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Harley Davidson finally coming to India!

Three days from now (27th of August), one of world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer with over 107 years of history behind it, Harley Davidson, would be launching its motorcycles in India.

Harley Davidson would be importing its motorcycle through the CBU route (Completely Built Units) and its base model is expected to be priced at Rs. 10Lakh onward, while higher end models would cost even more.

harley davidson india motorcycles

So watch this space for more updates and news about upcoming launch of Harley Davidson Motorcycles in India and in the meanwhile, check out Harley Davidson India website.


  1. 3 days from now??? DUDE are you sure? I thought it was going to be later this year… Where did you pick up this information from?

  2. Today is the day for the Harley to be in India , But I dnt see any media publishing this piece of Information to the public…

  3. Site is quite dull but. i wish theyll do something intresting wit the site. its too thanda to be harley site!

  4. Well, hav lot saying 4 this beautiful bike but cant say anything b’cause its amazing and favolous..Will like 2 hav a test drive in India….!!!!!

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