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Auto Expo 2010 motorcycle news

10th Auto Expo 2010 will begin tomorrow in New Delhi, India. And will be there to capture and bring all the action to its loyal readers.

In order to ensure that we bring you relevant and live coverage of the Auto Expo 2010, we have started a special twitter channel for faster and live delivery of news from Auto Expo.

While we will be posting the full coverage along with photographs every night and if possible, during the day, due to the hectic nature of Auto Expo, we might be able to update our twitter account slightly faster and more frequently.

So make sure to subscribe to our RSS feeds and Twitter account, to ensure you get latest and in depth coverage of Auto Expo 2010.

In case you are also a car fan, you can capture all the coverage of four wheel section of Auto Expo at our sister site, The India Car.


  1. srinath.R.J says:

    feelin excited to see the forth comin bikes in INDIA

  2. thanks for the info ….

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