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Bajaj motorcycles now BS III compliant

Government of India’s proposed Bharat Stage III emission norms are all set to come into effect on the 1st of April 2010, in 13 metros in India and all the new vehicles sold in these cities will have to be BS III compliant.

However, Bajaj Auto has announced that since yesterday, all the motorcycles and three wheelers they are manufacturing are BS III compliant, ahead of the April 1st deadline.


Speaking to the media, Mr. S. Sridhar, CEO, Two Wheelers, Bajaj Auto said, “We have been working on getting BS III compliant from a long time. Over the years our R&D team has allowed us to stay ahead of the learning curve and even this time the team has ensured that every product that we manufacture meets the new norms.”

Emissions standards are requirements that set specific limits to the amount of pollutants can be released into the environment. As per the Bharat III norms for two wheelers, the Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons plus Oxides of Nitrogen (HC+Nox) emission have to be brought down from 1.50 (g/km) to 1.0 (g/km) from April 2010.


  1. Its BS III you moron. Can’t even copy and paste stuff properly? tch tch

  2. Which proves we do not copy and paste! BS III emission norms have been in place in India since April 2005 and it is the BS IV emission norms which are going to be coming into effect in April 2010.

    Now you and other readers can either head to idiotic sites which copy and paste news stories written by a front desk nitwit, who knows nothing about automobiles or you can read them here, where automobile enthusiasts and experts write the story!

  3. In that case it would have been better if you had just copy pasted. BS IV norms is for C-A-R-S.

    2 wheelers are required to comply with BS III norms. Please provide us with the link which says the Bajaj is BS ‘IV’ compliant

  4. Went through SIAM website and you are right, BS IV is being implemented for Cars and BS III is being implemented for Two Wheelers. I guess I got a bit confused between the two, as we have been covering Car news from various manufacturers, who were talking about plans to shift to BS IV norms.

    Although I apologize for this mix up, I will like to reiterate once again, we do not and will not blindly copy press releases and try to ensure that what we report is correct, even if this means at times we go through goof ups like this.

    Thank you for correcting us, I am going ahead and modifying the article accordingly.

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