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Aerodynamic canopy for your sports bike!

Yes you heard it right, now there is an aerodynamic canopy for sports bikes called Rocketshields.

According to the inventor of Rocketshields, David Fermil, the project started with the aim to keep the rain off of David’s face, while commuting daily from Ensenada, Mexico to San Diego.

However it has now evolved into a product which not only protects him from rain and mist, but also from hot winds.

According to David, the canopy can withstand winds at 150mph and still maintain good all around visibility. Add to that one doesn’t need to install any extra mounts or bolts and rocketshield can easily be fixed on stock front and rear mountings of your motorcycle.

While I have to admit that it does look futuristic and would certainly attract a lot of attention, I am not quite sold at the idea of supporting one on my motorcycle.

You can find more about the canopy by visiting Rocketshields official website or by emailing David at [email protected]


  1. ARJUN BAGGA says:

    this one is great. looks different. it reminds me of some bird.

  2. i like d ninja

  3. m thi bike lover..i search this website cz i wanna modifiy ma r15 yamaha to thi R1 as so on greats sportsbikes…hahaha

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