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Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi Review

It has been more than a year and around 17K KMs since I bought myself a Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi. I had a Bajaj Pulsar 150 Classic before this one and it left a good impression on me, which helped me decide to go for this version of Pulsar which hereafter will be referred as P220.

I bought my P220 on 17th Oct 2009 from Bagga Link. Due to Diwali time, there was a heavy rush but still I got my bike within an hour, with all the paperwork complete.


The moment I rode it out of the showroom, I made a note for myself: Control the right hand.

This mental note was necessary as the bike felt like a jet plane, whose thrusters came to life with even the slightest twist of the throttle. The next 500KMs were spent in controlling and then I took the P220 for its first service.

Problems faced till 1st Service: The rear brakes were too tight and after a few KMs, the rear disc plate used to get too hot. I did report it at the time of service and was rectified accordingly. It has not happened hence after.

I rode the P220 within Delhi for the next 1500 KMs only to complete its running in, as mentioned by the manufacturers. Never once did I take her beyond 40KMpH in these 2000 KMs.

With the running in complete, it was time to take the bike on the highway and see what it was capable of. I took the P220 from Delhi to Chandigarh and it was the first time, I took the P220 beyond 40KMpH.

The P220 responded beautifully to the turn in the throttle and the Top – end torque of the P220 impressed me to a great extent. For the first time I felt the power of a 220cc, 4-stroke, DTS-i, air cooled engine delivering Max Power of 21.04bhp @ 8500rpm and Max Torque of 19.12Nm @ 7000rpm.

This was also the first time I was riding on a National Highways and hence was really worried about the kind of brakes the Bike has, but the 260 mm Disc in the front and 230 mm Rear Disc worked quite well. The air cooled engine was performing better due to the better cooling mechanism and it didn’t had any issue of excessive engine heat ups even during long runs of 150+ KMs. The tires were not much tested as the road was plain and well tarmac all the way. Another thing which is not mentioned in any catalogue or boasted by Bajaj is the quality of the Gear Box in P220. Gear shift has never been so easy in any Pulsar till date and P220 never lets you down with any false neutral. Also worth mentioning is the Starter kit present in this bike. Powered by 12V battery DC Circuit the P220 comes to life as soon as you half press the starter and never once does it lets you miss the absence of kick start in the P220.

Soon after bringing the P220 to Chandigarh, I had an opportunity to take it on the Hills and get a feel of the grip its tyres have. We started from Chandigarh in the wee hours of the morning and the Projector headlamps made its presence felt… or rather, it was the presence of everything else on the road. The headlamps work beautifully and you never get a feeling of riding through a Dark lane. We were riding on the turns and taking the twisters while the MRF Zapper held their ground well and made me confident enough to ride on the Hills.


With much experience gained riding the motorcycle, I thought it was time I try hitting the max speed the P220 has to offer. That day, I throttled it till 130KMpH after which I gave away and didn’t throttled more. But it was only a few days later that I achieved 137KMpH, as per the speedometer, and I was fully tucked in and was sticking my whole body to the Motorcycle to face minimum air friction.

I feel that any person can point out the positives of a motorcycle but it is actually the negatives that one can comment on only after riding the Motorcycle. Like all the other motorcycles, P220 also suffers from few setbacks and the most prominent of them being the Rear View mirrors. The rear View Mirrors help the least in looking at the vehicles at the rear and one has to adjust himself for the same. The other negative being the Engine Vibrations which are not much prominent but one can feel them at high vibrations. Another point worth noticing is the riding posture. Although, the P220 claims to have a sporty posture however it is a pain for the new riders and for long rides. Yet, I do not find it to be a major hindrance as with passage of time, every rider adjusts himself to the most suitable riding posture, hence minimizing the initial difficulties due to riding posture.


I have stated all the facts I feel about Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi. The views are purely mine and based on my experience of riding this ‘Fastest Indian’.

This review of Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi has been written by Prashant Bhardwaj. In case you too are interested in getting your motorcycle review published on Indiaon2wheels, please send it to [email protected]


  1. Thats a lovely and genuine review there Prashant. The P220 itself is a lovely bike- I had almost fallen for it. But then as you mentioned- the comfort and the vibrations turned me off. I won’t mind them in small bursts- but not on touring.

    But its such a fun filled machine to ride. Twist that wrist and you can feel the demon starting to flex it muscles decimating all the other species around you. Love that growl build up 🙂

  2. Ranjeet Singh says:

    Precise and unbiased review!

  3. what the average of p220f,as i m thinking to buy from bagga,as i live in karol bagh

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