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Hero Honda to change its name

With its partnership with Honda over, Hero Honda is getting ready to change its name and thus its branding to reflect just that and take on the Honda, not only in India, but in some international markets as well.

hero motor

As per news reports, Hero Honda has already applied to the Registrar of Companies for availability of the name Hero Moto, once it receives positive confirmation of the same, it will then have to seek shareholder approval, before it can actually change its name.

Of course the sad thing is (at least as far as internet is concerned), was registered earlier this year by a motorcyclist in US and is thus unavailable and its Indian counterpart i.e. was registered by an Indian (no doubt looking to make a quick buck), yesterday! 😀

So it would be interesting to see, whether Hero Honda also changes its website URL by buying these domain names or goes for something entirely different.

Of course a much bigger worry for them would be the rebranding at home in India, where its entry level motorcycles are often just referred to as Honda!


  1. cant they get a domain

  2. has been registered by someone from MP, posted by mistake and that too yesterday, in hopes of making a profit, by selling it to Hero Group. Now the Hero Group will either have to go to ICANN and demand that domain name and go through a legal process or buy it from the guy, who registered it yesterday!

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