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Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi, more powerful than P220Fi!

Bajaj Auto has done it again, they have managed to not only come up with a new Pulsar 220, which is faster than it is predecessor, they have also done this without the help of the fuel injection system from Delphi, which in turn has kept the price of the new Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi down.

Bajaj Auto’s new 220cc mill now supports a UCAL UCD 32 venturi carburetor with auto choke and produces one horsepower more than its fuel inject predecessor. Even though amount of torque produced remains the same, it now comes slightly higher up the rev range at 7000rpm. Which should lead to slightly slower roll on figures, compared the earlier fuel injected one, though should still be within acceptable range.

However this is a small price to pay for a motorcycle which costs Rs. 30,000 less than the Yamaha R15 and yet produces more power and has better acceleration and top end figures and at the same time, gives much better mileage!

Apart from the new engine parts, the new 220 DTSi also receives an all black engine treatment, better gearbox with reworked gear ratios, stickier rubber, better suspension, more powerful brakes and larger oil cooler.

Speaking at the launch of the new Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi, Bajaj Auto’s CEO Mr S. Sridhar said, “We have been continuously evolving our Pulsar range to provide our customers state-of-the-art product with unmatched performance and technology. The new 2009 edition Pulsar 220 has further raised the bar in the performance segment by becoming India’s fastest production bike.’

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi press release

Bajaj Auto Ltd., today announced the launch of the 2009 Pulsar 220 edition. With it’s launch, Bajaj Auto has raised the bar in performance biking segment quite a few notches higher – the Pulsar 220 has now evolved to become the fastest Indian with an amazing top speed of 144km/hr.

The new 220 gets the performance boost with 32 venturi carburettor, the bigest ever used in India. In addition, the intake port in the cylinder head has been modified, along with higher lift and duration cam. A larger resonator and catalytic convertor is also used to increase performance. The higher engine performance acheived has been matched to a modified 5th gear ratio, to make the new Pulsar 220, ‘The Fastest Indian’.

Aimed at the performance bikers who are looking for a thrilling ride experience, this bike comes with many power packed features – auto choke, clip-on handle bar, split seats, engine oil cooler, fuel and battery charge indicators, etc. It also uses temperature based ignition mapping system through which the ignition timing is optimized to acheive good startability, quick warm up and outstanding torque.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. S.Sridhar, CEO – 2-wheelers, Bajaj Auto Ltd. said – “We have been continously evolving our Pulsar range to provide our customers state of the art products with unmatched performance and technology. The new 2009 Pulsar 220 has further raised the bar in the performance sengment by becoming the ‘India’s fastest production motorcycle’.”

He further added, “We have been the market leaders by far in the premium segment of the motorcycle market, and now with the launch of the 09′220 seres, we will further strengthen our foothold.”

With 21.04PS of power, sporty styling, long feature-list and a price of Rs.70,000/- ex-showroom, it is a very compelling package for the performance bikers, who will find it hard to resist this fastest Pulsar ever produced.

The Bajaj Pulsar 220, 2009 edition will be manufactured at the Chakan plant and it will be available with 4 color opions to choose from.

2009 Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi specifications:

Pulsar 220 DTSi Engine
Type: Single Cylinder, 4 stroke-air cooled.
Bore(mm)xStroke(mm): 67×62.4
Displacement: 220cc
Valve per cylinder: 2
Fueling: Carburetor – UCAL UCD 32
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Max. Power ([email protected]): [email protected]
Max. Torque([email protected]): [email protected]
Starting: Electric

Pulsar 220 DTSi Transmission
Clutch: Wet multiplate
No.of gears: 5
Gear Shift Pattern: 1-down, 4-up
Primary Reduction: 3.47 (66/19)
Final Reduction: 2.571 (36/14)

Pulsar 220 DTSi Chassis, suspension and tyres
Type: Double cradle down tube
Suspension (front): Telescopic, 130mm
Suspension (rear): Nitrox, with 90mm travel
Front Brakes: Disc, 260mm
Rear Brakes: Disc, 230mm
Tyre (Front): 90/90X17″ (Soft Compound, tubeless)
Tyre (Rear): 120/80X17″ (Soft Compound, tubeless)

Pulsar 220 DTSi Dimensions
Overall Length: 2035mm
Overall Width: 750mm
Overall Height: 1165mm
Wheelbase: 1350mm
Ground Clearance: 165mm
Saddle Height: 795mm
Kerb Weight: 150kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 litres, with 3.2 litres reserve (2.2 litres usable reserve)

Pulsar 220 DTSi Electricals
Battery: 12V, 9Ah, Full DC
Head Lamp: Low – Projector Lamp, 55W, High – Ellipsoidal Lamp, 55W
Tail/ Stop Lamp: LED Type
Horn: DC, 2

Pulsar 220 DTSi performance
Max speed: 144kph (claimed)

Price: Rs. 70,000 (Ex-Showroom Delhi)


  1. Never go for bajaj. very poor service. my one month old pulsal 220 is still on the work shop for starting problen, and i have to sacrifice till parts be available at the market.
    shame to Bajaj. my complain registered vide Cr . No – 16798.

  2. You get Lemons in all Makes be it a BMW Mercedes or even a Bajaj.
    Overall i have found the Pulsars very rugged for my style of abuse. My BIL’s Pulsar 150 inspired me to buy the 220 and its a great machine for the price. I was infact inclined for the Bullet until the 150 made me change my mind about Pulsars.

    have patience and get the problem sorted it certainly is less time waiting if you were to buy a Bullet and visit the service center thrice a week. just a comparo.

  3. hi,guys i own a pulsar 220 DTS-fi 2 years old ,i ve done 24000 kms on my bike and i didnt face any problem in my bike no engine problems no suspension problems in fact my friend has brought a new r15 and he is facing many problems with the rear discs and the radiator coolant is leaking . and let me tell ull one thing when i and my friend dragged our bikes for 2 km on hiway there were 3 bike lengths distance between 220 and r15 and u know one thing ive touched 139 on doubles and the speedo meter error on 220 is only 3 kms and for r15 its 15 kms and the top speed i achived on my friends bike is on doubles is 117 and its not exceeding more than that

  4. i agree that the dtsi is the fastest,but it has got the most famous problem,BATTERY PROBLEM!

    its been just 1 1/2 months i got ma new 220dtsi,but now i have the starting problem already!

    i changed ma battery(in warranty) and got it replaced by a new one,but the new one too sucks,the headlamp sucks all the power out of the battery!

    i recommend go for something economic,as 220 is not!

  5. R15 is undoubtedly a good bike as per the technology is concerned but when it comes to real testing its way behind pulsar 220.I hv just owned the 220 after undergoing full testing of Pulsar220,R15 & karizma ZMR.But seriously pulsar is a value 4 money has better cornering than both the bikes & due to higher torque it has higher acceleration at top gear with lower rpms tht make it better than others.As per the vibrations are concerned u gonna feel tht after notching up 130km/hr.
    Also as per the battery problem it has xenon headlamps & u need to switch off the lights before starting the bike otherwise no problem.

  6. Dude, i bought my 220 DTS-i just 5 months back. Cost was Rs 77,000/- (complete on road price). One day wen i was riding from collg to home, someone on R15 showed me the so called “finger fuck”. He Challenged me to race 10km on Highway.

    You wont believe that from starting to end, he was behind my ass!!! Not even once he was able to overtake my Pulsar 220. Finally i reached 145km/hr n he was completely fucked that time…

    !!!Hats Off!!! to Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dts-i as it kept in exceeding to 155 & on. Finally i cut the throttle. Since then i never saw that fool(Rider+his R15) again… 220 aka THE FASTEST INDIAN.

  7. hiiii guys
    I will be purchasing a new 220 dtsFi after 5 months & i love that bike. will it be available after 5 months as the new 220dtsi will be launched which looks like 200
    plz send me the update & i want this 220 black dtsFi any how & i dont want to have dt new one to be launched.

  8. arvind pranay says:

    PULSAR 220 rocks the indian roads…..I just bought a PULSAR 220 6 days back and ……WOW!! wat the heck…its cracking all the roads and no one even dares to race with me…..I LOVE MY BIKE

    HATS OFF to PULSAR 220 (the fastest Indian)…..

  9. Baldev Bhatta says:

    Hi Guys! I am from kathmandu, Nepal and own Pulsar 220 and with my experience in road, this bike is road rocket. r15, fz are crap inthe road when u riding with this king power bike. I have personally crossed the speed of 155km/hr on the high way and people around were looking at me. I am the road king with this bike everytime i go in highway!
    In singapore I ride Thruxton 990 and i tell u, I compare pulsar with that massive power. Super rocket!!

  10. Vaibhav Jain says:

    Guys – Like All 220 owner i am also prid owner of 220.

    I Bought my Mean Machine this Month May 2010 and in one month i ride more then 1000km which is 700Km more then my Average Runing in a Month.

    Its Run like a King of Road – Good Job Bajaj Team.

    And by the my Sub Caste is Also Bajaj. So i proudly Say i Am Vaibhav Bajaj and i am one of the Fastest Indian.

  11. if u wanna race contact 9906872550

  12. i have got a pulsar220 just days ago if u wanna really fly then contact me

  13. hi guys i am frm kathmandu. these pu;asr 220 has given me more pleasure than any other bike .one day i was riding from colleg to my home ,suddenly a guy in r15 challeng me at race i also accepted race .the race was of 10 km .we had race but that fucking r15 guy was far behind me .when i looked at him he was too far away finally i won the race .ma top speed was 155kmper hour.i love this bikeeee

  14. all ur pulsar’s r waste coz i touched 148 in my rtr 160 oly coz of d racing kit of tvs

  15. and sorry forgot to tell. 0-60 in 3.2 secs, p220’s is 3.8.

  16. Faraz
    now put a racing kit in ur arse and u will shit faster.
    dammit we are talking of STOCK bikes and ur bum come with a racing kit
    up urs!!!

  17. Dear P220 fans.. do not compare P220 Dtsi with other bikes like r15, apachi, karizma and all.. if so then u r insulting our love.. P220 rocks..

  18. Hi Guys,

    Can ne one of u show me the pictures of the Desi beauty P220 without the doom…………….with back discyssssssssss…….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Jai hind Jai Pulsar 220.

  19. Arvind Meena says:

    Hi dosto aaj maine b apna sapna pura kar liya maine black color ki p220 kharid li. Lekin aaj hi truck k neeche aane se bach b gaya. Gazab h ye Cheete c lagti h. Apne andar power ka ahsas karati h lekin maja dusri p220 se hi race lagane me h baaki toa bache h.

  20. just two months ago i bought my new P220 after i waiting for one chance to know whats da power of my bike one day i seen in highway one guy overtake me and he tell me fucking bike nothing hve to challenge the karizma then i will become angry i think may be this is the chance to know what is my bike then i take his challenge believe me spot place to my destination distance is 7 km after he equal me in 2 km after then he become slow and i defeat him about 2 km distance sorry he dont slow dawn i was become fast after that know pulsar means pulsar so P220 is king of road

  21. I would take a bet that all these dum people cannot knee down the bike on turns. which is possible on r15 at 110km/h. pulsar is such a sick bike which does not have a good built quality no good breaking system in spite having duel disk. p220 has no good road grip……. with out having all this what is the use of buying a bike which tops 140+ utter waste. first kids buy a bike which has good handling and breaking before u kids can think about speed

  22. abhishk srivastava says:

    coooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllll pulsar was first bike.and now i m happy to see this
    i just bought it and was ossum

  23. abhishek srivastava says:

    coooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllll pulsar was first bike.and now i m happy to see this
    i just bought it and was ossum lolllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. safetyfirst says:

    hi veenesh,
    after going through your dare devil act on public road when you were returning from college i wonder wether the fool was the r15 guy or both of you….your top speed which you are boasting of could have landed you or other road users in icu in best case or deep underground in worst case….dont get tempted by such so called challenges…leave them to themselves you dont have to prove that 220 is the fastest indian ….we all have heard it being said by bajaj….you dont get bonus points in life by such acts…take care of your safety first ..your parents and family need you…

  25. wow………brother,i loved ur comments and now willing 2 buy,p220.but little confused dt p220fi is gud or p220dtsi,plzzzz tell,contact me plzzzz-9910118073

  26. which i s gud p220si or fi,plzzzzzzzzzzzz bro tell me

  27. advitiya says:

    Adi ,
    hey guyzz pl pl tell me which is better, Pulsar 220 or Fazer in terms of Mileage , handling and performance and it shuld last long for more than 7 years

  28. replacing luck says:

    p220 is a crab model….low built quality not trust worthy,totally insecure braking, wrong fuel n speed reading,..this byk suck..power is nt every thing u need..///

  29. I Love Pulsar 220 F The Fastest Bike In India!

  30. i love my bike pulsar 220 . i wanna say to all rider please do not try to race.because some one is waiting for you at your home.
    thank you…………

  31. pulsar 220 is baap of r15 ha ha ha ha ha

  32. i lov my pulsar brand………….n 220f

  33. Plz send me the update & i want this 220 black dtsFi any how & i dont want to have dt new one to be launched.

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