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2009 Hero Honda Karizma, coming soon…

Hero Honda is planning to update its flagship model, Hero Honda Karizma. Which has remained pretty much unchanged since it was first launched in India.

While the details are sketchy on whether or not it would purely be a cosmetic upgrade or a substantial one with heavy engine upgrades and tweaks (especially considering the launch of the new Pulsar 220 DTSi) and maybe even the introduction of fuel injection to 223cc heart of the ZMA.

Whether it is 2009 Hero Honda Karizma Fi, heavily tweaked carbureted Karizma or one with only a facelift, you can surely catch all the updates and action on Indiaon2wheels, so make sure to subscribe to our email updates to find the latest news on the upcoming Karizma and other motorcycles…


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  2. is this confirmed news??

  3. i want photo

  4. i want some more ditail about karizma, like karizma’s photo

  5. Srinivas says:

    Can I get some pics of the new Karizma and the probable time of its launch?

  6. photo bhi is site pe hai jo mene haryana plant se liye hai
    bhai paki khabar hai
    holi ya diwali se phele lunche hogi
    gadi me dam nahi hai use to new cbz best bike hai jo diwali ke bad ayeg
    fisla apke hat me hai

    apka apna firoz bhai

  7. Photographs which seems to be that of the new Hero Honda Karizma with full fairing, have surfaced on the internet.

    The photographs (posted below) were captured by Mr. nits and show the new and yet to be launched Hero Honda Karizma with full fairing (in white color).
    It seems Hero Honda has decided to add a bit of spunk to the somewhat dated design of the Karizma, by introducing full fairing, however in the white color, it doesn’t looks that great, what you do feel?

  8. SANAL P.S. says:

    Hero Honda karizma is really the king of roads. No one can overtake my bike. I think that Yamaha r15, pulsar 220, Apache RTR, Unicorn, can’t have the perfomance and ride control like my “””KARIZMA””””
    I want to buy new karizma. But even don’t know the price of it…..
    “””””KARIZMA is the REAL KING”””””

    Be proud of karizma………….

  9. the bike seems lovely, i should be probably satisfied enough… hope the technical specifications im awaiting, dont prove me wrong. it sure is 2009 version right guyz?

  10. Hai dude, aavi taak main karizma leke kisi ko chen k saas lene nahi diya. P220 or R15, koi v nahi, on NH6(KOLKATA 2 MUMBAI)!!! ZMR-Fi haat aaya to chorunga nahi kisi ko!!! Prms.

  11. I want some more photos.

  12. I rly lk nw krizma bt al grls like r15.

  13. i want photo of karizzz took am ready buy

  14. cbz exterme new model ex fz

  15. cbz xtreme new model exampil fz

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