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2009 Ducati Monster 1100 and 1100 S

Ducati has decided to increase the size of the Monster family by introducing the new Ducati Monster 1100 and 1100 S.

Ducat’s ‘less-is-more’ philosophy behind all Monsters underlines their never-ending pursuit of genuinely compact, high performance motorcycles, but these new models have succeeded in being even more ‘pared down’ than their predecessors. The Ducati Monster 1100 weighs 169kg (168kg for the S version), making it by far the lightest bike in its category.

The new Monster 1100 design perfectly balances sports performance, riding pleasure and stunning looks. With its new single-sided aluminium swingarm, high level of componentry, race-oriented chassis and 15 years of evolution, the Monster 1100 now takes its place at the head of the Monster family.

The Monster 1100 S is a pure concentrate of lightness, power, design and exclusivity. The ‘S’ features fully adjustable 43mm titanium nitride coated Öhlins forks and progressive Öhlins rear shock absorber with adjustable pre-load and return damping. Carbon fibre cam belt covers, silencer guards and front fender reduce weight by a further 1kg (2.2lb). The distinctive racing gold colored 5-spoke wheels of the Monster 1100 S give it an elegant style and the same sporting look as historical Ducati racing models.

Both versions of the new Monster 1100, already come factory-personalised with removable single seat covers and neat micro-bikini fairings, are powered by the charismatic two-valve 1100cc Desmodromic twin-cylinder engine that boasts a 98mm bore and a 71.5mm stroke, delivering 95hp at 7500rpm and an impressive torque of 10.5kgm (79.5lb-ft) at 6000rpm.

The first public appearance for the Monster 1100 will be at the International Motorcycle Show in Cologne (INTERMOT – Hall-8) starting form the 8th October.


  1. Indians can only dream of such bikes, when will India have the roads and the quality of fuel to accomodate this type of bike… hmmm!

  2. Ducati is officially in India, roads network is getting better and petrol quality has somewhat improved. In fact as a friend of mine living in US puts it; it is more fun to own a Superbike in India than in the US. Here I have seen people riding well over 200kmph on the public road, while a person in US or UK wouldn’t even dream of it, because they know they will receive hefty fine for it.

  3. buddy we do ride past 200 kph (which is only about 130 mph anyways) in fact me n my buds (an we aint the only ones) will go past 160 mph(250+ kph) occasionally…..u just gotta be carefull with your prep is all ….mostly we just send a ringer up ahead to scout for any cop cars in the traffic flow ahead or any checks going on….u do that n pretty much the only way of gettin caught is if he happens to turn right on the freeway but wts he gonna do?…he sees you wiz by at 160 while hes at maybe 50 …poof u gone ! you just gotta make sure you dont stick too long on the freeway or his buddys that he’s radioed up ahead is gonna be waiting!….get your kicks then off the highway…..n if u wanna tape it :DONT TAPE YOUR SPEEDOMETER….it can and has been used in a court of law against you.
    n y would you wanna ride at 200k in india????… u smack into(take your pick):a cow,a truck,a car,an oxcart,two cows,a pothole,idiot crossing the road,cow crossing the road,dead body,oncoming traffic in your lane,more cows!
    when your people learn about traffic rules and that it applies not just to everyone else except them + the nicer roads n cleaner gas then go ahead otherwise you is nuts…u might as well put a bag over yr head n run in traffic to see how that feels like and if that gives you a rush

  4. I want to buy one, can anyone tell me where can i get this monster, price not an issue and new/ used, no problem.

    kindly guide


  5. I want to buy one monster, new/ used, kindly guide. Price not issue.


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