 3,4,5,6th gear positioned.Digital Gear indicator should be mandatory.
    5)New clip on handlebars & Forks from 220 family as expected around (added in 180 upgraded pulsar).
    6)REAR TYRE should be more FATTER than current one 200cc >1350mm i.e.
    to kept image of BAJAJ being 1st initiator & leader in this category.
    (feeling the heat from yamaha FZ16 rear tyre size).
    7)HEAD LIGHT,wiser design changes needs to be done to compete FZ16 look wise.(Similar to FAKE image of Pulsar 300 on the net).
    8)Finally the additional COLORS has to be added like ORANGE,GOLDEN YELLOW inline (Similar to FAKE color images of Pulsar 300 on the net around)

    These can be added in upcoming P250/P300 also.

  3. Hi All,

    if you are planning to buy a new Bajaj bike there is a small personal opinion from my end I used to own a caliber in my college days and while doing a job i now own a Pulsar 150.
    believe me you will get the worst to worst response from the showroom once you will take it for any kind of service, so if you are planning to spend your hard-earned money in purchase a bike don’t purchase a Bajaj one. 1st of all the components used are very poor and the service is worst. Especially in Bangalore . So please please please don’t purchase a Bajaj bike. Better go with anything else but don’t take a Bajaj at what so ever the options the company may give.


  4. Prashanth is right first of all Bajaj has to upgrade their service center.
    I own a Pul 150 when i bought the bike with all the fiitings including a tank seat when i removed it a week later their was a big scratch in the top of the Tank morever the bike cylinder head was leaking i told them to rectify it in the free service but they just did some patch up work and got it replaced only in the paid services and billed it to me bajaj vehicles are meant for only looks but looks decieve we indians see what is outide but not inside bajaj people know well about this misconception we indians have

  5. KHALID ABID says:

    i do own a pulsar 150 UG3 going to be around 2 years and 18500 kms done n i haven’t faced even a single problem with it.Its running as smooth as it was on the very first day n even is good on mileage part gives aroung 50-53 km/ltr even when i am really rough at driving it.The thing that is important how you service your bike n how frequently you change the engine oil that matters a lot.Get the service done at 2500 kms n even get the engine oil changed at every service.It would definitely help u out in keeping ur machine fit n fine.

  6. Raghuvart Singh says:

    yes exactly ABID…. Prashant u said Bajaj’s service is very poor … u havent seen the other makers .. ask hero honda or tvs or yamaha or honda bike service center … there are also problems … well it also depends on who is the local party providing the services…

  7. Subhasis Nandi says:

    Hi guys!
    Most of you are very right regarding the horrible quality of service the bajaj guys dish out most of the time! They even refuse to recognise the most visible of all problems like the paint flaking off or even worse, they at times damage the vehicles during the servicing and refuse to accept that! I own a p-180 dtsi of 2004 model. The types of problems I have faced cannot be detailed here! I had even contemplated taking bajaj to consumer courts for negligent service!!

  8. when is pulsar 250 and 300 coming??????

  9. Good in looks but fuck in service


  11. why the hell buying pusar go for apache or FZ or wait for unicorn 2009 and CBF 150

  12. ajay a m says:

    i’m waiting for pulsar 220 edition

  13. pl send more about “2009 Bajaj Pulsar 180 and 150, coming soon…”

  14. Hi I’m Nilesh from Pune..

    Bajaj has to come its upcoming releases of PULSAR 200 & 220 2009 ASAP….hopefully at end of MAY2009 or in 1st week of JUNE 2009

    afterall rainy season is around corner..hence so hurry..!!

    Finaly it is seen that TVS gone be launching Apache 180 with rear disk Brakes…seems to be again copied strategy from Bajaj of P200 upcoming…so that they can take over current launched Bajaj Pulsar 180…and also can compete with new 2009 Pulsar 200…

    TVS S**ks…all again by adopting n copying all strategies of BAJAJ PULSAR family so far…!!!!!!!

    I hope people also eying this COPYing theory of TVS from BAJAJ…and hence go for STYLING,BIG,definitely MALE BAJAJ PULSAR FAmily…the upcoming……!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Now its BAJAJ turn.. looks like ball is in their they have to go ahead ASAP and strat PULSAR 180 selling along with DTS-iFi(Fuel injection)with Power of 18PS and all digital indicators like low fuel,battery etc,with Rear disk brakes….from 1st week of JUNE 2009…

    However,they-BAJAJ must go ahead one step ahead of TVS(rather than waiting release of tvs apache 180)and LAUNCH newly upgraded PULSARS ****200DTS-i FI(fuel injection-Oil cooled):POWER 20PS
    # MONO shock SUSPENSION in place of current dual one……
    # with clip on handle bars,wider forks from 220 family..
    # Rear Disk brake
    # 6 gears theory and not the 5 one (1st,2nd down and then nutral,3,4,5,6th..)with DIGITAL GEAR indicator…
    # Digital clock console….
    # Colurs – 2 mores like in addtion orange,golden yellow similar to P300 available at net
    # Wider Rear Tyre more than current P200,220 to compte FZ16…
    # Head lite wiser design similar to P300 available on net to compte FZ16..

    AND the launches has to be done in the end of MAY 2009 OR 1st week of June 2009…………
    After all Youngers/People know very well which are the best styling and performance bikes
    being the first leading initiator from START itself…Offcourse BAJAJ- PULSAR family etc..

  15. i am confused.
    there are good as well as bad opinions about the pulsar.
    can anybody please guide me. is it proper to buy a new pulsar 150cc UG4 or not?
    i hav no experience regarding bajaj bikes. i have hero honda bike. i am afraid regarding the high maintenance costs which guys say are very high with bajaj pulsar

  16. Dibyendu says:

    Hi! am from Kolkata.. planning to buy a bike but got confused between Pulsar 2009 edition & Yamaha FZ-S Pls Suggest while considering milage ,performance & service.

  17. hey dibyendu don want FZS if u wan perfomance, i agree it looks superb, but one of frnds have it, n it giving only 29 kms/litre(company s guarentee – 56kms/litre), n if u wan perfomance go for pulsar, many of my frnds have it n they no complaints.

  18. hey guyzz…any idea abt pulsar 200 2009 edition..

  19. mohammed says:

    i bought 150cc new edition pulsar look really good and classy
    the main truth is pulsar stands top in stunning,road grip,power
    it is the most hot bik in all the ways
    i suggest u to go for it
    there is around rs 3000 difference between 150cc&180cc
    but millage differs a lot v
    150cc gives 50kmpl
    1480cc gives within 40kmpl
    so better go for 150

  20. hey guys
    tell me abt the diff btwn 200 n 180 2009 eddn.
    what is the benifit of coolent.
    is the coolent of 200 also present in 180.
    are the K n N filter matters on the milage of byke.
    n the most imptnt wht is d average diff btwn those 2.

  21. plsssssss any 1tell wen p200 comes…………………im waiting for 2monthssssssssssss for p200……………….

  22. hey guys!!!! i own a honda unicorn and believe me honda has the worst service i ever seen i know the poor service about bajaj but believe me its much better than honda

  23. Prithviraj says:

    dear all is new pulsar 180 good to bye or is 220 good … as i am looking for good mileage and looks .. can some one assist me… or mail me at [email protected]

  24. hey frnds hii!
    i want 2 purchase pulsar 180,but i m confused between pulsar 150 and 180. so i kindly requested all frnds 2 tell me some important difference in features between this 2 bikes ,so that it will help me to remove my confusion.PLZ TELL IN DETAIL PLZ PLZ PLZ

  25. i need to buy pulsar 150 upgrded.can i get information on its price,average and avaibility of colour

  26. Just one thing i want to say all of you & thats the problems create & non create , its depends only on the bike riders.I brought a pulsar 180 before 2 years.. but i dont face any big problems.. so I can say only one word for bajaj bikes…….wwwaaahhh

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