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Eicher India Road Atlas review

Eicher India Road Atlas claims to be the one of a kind road atlas in India, providing high quality and compressive maps of Indian cities, states and places of tourist interest. We recently got hold of a copy of it and decided to review it for you.

On first look, Eicher India Road Atlas looks more like a book than a map and this we feel is one of its biggest strength, as it is quite easy to hold and handle. This is quite a boon while one is out touring and needs to refer to a map, while standing by the road side.

Coming to the maps, they are nicely detailed with majority of the national eicher-india-road-atlasand state highways accurately depicted with distance between various towns/cities en route listed for traveler’s reference. Apart from highways, Eicher India Road Atlas also shows majority of state roads and large towns/villages.

Though when it comes to smaller and less used roads, for instance the route to Sach Pass from Dalhousie and also from Tandi, it isn’t as accurate and fails to show the entire route, despite it being functional for quite a few years now.

Another major shortcoming of Eicher India Road Atlas is it is a bit hard to navigate initially and in case you do not have some rough idea where a particular route/place is located. This is due to the fact that the road atlas is basically a large map, printed in bits and pieces over several pages, for instance map on the page 6 of Eicher India Road Atlas is that of Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh and map on page 7 belongs to Uttaranchal.

While this makes it easier for one to navigate between various states, it presents itself as a major obstacle if you are planning to explore one particular state.

Having said that, for experience travelers and those who are able overcome this initial hiccup, Eicher India Road Atlas is an invaluable tool while exploring the length and breadth of India.

Eicher India Road Atlas
Price: Rs 370
ISBN: 81-87780-31-2
Publisher: Eicher
Language: English
Pages: 212


  1. Dear All,

    If any two weleer race in Mumbai, pls tell

    Thanks & Rgds…

  2. Hi,

    does anyone know what scale the maps are in (e.g 1/1,000,000)?


  3. Paul majority of the maps are on the scale of 1:1,000,000, Delhi map is on the scale of 1:750,000 and 4 maps are in 1:2,000,000 scale.

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