Five rules of dealing with motorcycle service centers Part-2

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3. Don’t abandon your sweetheart: The third rule is to never leave your bike in the service center, no matter how good a rapport you think you enjoy. I know it’s hard to take half a day off to get your bike serviced, but it is usually a good idea to stay back and ensure that she is serviced in a proper manner and all your concern are being addressed. At the same time observing mechanics servicing your bike would give you a general idea of how routine maintenance tasks are performed. It’s also a good idea to take an appointment in advance, if you are going to the service center in afternoon; else it’s best to turn up when the service center opens to ensure your bike will be among the first few to be serviced.

4. Being an asshole is better than being an idiot: That’s right, its better to be a asshole than be an idiot who holds back since he does not wants to ruin the “relationship”. Well if you belong to the later category then I got news for you, unless you stand your ground and force them down your path, your rapport is as good as gone.

Treat every one nicely till they are doing their work properly, but the moment you feel you are getting ripped off or your concerns are not being addressed in a proper manner, speak out and let your voice be heard. I don’t mean you have to shout it out loud, you just need to discuss the issue with concerned people and let them know you are not happy with the way thing are going. Chances are, they will try their best to resolve the matter. But if this is not the case and it turns into an argument, never insult or threaten any one. Simply try to convince them that they should see it from your view point, but if the argument is going nowhere, ask for your bike back and follow rule number 5.

5. Contact higher authorities: Even though majority of the service centers are run by dealers, they still come under the purview of the motorcycle manufacturer and are thus liable to any notices and directives from the company.

If you as a customer at any point feel that your concerns are not being addressed in a proper manner by the service center staff, get in touch with the area service manager of your motorcycle manufacturer. Usually the contact details of area service manager are given on the company web site, else you can use their contact form to ask them for the information or even ask the service center personnel for the details, and they of course can not refuse to tell you this information.

Area service managers normally take customer complaints quite seriously and issue directives to the offending service centers to resolve the issue on an urgent basis. Usually a phone call from the service manager’s office is enough to ensure that the service center people will try their best to address your issue. However if you feel this is not the case, approach the service manager once again and tell him the situation, you would be directed to another service center which could fix the problem.

In case you feel you are not receiving proper treatment even after approaching the service manger, contact company head office. If all else fails, remember that consumer courts were setup to help customers like you.

When going through any of the phases, remember to keep your cool and act in a responsible manner. When lodging any complaints verbal or written, keep a record of the dates as well as officials you spoke with. In case situation demands, this information would come in handy.

Happy biking…

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