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Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi review

I still remember the day vividly when I along with my dad and uncle went to collect my bike, the date was 15th June 2007. I still remember the excitement, the joy and the pulsating heart beats while driving down to the showroom, and when I saw my bike for the first time, things just stopped, it was just me and my bike, A Red “Bajaj Pulsar 150 Dts-i”, I just loved the feeling that time and I still love my bike today the same way I loved her when I saw her for the first time.

Till today, when I’m writing this review my bike has clocked 19000 kms. I use my bike basically for commuting and touring and in both spheres she has emerged the best bike in her class. The max mileage I received on my bike is 65 kms/ltr. Now this might sound unrealistic, but yes Pulsar can touch that figure. The minimum mileage I ever achieved was 40 kms/ltr, during one of my touring journeys in open fast GQ roads. The top speed I ever achieved in my bike is 110 km/hr.

In 2009, I decided to modify my bike, now my bike is Diamond White in color, looks like Pulsar 200, and has a working Oil Cooler, making it India’s only 150cc Oil cooled Engine. The love for being unique makes my bike stand out of the crowd.


I also love touring, being a student, I just roam around to places that involve no overnight staying. But that also gives me the best Ad-reline rush and the feeling of being free is really what makes my bike special and me love her more and more than ever.

The best places I’ve visited with my bike are Chennai-Pondicherry (300km, Riding on East Coast Road), Chennai-Andhra Border (240km App, visiting famous Lord Anjeneya Temple), Chennai-Sholinganallur (100 km, Known for temples of Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu), Bhubhaneswar-Angul (250km, One of the largest thermal power plant in India is situated here), Bhubhaneswar-Puri (120km, Home of Lord Jagannath), Bhubhaneswar-Chilka (300km, India’s biggest lake and migratory birds paradise). All these trips have made me realise India’s true Beauty and Diversity. I will continue touring till I am in this world.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to write this review.

This review of Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi was written by Swagat Patasahani. If you too would like to see your motorcycle review being published on Indiaon2wheels, then send it to us on [email protected]


  1. Bhushan Babar says:

    this white bajaj pulsar with white colour is one of my favoriate colour.
    even i have a pulsar of white colour with 150cc

  2. same for me…black 150 cc pulsar…in 2005…still loving my pulsar

  3. white colour for police only in delhi

  4. Anyone please tell me where i could get white pulsar in Hyderabad . !!

    @Bhushan Babar – sir please tell me how u got ur white pulsar …. mail me at [email protected]

  5. how mane rates
    How mach mailage
    1 lier?
    whate ya mailage

  6. m also want a new 150 cc white pulsar

  7. Please give me where and how do i install oil coolant for my pulsar of colour wine red launched in 2012

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