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Hero RNT Diesel Bike

When one talks about innovative products in the two wheeler segment, Hero Moto Corp rarely comes to mind, that is, until now!

With the unveiling of Hero RNT 150cc Diesel Concept Bike, Hero has proven to be not only an innovative thinker with a pulse of rural Indian Market. It has also shown its intent of remaining the largest two wheel manufacturer in India.

While many had started to discount Hero Motor after its split from Honda, it has quietly been acquiring companies and working on bringing new and innovative products. And one such product is, Hero RNT Concept Bike. Hero RNT is powered by a 150cc TDi engine, and is targeted at the rural market.


RNT’s 150cc diesel engine can produce max power of 13.5bhp at 4,000rpm and 35Nm of torque at 1,600rpm. For comparison sake, Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350, which is a bike known in India for its low-end torque, produces only 28Nm of torque at a much higher 4,000rpm. While we aren’t suggesting that the little RNT competes with the RE, however that torque figure, along with 136kg kerb weight is going to give RNT tremendous pulling power.

This is just as good, since RNT comes with an extendable frame, which is designed to carry high capacity loads and can be mated to a plough or harvesters for farm use. It features a detachable LED headlamp, which can be used as a torch.

150cc high torque diesel engine can also double up as a 1500w generator with the help of an accessory oversize generator, making it an attractive proposition for the rural India.

As if this wasn’t enough, Hero is also giving riders an option to add electric hub to the front wheel, making RNT a 2×2 bike, first of its kind in India!

Press release from Hero Moto Corp

RNT is the proof that handsome and hard-working can really go together. We know many motorcyclists need capacity and power to haul heavier loads, but they also want to be comfortable, fuel-efficient and stylish. When no solutions exist, well that’s the kind of challenge that we love to take on.

Presenting the striking new Concept of RNT! The wide flat loading surfaces with strap bars, as well as multi-use folding side racks, a large comfortable seat and spacious footboards are the new looks never seen on a motorcycle before!

Under the surface, there is just as much that is new, exciting and practical. Power comes from a high torque 150cc diesel, with optional turbocharger, so the RNT can muster all roads fully loaded.

The RNT also has options galore. First of all, you can add an accessory oversize generator which along with the diesel engine allows you to deliver extra electrical power for work (or play) at a remote site. The optional removable LED lamp in front of the dash can be unclipped and re-aimed to light up wherever you are, so you can carry on into the night.

That’s not all…there’s even more! Another option is a hub electric motor in the front wheel which is powered by an electric battery pack, to give the rider a unique two-wheel drive option for the toughest world conditions and also the possibility to shut off the rear drive and move to the city on electric power front-wheel-drive only.


  1. Looks like M80 bike which my grand father use to use

  2. Satyajeet kumar says:

    Its great innovation. When we are having in market.i m curious.message need reply soon.

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