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Bajaj to launch new motorcycles every month!

From January 2009, Bajaj Auto is planning to introduce a new motorcycle model every month for the first half of 2009. Bajaj Auto is also planning to introduce a new 125cc motorcycle this month, apart from the six launches next year.

The announcement came amidst a sharp fall in Bajaj Auto’s November sales, which fell by 37% (132,421 units, opposed to 211,600 units in November 2007), compared to the same time last year!

To counter this sharp fall in sales, Bajaj Auto Finance has introduced 7.99% low interest retail finance scheme nationwide across almost 300 Bajaj dealers to revive sales in the short term.


  1. what the heck six launches everymonth. What they are going to take out honda if so then they have to plan there models much much better than the looks of honda stunner, and more over they should also see the glimse of hmsi and bike india gave us of the honda cbr 150, In the eddition of there previous issue.

  2. focus on design first rather then to introduce new bikes every month.try to establish products like not discard the bikes proven arlier.

  3. bajaj auto is best forever

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