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Five simple tips to improve fuel efficiency

With petrol prices up and inflation touching a new high, it’s time when even the enthusiasts ride a bit conservatively to get better mileage from their steeds. So here are five simple tips that you can use to improve your motorcycle’s fuel economy.

  • Maintain recommended air pressure in tyres: This is one of the simplest things, yet is overlooked by many, by maintaining manufacturer recommended air pressure in your tyres; you ensure that there is minimal rolling resistance and acceleration and braking is happening at the optimal level to help increase fuel efficiency. Remember tyre pressure should always be checked when the tyres are cold i.e. at the beginning of your commute/ride.
  • Don’t ride aggressively: One of the sure fire way to ensure you don’t get good mileage is to ride aggressively. By accelerating and braking hard, you are not only increasing wear and tear of engine and brakes, you are also wasting precious petrol. So avoid the urge and try to accelerate and brake in a more linear manner.
  • Maintain your motorcycle: Nothing kills fuel efficiency more than a poorly maintained motorcycle, not to mention that by skipping out on regular maintenance, your motorcycle is likely to develop serious problems which would cost you more in the long term.
  • Don’t ride with the brake engaged: Quite a few people have the tendency to keep their feet on the rear brake paddle while riding, and this slightly engages the rear brake. While you might not notice this, however even slightly engaged rear brake would increase the friction and would not only cause the brakes to wear out soon, but also lower your fuel efficiency. One way to combat this is by either increasing the brake travel (amount of distance it needs to be pressed before it engages) or getting paddle adjusted to ensure it is slightly below your feet.

Last but not the least:

  • Shut off the engine at traffic signal: Another simple yet effective way to improve mileage is to shut off the engine when ever you have to stop at the traffic signal or anywhere else for more that 20-30 seconds. If you keep the engine running, then you are wasting petrol since it is still being consumed and you are not moving any further! With the electric starters now becoming a common sight, switching off your engine at the traffic signal makes even more sense now!

Just by following these simple tips, you can improve your bike’s mileage by up to 10-15%. If you have similar tips on how to improve mileage, please do share them with rest of us.


  1. hari krishna says:

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  2. Karan Randhawa says:

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  4. Ride smoothly and brake gently. always keep the bike in right gear and at low rpms to eke maximum fuel efficiency

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