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Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi, more powerful than P220Fi!

Bajaj Auto has done it again, they have managed to not only come up with a new Pulsar 220, which is faster than it is predecessor, they have also done this without the help of the fuel injection system from Delphi, which in turn has kept the price of the new Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi down.

Bajaj Auto’s new 220cc mill now supports a UCAL UCD 32 venturi carburetor with auto choke and produces one horsepower more than its fuel inject predecessor. Even though amount of torque produced remains the same, it now comes slightly higher up the rev range at 7000rpm. Which should lead to slightly slower roll on figures, compared the earlier fuel injected one, though should still be within acceptable range.

However this is a small price to pay for a motorcycle which costs Rs. 30,000 less than the Yamaha R15 and yet produces more power and has better acceleration and top end figures and at the same time, gives much better mileage!

Apart from the new engine parts, the new 220 DTSi also receives an all black engine treatment, better gearbox with reworked gear ratios, stickier rubber, better suspension, more powerful brakes and larger oil cooler.

Speaking at the launch of the new Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi, Bajaj Auto’s CEO Mr S. Sridhar said, “We have been continuously evolving our Pulsar range to provide our customers state-of-the-art product with unmatched performance and technology. The new 2009 edition Pulsar 220 has further raised the bar in the performance segment by becoming India’s fastest production bike.’

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi press release

Bajaj Auto Ltd., today announced the launch of the 2009 Pulsar 220 edition. With it’s launch, Bajaj Auto has raised the bar in performance biking segment quite a few notches higher – the Pulsar 220 has now evolved to become the fastest Indian with an amazing top speed of 144km/hr.

The new 220 gets the performance boost with 32 venturi carburettor, the bigest ever used in India. In addition, the intake port in the cylinder head has been modified, along with higher lift and duration cam. A larger resonator and catalytic convertor is also used to increase performance. The higher engine performance acheived has been matched to a modified 5th gear ratio, to make the new Pulsar 220, ‘The Fastest Indian’.

Aimed at the performance bikers who are looking for a thrilling ride experience, this bike comes with many power packed features – auto choke, clip-on handle bar, split seats, engine oil cooler, fuel and battery charge indicators, etc. It also uses temperature based ignition mapping system through which the ignition timing is optimized to acheive good startability, quick warm up and outstanding torque.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. S.Sridhar, CEO – 2-wheelers, Bajaj Auto Ltd. said – “We have been continously evolving our Pulsar range to provide our customers state of the art products with unmatched performance and technology. The new 2009 Pulsar 220 has further raised the bar in the performance sengment by becoming the ‘India’s fastest production motorcycle’.”

He further added, “We have been the market leaders by far in the premium segment of the motorcycle market, and now with the launch of the 09′220 seres, we will further strengthen our foothold.”

With 21.04PS of power, sporty styling, long feature-list and a price of Rs.70,000/- ex-showroom, it is a very compelling package for the performance bikers, who will find it hard to resist this fastest Pulsar ever produced.

The Bajaj Pulsar 220, 2009 edition will be manufactured at the Chakan plant and it will be available with 4 color opions to choose from.

2009 Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi specifications:

Pulsar 220 DTSi Engine
Type: Single Cylinder, 4 stroke-air cooled.
Bore(mm)xStroke(mm): 67×62.4
Displacement: 220cc
Valve per cylinder: 2
Fueling: Carburetor – UCAL UCD 32
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Max. Power ([email protected]): [email protected]
Max. Torque([email protected]): [email protected]
Starting: Electric

Pulsar 220 DTSi Transmission
Clutch: Wet multiplate
No.of gears: 5
Gear Shift Pattern: 1-down, 4-up
Primary Reduction: 3.47 (66/19)
Final Reduction: 2.571 (36/14)

Pulsar 220 DTSi Chassis, suspension and tyres
Type: Double cradle down tube
Suspension (front): Telescopic, 130mm
Suspension (rear): Nitrox, with 90mm travel
Front Brakes: Disc, 260mm
Rear Brakes: Disc, 230mm
Tyre (Front): 90/90X17″ (Soft Compound, tubeless)
Tyre (Rear): 120/80X17″ (Soft Compound, tubeless)

Pulsar 220 DTSi Dimensions
Overall Length: 2035mm
Overall Width: 750mm
Overall Height: 1165mm
Wheelbase: 1350mm
Ground Clearance: 165mm
Saddle Height: 795mm
Kerb Weight: 150kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 litres, with 3.2 litres reserve (2.2 litres usable reserve)

Pulsar 220 DTSi Electricals
Battery: 12V, 9Ah, Full DC
Head Lamp: Low – Projector Lamp, 55W, High – Ellipsoidal Lamp, 55W
Tail/ Stop Lamp: LED Type
Horn: DC, 2

Pulsar 220 DTSi performance
Max speed: 144kph (claimed)

Price: Rs. 70,000 (Ex-Showroom Delhi)


  1. Have seen the review at, guyz interested for full specification and performance of the bike and visit and analyze. I think Bajaj has delivered this time, giving a 220cc at 70K (ex.showroom). Hope Bajaj’z promise deliver this time, should wait for atleast Three months time to get a good review of this Re-Newed Entrant..!! Enjoi..!!! Indiaon2wheels waiting for your point of View on this 220cc without FI technology.

  2. what is the ex showroom price of new pulsar 220 in chandigarh

  3. mahesh saini says:

    on july 2nd

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  6. Rohit Porwal says:

    What is the ex-showroom price of pulsar220 in jaipur

  7. yeah i lub d pulsar of any bike
    But a220 is ammasing bike
    So much


  9. Something is burning…..

  10. Will it meet all emissions standards with a carburetor.

  11. karunjith says:

    please make 150cc pulsar bike with 220cc pulsar body

  12. karunjith says:

    make 150cc bike wiyh 220cc body

  13. karunjith says:

    i love bajaj company.i want to see bajaj company was no:1 in world

  14. Karan Naithani says:

    @ Yogesh. nice report man. but what does “32” signifies??
    i mean it does have 32 venturi but whats 32 in that? is it dia or inlet or what?? please clear.

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  16. what is the ex showroom price of new pulsar 220 in mysore

  17. Rohit Porwal says:

    Plz tell me what is the best bike on Indian road-
    Pulsar 220 or Hero Honda Karizma or Kawasaki Ninja

  18. hi friends it is a very a good sted by bajaj auto ltd.
    it have created a bike so good and the pwer as well as the milage has benn increased. the bike is so good than bikes mostexpensive than it with lots of features

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  21. hi ,this is sankar and i am interested in buying the 220fi . i want to know have they been phased out . are there any powerful 250cc variants coming in the near future and will it be around 90000rs.pls ans my queris ,bye

  22. Hi Everyone,

    I am started off my Biking with an Apache 150cc in the year 2007.

    I would Share my experience with various Indian Bikes(Correct me if am wrong)

    I had feeling in months that I could have bought a Pulsar 150, RTR 160, CBZ Xtreme or Unicorn as It

    seemed to be outdated in months.

    Now in the year 2009 I planned to go for a new Bike and never commit the same mistake of

    OUTDATING myself in style and Performance

    So I wanted make sure that i have the most updated bike in syling as well as in performance,

    I was about to pay the advance for buying a Pulsar 220 as I thought thats the only bike which can

    perform well in Intial Mid and High end grunt.The reason for eliminating Karizma is bacause the P220

    itself is a better performer than the Zma, Simple reason is Bajaj has brutally designed it to out perform

    ZMA after years of Zma’s existence.

    But one of my friend gave me a test ride in a P200 with which i could easily see the 90-100 in the

    Speedo which made me go for the P220 as it was a new experience for me from the Apache 150 which

    rarely exceeds 85KMPH but no wonder surely return a Mileage of 60KMPL in any condition (Even the

    TVS Service Center is amazed with the Mileage).

    Here just two days before the date of booking for a P220 I happened to get a golden chance(At that

    time) to ride a R15 from one my friend.

    Trust me I got it in a Highway and Just I remember toggling to the 6th Gear where I saw an unsual

    figure of 121Kmph in the Speedo.

    Usually I shift between the gears and drive the bike in a top speed according to the Vibrations I get

    from the bike.I was expecting the R15 to vibrate so that I can stop accelating but it never did, I was

    ROCK FEVICOL IRON STEEL SOLID. At 125KMPH my friend started to bug me at the back so

    unfortunately gave slowed down.

    First I thought the R15 was a small bike in Dimensions and power but after you sit in it you may feel

    that you have the View of a Real Sport bike. The One main difference I noticed between the P220 an

    the R15 is that honestly the P220 vibrated from 90Kmph preventing me exceedign 110Kmph and my

    friend informed that the top speed he has done in that P220 was 118Kmph.

    But I have seen in the websites that guys have acheived 130KMPH in a Pulsar,
    The truth is one has to be so couragious, Dare enough towards Death can take the P220 to 9500 RPM

    in the TOP gear.Almost everything starts to vibrate at that speed including the RIDER.

    But thats not the case in R15 its like a Unicorn driven in 60-70kmph, even top speeds, Butter smooth

    engine urges you accelerate more and more.Please leave the critics on 150cc vs 220cc as Super Sport

    125cc Two stroke bike can develop a max of 55bhp.So its Yamaha which has decided to give India a

    Sports Bike that could be afforded at 1 Lakh without any compromise in the quality ride.

    So I bought a Yamaha R15 (Mar 2009) .

    The Enginner in Yamaha Showroom Chennai informed that this Bike would be the best as it has a

    programmable ECU and explained everything to the Best.

    Till Sep 2009 I have done around 8000 Kms and still I feel that its like a rocket and my observation is,
    A person giving a Negative comment on R15 has to understand that it not a bike like a ZMA to get the

    adrenaline rush while accelrating.

    Things Different in R15,

    1) R15 is 150 cc so it can perform well with a Single rider not with pillion
    2)R15 without any strain would reach above 8500RPM so you mst keep it in Top notch to win.
    3)The Sixth gear in R15 is for High Speeds above 110Kmph as per the gear Ratio, So if you are in the

    Sixth gear in 60-70kmph and suddenly racing with an Apache RTR you will loose as R15 with take

    more than a 30secs to reach 100 from 70 in 6 Gear.
    4)The appropriate top speeds in every gear would be
    40kmph – 1st
    59Kmph – 2nd
    78Kmph – 3rd
    90Kmph- 4th
    115Kmph- 5th

    This data is according to the Power to Weight & gear Ratio provided in the Specs.
    If you maintain the same in R15 you can pass 0-60Kmph in 4 Secs and 0-100 in 12Secs.
    5)Also the braking is not like a usall bike, As you may easily hit >100, You have to apply more pessure

    on the Front Brake than the rear as the Rear brake is the most powerful one and may cause the bike to

    6)Every tight coner is yours, bend as much as you can with the Bike as the tires would never let you

    7)R15 is ideal only for a person 20Ps @ Max RPM(I dont know the Max RPM)

    In real life when you race with the P220 you will win provided its a Highway as in a gully a TVS XL

    super will outperform the Hayabusa.

    But life with R15 is not with sweets everytime there are some negatives too,
    The Tires are made of soft rubber and give the best grip, but it affects the Looks (known issue), Since

    the tires are soft it also attracts Metals pieces which are not as sharp as to be pointed.

    So more Punture and costs you more(Better you have to buy a Punture repair kit Yourself).
    Also I have a Crack in the rear tyre.(Waiting to be replaced)

    Service Service Service,

    This is were Honda bags the credit, Poor/Cheap/Illiterate/Ignorant or whatever it means I mention the

    lobour in Yamaha Service they are still the same old RX100 technicians I suppose, I tried with a service

    center in Chennai was Bad(No Profanity) and I recently switched to Hyderabad was the even bad(Again

    no Profanity).Everytime we leave the Bike for a service we have to note down all the trouble in a paper

    and speak to the Manager and then check those problems while taking it back again I am sure its not

    upto 100% satisfaction, Boss where can I go with my 1 Lakh bike for service with has Limited


    Fine.I had a impression on Yamaha thats its a kind of bike company which gives performance bikes like RX100 at a low mileage and never thought of Yamaha when I bought the Apache in 2007, But I salute the R15 for the built quality and the ride thrill that it gives and I am a Windows Server

    Administrator working in IBM Hyd, I completely use the Mumbai Highway for riding to Office.also I

    am proud to say that I am the TRUE Fastest Indian.

    Hmmm life’s rocking.

    I STRONGLY SAY R15 IS A BIKE AHEAD OF ITS TIME LIKE THE RD 350, ALSO ITS THE BEST AMONG THE OTHER INDIAN BIKES, If I am wrong please leave your comment on my view.

  23. idiot r15. i think you dosnt meet a correct rider in a 220p.dont compare r15 with the indian king p220 cost features or in cruise normally 120 at highways the r15 correct top speed is 124 only.

  24. whose this some one is telling r15 is better than 220.its not correct the pulsar is very stable at120kph.and the headlight is very superb and all the fetures in 220 is betterthan r15 agood projector headliht,air and oilcool,wider tyres,thick forks,all these are extra from r15 in 30k lower price

  25. Its accepted that Bajaj knows India better than Yamaha,

    Thats why you can still see bajaj is rocking the market with the old Discover dtsi(Almost 8 differnet versions)

    Accepeted boss without any modifications Pulsar performs better than R15, But now your Pulsar 220 Dtsi may be a new one, But can you promise the Bike would sustain and run without any problems for years like a Honda Unicorn.

    Two years Max for your Pulsar 220 Dtsi, Check out in a Second habd shop for a Old Pulsar (More than 2 years) it would be cheaper than a HH Splendor, Know the reason thats called compromise in quality for price.

  26. hey i was plannin to get a fazer but aftr the launch of p220dst-fi i’m gone mad as which one to go for………
    now my dad is lyk “son gimme one name fazer or pulsar” so m confused n want help frm u guyz yaar !!!!!!!!

  27. plz plz plzzzzzzzz help me guyz as which one to go for !

  28. CHEAP bike!!!!!!!!!!!!! Superb bajaj. Hats off 4r u 4r another sucking bike. Ur going 2 sink again. Does neone of u Bajjuu fans read Autocar?????????????????? It stated through a survey “Karizma sells have gone up after the introduction of Pulsar 22 DTS-Fi.” Best of Luck Loser – the big fat frog shouting I’m the best after falling into the pit.Ha! Ha! Ha! LOL…bajjuuss makkhi chus ghobar mein ghus

  29. literate people go for bajaj n honda!!

  30. sharanbasu muttal says:

    dear cruising friends,
    i am very happy to know about the statement “220si is more powerful then 220fi” -both are doing very well, may be fi or si but fi is more superior system of feeding fuel to engine, ofcorse si is also competing to this nex gen techs, but very interesting is drop in price which will defenitely hit the cruising minds and the 220 design is so erotic, no one will not sustain, it is almost like a plus sized sexy lady on the street or on the highway having absolute curves, to catch the eyes of defenetely male, “i love palsar 220”

  31. man!!those who r saying that r15 is bad than p220 dtsi,they r totaly wrong.r15 is 150 cc bike & pulsar is 220cc,the also r15 can defeat p220 easily.r15 top speed is 150km/hr &p220 is 144km/hr.And r15 goes 0-60 in 3.20 secs.

  32. hi. i bought a pulsar 220 dtsi.its amazing bike yaar.i loveeee it.i rrated its top speed unbelieivable at 160 km/hr

  33. Hi friends let me tell u i have got 151km on my p220 it was exceeding as the bike is new i had cut off the throttle.

  34. Brothers let me tell u im not a die hard fan of any specific bike company when i had to buy a bike i wanted the best bike in the market i was ready to buy r15 but 220 took away my breath 21.04 bhp 150 kg best power to weight ratio in india average 50 kmpl in local im getting true and karizma was outdated both in looks and performance and features too and it was totally overrated.even the new zmr is just a face lift well hero honda must not be having any engineers only designers even after 7 yrs they have increased only 0.86 bhp and weight is 160 kg .these guys are fooling us.

  35. Bajaj has earned my respect at present for THE FASTEST INDIAN.and pls dont say silly things about p220 dtsi pls take this monster to the high way and see it is definitely a r15 killer.but r15 definately kills old p220fi,zma and zmr but it cannot even touch the fastest in even in the streets or on the open high way.

  36. I feel sorry for people who r going to go for r15 and zmr and if u see THE FASTEST INDIAN on the road if u dont want to lose ur dignity dont race with it.coz u will definitely loose and will be smoked by P220 dtsi THE FASTEST INDIAN it is definitely the ALPHA MALE.

  37. the pulsar 220 dtsi gives r15 and karizma good bashing and all rtr 180 fans get ready to have shit all over your face!!!!!!!!!

  38. all those guys who are worried about vibrations and scared to race their machine to its limits (in this case the pulsar 220 dtsi) are like those D_ _ _ _ with their tails in between theior legs.

    even the bullet vibrates and i have driven the OLD machismo to 120 speedo indicated on wai to pune for a good 20 kms.


    But the vibrations on the 220 are not scary as you say and i have done 136 on pune nagar road.

    the only failure of the bike is the rear view mirrors vibrate a bit too much hampering rear view visibility when overtaking above 120kmph. you need sturdy mirrors on bikes achieveing above 100kmph + or u never know if a punto or linea (too common on nagar road) is tailgating you.

    220 dtsi simply awesome

  39. dis karizma zmr is so sick ……everythin is copied….apache headpiece is scaled,mirror borrow from fazer,graphics burrow from kawasaki ninja,rear disc from pulsar220/apache,grab rail from cbz……

    above smeone is sayin r15 top speed is 150 kmph…man wtf……its only 135

    moreovr if u r a power hungry rider .den hh has incresed just 0.84 bhp in karizma…..nd weight is around 160 kg….costin 94 …

    so nw i come on p 220 gud bike , sporty look …..fully powerd … speed 144 …..will smoke everythin …price 74….really nice….

    nd plzzz yr galiyan mat likhna (give reviews buh dont abuse)

  40. is 220 dtsi a reliable bike for 5-6 yeara or more?

  41. what happen with this p220dtsi it has no pickup power like in p220fi n rear brake is not working even like drum brake.i went showroom n try this p220dtsi it is ashame a of power to the pulsar where is the power of pulsar

  42. what happen with this p220dtsi it has no pickup power like in p220fi n rear brake is not working even like drum brake.i went showroom n try this p220dtsi it is ashame a of power to the pulsar where is the power of pulsar

    Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi,not powerful than P220Fi!

  43. Anil the rear brakes are meant to stop the motorcycle, they are just there to help you slow down the motorcycle, while the front ones do majority of the work.

  44. yogesh i don’t mean rear break should like front i mean that it dose not work slow down the bike n what about pick up power is it same as 220fi

  45. yogesh i don’t mean that rear break should like front i mean that it dose not work to slow down the bike n what about pick up power is it same as 220fi?i don’t think it is same as 220fi but in p220dtsi specfication there is written as it produces one horsepower more than its fuel inject predecessor” what is this mean whether i can’t understand or what ………………?

  46. Anil even i faced the problem of the Rear brake it had ZERO feel no stopping power even to the slightest. The first 570 kms i have done was in full Front brake use only, the Front brakes work like a dream. At 1st service when i asked why there was no feel of rear brake. The answer there is a light silver / chrome coating on the Disc and this has to wear out, so keep using the rear brake. Why then does the front brake work?? sir company has done like that.

    And yes after a couple days of rear brake usage it has started to work. THE FEEDBACK is excellent as the Brakes dont Lock and the stopping power of Front brake is simply gr8.

    The pickup is a blast i have hit 50 on first gear 2nd 80 so u can judge how fast this beast is.

    There is simply no competition at Traffic lights. All can be seen at a distance in the rear view.

    i luv this bike its a total VFM if i were to compare it to ZMR or R15 which are also gr8 bikes but for the Price & FE its the 220.

  47. Anil if this was the case, then I suspect that the bike you test rode, had some issue with the rear brake. I have had the pleasure of riding quite a few Pulsar 220 DTSi and DTS-Fi and I haven’t yet faced this issue.

    As for pickup of 220 DTS-Fi being better, well it is true to a certain degree, as the fuel injection provides better throttle response and in gear acceleration.

  48. one of my fren have p220fi his pick power is so blact that i can’t say but p220dtsi pickup power is not satisfied power n it is said that p220dtsi produces one horsepower more than its fuel inject predecessor what does it mean i think 200 is better then p220dtsi isn’t it?

  49. what is clif on handle bar means plz can any body help me to understand what is this mean???

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