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Bajaj Auto to launch two new motorcycles this quarter

Bajaj Auto is planning to launch two new 125cc motorcycles in this quarter. With the festive season around the corner, Bajaj Auto is bullish about good sales figures this quarter and new models should provide the boost it needs.

One of the motorcycles expected to be launched during this quarter is the Bajaj XCD DTS-i Sprint.

Showcased at the 2008 AutoExpo, XCD DTS-i Sprint is expected to be launched with a 4-valve 125cc 4st engine producing a respectable 12.5bhp.

Second model would likely be positioned toward the bottom of the 125cc market in an attempt to entice more 100cc motorcycle owners to switch to the 125cc segment.


  1. Why indian bikes are always 100cc,120cc,125cc,130cc or 150cc? what the wrong is with you people who make the bikes like that?????? make some sporty look that makes the driver himself that he is driving something out there.

  2. it really sucks me

  3. pls tell me about xcd prize in kolkata on road and where is the showroom. my location is dalhosie square.

  4. i want to know the Price of the Bike and how much AVG is and looks are good

  5. Hey guys .. I cant wait to get my hands on the ninja 250r .. to my info .. this bke will be launchin in jan 09 .. infact, acc to babaj pro bikin showroom, they have already assembled 500 nos of ninja 250r from the CDK units imported from thailand. Bajaj is wrkin on the marketing and the on road pricing front (taxes and stuff needs to be settled) and we can soon go and buy this amazing beauty from a pro biking showroom ..!! CHEERS ..!!

  6. My friends here have gived there opinion and they are right…..india is growing and even the bike mfg also have to grow and grow from 100 or 150 cc to 250 to 300 cc………..we have pulsar 220 and karizma with 225 cc and there is a huge demand for these bikes……people are buying imported bikes……..u shud make a study and start producing a good bike with 300-350 cc and i am shure people here are fine shedding 1 lakh to 1.25 for a good bike……..yamaha YZF R1 i around 1.10 lakh and there is a huge demand for it ………..Please people grow up and get the pulse of the customers and act matured

  7. The indian marked is mostly captured only by bikes that are below 150cc. The reason for this is we indian people are keen on mileage!! do you people think that you can get both mileage and performance!! when our people need mileage then why do you ask performance? you people need some 250 or 300 cc bike which gives 70 or 80 kmpl isnt’it?when ever a premium bike is released you people ask what mileage does it give!! if the bike gives low mileage then u people say bike isnt good… this the reason that performance bikes aren’t launched in india like 1000cc 1500cc.. moreover our road conditions arent good enough to drive a 1000cc bike over it!! this is what thr reason.. there are people who import those bikes who don’t mind about mileage,cost etc.. but they are very rare!! so only these companies are thinking ti launch performance bikes!!

  8. this have not that much attraction as compaire to yes yamaha.
    you should change the setting arangements

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