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Ducati launches five motorcycles in India

In a welcome news for motorcycle enthusiasts in India, Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati Motor Holding has announced today its foray into the Indian two wheeler market with the launch of not one or two, but five motorcycles!

“We will be launching four different models in multiple variants. These bikes will be available starting at Rs 15 lakh to Rs 50 lakh in the Indian market,” said Ashish Chordia, chief executive officer of Precision Motor India Pvt Ltd, sole distributor of Ducati bikes in India.

Ducati 1098 R

Precision Motor India Pvt Ltd is planning to import sixty Ducati motorcycle to India this year.


  1. hey dude thanks for the update news of the bikes and cars…….just send latest news and pictures of cars and bikes to my mail…….

  2. Hey

    thats nice now ducati will be seen on indian roads that will roar whole india….

  3. I m very much keen about the bikes… Can u tell me when these bikes r going to launch…

  4. A.P., as of now, these Ducati motorcycles are being sold in India by Precision Motor India Pvt Ltd.

  5. so hw much is the cost.and the top speed

  6. hey does it suits on indian road?

  7. tis is fine 2 see ducati’s in india.

  8. When and where are these motorcycles going to be available

  9. The one in the picture Ducati 1098 with 170+ hp and a top speed of 186 mph (300 km/hr) will be death trap if launced in India, well how many with 50 lakh will buy it !!!! The first gear speed is 70 mph and second gear will be around 115 mph (mile not kilometer). Most will wreck it 100 meters from home….

    I am an Indian settled in US and ride and race

  10. i want to know the prices of the bikes

  11. tamburini says:

    Yes the prices would be nice, but where is the showroom?

  12. essa karadia says:

    great machines need extraordinary riders, the power of ducati is awesome and needs a great skill to tame this machine, would some day wish rossi ride the ducati before he retires from the sports,and leave the competitions gasp for breath.

  13. the one u see on the display…is the ducati 1098…it retails at 26 lacs….and the 1098r costs 46 lakhs…those of u “keen” on these bikes…have fun 😀

  14. Hitesh Panchal says:

    The Ducati is focussed as a racetrack machine. India does not have the kind of roads required to put this kind of performance on ground. As the speed increases above 160kmph small bumps feel like speed breakers, not to mention a stray dog or cow tring to pop your eyeballs out (bikes cant go on fenced expressways). Ducati should give an inflatable racetrack along with the bike !!

  15. Hitesh does that means that Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti etc. shouldn’t be selling in India? I know quite a few individuals who do long rides on their liter class motorcycles and cruise at 150-180kmph easily, I also know of a few individuals who have managed to touch 300kmph on their Hayabusa!

    While I do agree that 300kmph is dangerous on public roads anywhere in the world, let alone in India. Fact of the matter is, India does have the kind of roads required to support these motorcycles and at the end of the day, these are leisure motorcycles i.e. they are taken out once in a while by their owners for some fun riding.




  17. ya man ducati is jakas speeded ihave take bike

  18. yaar ducati jaisa kuch nai without ducati no race mind it

  19. i luv bikes very much
    especially ducati its osam
    i luv it very much

  20. thanks for the update news of the bikes and cars…….just send latest news and pictures of cars and bikes to my mail……[email protected]

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