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Fructis Garnier tie up with Fiat Yamaha

Fiat Yamaha Team has announced a new sponsorship agreement with L’Oréal Italia S.p.A, for the brand Fructis Garnier. The Fructis Garnier brand produces a popular range of hair-care products, which are sold all over the world. The company logos will be displayed on the right arms of the leathers of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, as well as in the team pit box and on the team trucks.

“This new sponsorship with Fructis Garnier is great news for us and we’re delighted to welcome such an important global brand as L’Oreal into our Yamaha MotoGP family.” Said Lin Jarvis, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing. “It’s Garnier’s first foray into MotoGP and we’re looking forward to introducing them into the sport and working with them in this new partnership.”

“We are eager to announce our sponsorship agreement with Yamaha” Said Flavia Sampietro, General Director of Garnier-Maybelline N.Y. Italy. “Fructis represents one of the most dynamic and popular brands of Garnier. We feel close to Yamaha since we share the same passion for challenges and performance, supported by rigorous research and technology.”

I don’t know about Lorenzo, but I guess Rossi can certainly fit right in to a shampoo commercial with usual cheerful attitude :D.


  1. Isn;t it an irony that both the riders from this team hardly have any hair! What kind of message would go out for the Shampoo brand? 😛

  2. lol, well they have hair, just not long. Though Rossi used to have long hairs earlier, maybe he will grow them again 😀

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