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Bajaj Auto might sue Royal Enfield!

Bajaj Auto is investigating whether or not, Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark has infringed on Bajaj Auto’s patent for using twin spark plug technology in the low capacity motorcycles.

Bajaj Auto said it was studying if Royal Enfield’s Thunderbird Twinspark 350cc motorcycle violated their patent on the twin-spark technology. It said if Enfield was found to have violated the patent, the company would take the matter to court.

royal enfield thunderbird twinspark uce

Royal Enfield on its part said the engine displacement on the Thunderbird Twinspark is in the range of 350cc and above and Bajaj Auto’s patent only applies to motorcycles with 75-250cc motorcycles. It also said there were several other differences in construction of the engine and spark plugs.

Bajaj Auto had earlier sued TVS for launching 125cc Flame with twin spark plug technology and TVS was forced to make design changes in the engine.

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