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AGV FVS helmet review

Helmet is the most basic and essential part of riding gear that every biker should have and should wear while riding two wheelers. It is also necessary to buy and wear a good quality helmet as they offer better protection than cheap helmets, especially in case of high speed crash.

AGV helmets have been around in the Indian market for a long time and have earned the reputation of producing good quality helmets.

A few of my friends have crash tested AGV helmets over the years (unfortunately), including a head on collision with a jeep (both vehicles were at 100kmph) and have lived to tell the tale, thanks in no small part to the crash worthiness of their AGV helmets.

Since majority of AGV helmets sold in India have same outer shell, one can be assured that they will get similar level of level protection.

AGV helmets comes with a scratch less good quality visors and although it is not immune to deep scratches, it doesn’t gets scratched that easily and is able to provide clear vision to the rider for a long time.


AGV FVS helmet also have removable liner, which can be easily removed and washed to maintain cleanliness.

Biggest short coming of AGV FVS helmet is the fact that it fogs up quite easily, even when the top and chin vents are fully open. This fact makes them tough to use in cold weather as one has to keep the visor slightly open to maintain visibility.

Apart from this, one really can’t find any other fault with this helmet and although there are several better looking Chinese made helmets available these days for the same price, their quality and availability of their visors in the long run can be an issue. Which in our view, makes AGV helmets quite a VFM proposition, if you are looking for a good quality and sturdy helmet.

AGV FVS Helmet
Price: Rs. 2250 for the ones with graphics and Rs. 1850 for single color ones.
Manufactured by:
Forma Sports PVT. LTD.
504/1, G.I.D.C, Makarpura,
Vadodara -390010
Phone: 91-265-3092842, 5571941
Email: [email protected]


  1. arjun bagga says:


  2. The model name most probably is the Pacific which is the most common AGV in India. FVS stands for Full Ventilation System.

  3. Babu aka aman says:

    ventilation is not gud i still feel hot inside d helmet

  4. Yeshwanth.K says:


    Can you please suggest on the helmets without front guard; Which is ideal for city driving.

  5. BABU AKA AMAN says:


  6. BABU AKA AMAN says:


  7. i have the same helmet but the visor is rubbing my helmet and my helmet is scratched, can anyone help me with this, is your helmet also being scratched from visor……yogesh..??

  8. hi guys i bought the same red dragon helmet 15 dyas back but the visor rubs against the helmet when i open or close it and my helmet and visor both gets scratched. do you people have the same problem. please help me out , what should i do, whom should i talk with for replacement or anything…….

  9. Rakesh you mean the top portion of the visor? If yes then it is normal and happens in all AGV helmets (at least the ones I have seen). It is not an issue, because the part of the visor which is getting scratched doesn’t comes in your field of vision.

  10. yes, its the top portion only, i thought my helmet is defective and wanted to go to the dealer and asking him to exchange the helmet……. if its normal then he would not agree and there would be no point in going to him the…. isn’t it..??

  11. Well all the people I know who have AGV helmets, suffer from this, however none have taken it back to the dealer. So you can try your luck, but do make sure that the dealer doesn’t tries to mess with the visor fitting to ensure it doesn’t gets rubbed again, else it might let in more air and make the visor unstable.

  12. i can try, but even if he replaces the new helmet would have the same problem, so i would waste my time, but anyway im leaving my zma for servicing this sunday, will just tell him a word about that……lets see what happens

  13. shashikant parmar says:

    I am shashikant parmar (Engineer R & D)
    I wanna know what is the actual problem you said visor
    rubbing, but I have tested lost of AGV helmets
    and Also the FVS model but I dont think the rubbing problem is there
    if so please send me Image of the same
    and mail me your query [email protected]

  14. frany george says:

    Cud u tell me about sparx helmets?
    The models we get from some shops in india are genuine?
    Infact I bought one street model-XL size_ from mumbai for Rs.8000/-.
    The cheek pads are a little tight for me.Otherwise I felt O.K.

    Pls give me Ur opinon

    [email protected]

  15. They should be, however it would be best to buy it from a reputable seller to ensure it is.

  16. frm where u boought it????? @ frany george

  17. frany george says:

    This is their address:

    Performance Racing Store
    Shop No. 7/8, Ground Floor,
    Adam Mahal, 143-147,
    Tardeo, Mumbai 400034.

    Tel No. : 022 – 23526038
    Email:[email protected]

  18. Performance Racing Store wala keeps all genuine thing i trust on him

  19. Hi,

    Can you suggest me a good helmet that goes well with the new Enfield Classic 500 ?

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  22. Chintan Lakhani says:

    Hi Yogesh,

    I am having trouble finding helmet shops that can replace the visor on my AGV helmet. The OEM one is too scratched for rides now.

    Although I know you may not have sources in Hyderabad, I think it will be far easier for you to get the details from someone, compared to me.

    Please help!

    You can reply to this email or sms me the details on eight double zero eight nine three zero triple four.

    Thanks 🙂

  23. Hi,

    I have an agv helmet, similair to the one shown in the picture above.. Unfortunately i have lost the front visor. I see that its not a common visor and it needs to be fit into a special groove.
    Please can anyone adv where to get one. I live in trivandrum. number is nine seven four triple six one seven four three

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