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Cramster riding gloves review

I have been testing Cramster MX3 gloves for past couple of months; here is a small review of the gloves, which have become my everyday riding companion.

First a little history, couple of months ago, with mercury starting to rise, I started looking for riding gloves, which could offer me decent protection and still be comfortable to wear in the 45 Degree Celsius heat of India’s capital, Delhi.

After lot of contemplation and even fiddling with the idea of importing gloves from USA, I decided to give Cramster MX3 riding gloves a try.

Cramster MX3 gloves are made of leather and mesh like material and has ABS/Carbon knuckle protection and injection molded strips on fingers. ABS/Carbon knuckle protector area is further padded underneath to ensure in case of an impact, the hard protector, doesn’t actually ends up causing any damage.

cramster mx3 riding glove

Palm area of glove is entirely made of leather and is slightly padded to not only provide abrasion resistance, but also provide comfortable grip for city and even highway riding. Despite the fact that the palm area looks quite shiny, it isn’t at all slippery, as cheaper gloves available in the market, usually are!


Of course all that protection and features are useless, if the glove itself isn’t comfortable to use in hot weather. Thankfully, Cramster MX3 is not only comfortable to use even in the hottest summer temperatures our country sees, but keeps your hands cooler than what they would be, had you not been wearing any gloves! Reason for that is simple, while riding without gloves, all the hot air hits directly your hand, riding gloves like this, only let in limited amount of air, which feels colder.


Due to this, even after riding in the Delhi summer and traffic for more than an hour, only the palm area and area over which the strap goes, gets slightly sweaty. However it isn’t much to cause much if any discomfort.

The only minus point I can see in these gloves is the fact that they let in slight amount of dust along with air and the back of your hand can feel slightly dirty after riding for long distance on a dusty highway/road. But then again, this is to be expected in any riding gear, which lets in air and it is still way less dirty than riding without gloves or even with the locally made gloves one can find at red lights and helmet shops.

Overall, for Rs. 1100, Cramster MX3 feels like a great VFM and gets four stars out of five, from me.

Cramster MX3 Riding Gloves:**Enhanced** for Summer/City/Daytrip

ABS/Carbon Knuckle Protection
100% Genuine Leather** Palm – Ultra Durable
Injection Moulded Strips on Fingers
Lycra Finger Border for Comfort Fit.
Quick Dry Surface Shell
Superior Fit (Motocross Grade)

Usage: Dry Weather Commute/MotoCross/Daytrip

Colours/Size: Black in S, M, L, XL

Price: INR 1100/-

Manufacturer website:


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  2. Hey dude,
    Thanks a ton for the review. I was about to decide on a pair of gloves, and was thinking about these only.
    Your review made it easier for me. Now, I’m going with these only.

    Thanks again.

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