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2009 Ducati GT 1000 Touring Edition

Ducati today unveiled 2009 GT 1000 Touring Edition and 2009 Monster 1100 at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany. With powerful 1000cc twin cylinder oil cooled engine and classic styling, the GT 1000 is a favorite of the Ducati Sport Classic line. The arrival of the Touring model means the bike will now come standard with many of the accessories which many owners have been upgrading their bikes with for years.

“Ducati is excited to bring the Touring edition of the GT 1000 to the North American motorcycle travel market. The GT 1000 has always been an exceptional touring bike with the addition of these Ducati performance accessories, so it only made sense to deliver a bike with them pre-installed,” said Jason Chinnock, National Sales Manager for Ducati NA.

Featuring a new black livery, the GT 1000 Touring gets numerous upgrades from the standard GT 1000. This includes a luggage rack, windscreen, and chrome front and rear fenders.

The GT 1000 touring edition will be priced at $11,995 and will be available from March of next year.

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  1. I have been having 1973 Iron engine RE, and in 2003 i bought a TB and i always love RE its been my passion and my dream come true movements always.

    Riding any new bike at initial stage will be always awwsome and wounderfull feelings cos it wont create any problems, untill one year or 40,000 KM run. it would be great to see if any body have run the 550cc EFI or the 350 cc clasic for 40,000 KM and if they have put draw back and advantages it would be better for the new buyers…. i suggest for the RE lovers……

    I always had problem with the tapped rod noise with TB and i did had problems with the service provider they never did the good job and the iron engine 1973 was always the best…… hpe all RE lovers will agree for it.

    How ever, last week i took a test drive of classic 350 cc and 550cc EFI, i never felt something more amazing with 350cc,compare to my tb pickup and performance but how ever compare to the 1973 iron engine the pickup of new 350 cc classic is great and there is a big different and it can be measurable
    Both 350 and 500 cc engine is too noise compare to the iron engine and iam sure on the long run it will be pain under ur butts. the auto start is nice but got to think much on the batts for a long run iam sure it will be offen down and create problems……

    Swap of right side gear to left side is not really the true feeling for the bullet lovers….

    550 cc is wounderfull and iam about book one this April and i loved the inital pickup and 3+ sec to reach 0 to 60 is wounder full i never felt is with any other Indian bike so far. the fuel alert is nice,and the EFI from keihin is nice hpe it will be stable even after 40,000 Km.

    There is always drawback and +point, how ever RE is alway my passion and i alwasy love it……

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