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HH Karizma ZMR (PGMFI) launched

Hero Honda has finally launched the new Karizma Fi ZMR in India.

The newly launched Karizma ZMR features the same 223cc engine block of the older Karizma and now comes in a fuel injected avatar and is  also oil cooled.

While the maximum power has gone up by 1bhp to 17.6bhp, torque figures remain the same at 18.35Nm, though we expect improvement in ride-ability, owing to the inclusion of fuel injection. Even though the weight of the bike has gone up from 150kg to 159kg, Hero Honda is claiming 10kmph higher top speed than the carburated avatar (135 for ZMR vs. 125 of the Karizma R).

ZMR also comes loaded with goodies like front and rear disk brakes, full fairing, HECS (Honda Evolutional Catalzying System), inverted gas shocks in the rear, LED tail lamp, split grab rails, new digital speedo, clip ons and a few other visual upgrades.

Expectedly so, the price too has gone up, and the new Karizma ZMR is costlier by Rs. 19,000 (Rs. 91,000 Ex-Showroom Delhi for ZMR vs. Rs. 72,100 Ex-Showroom Delhi for Karizma R).

The Karizma ZMR will be available in Five colors – Black, Blue, White, Yellow and Red.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR (PGMFI) Specifications

Engine type: 4st, Single Cylinder, SOHC, Oil Cooled, PGM-Fi.
Displacement: 223CC
Max Power: 13.15kw (17.6Bhp) @7000Rpm
Max Torque: 18035Nm @ 6000Rpm
Top Speed: 126kmph
0-60Kmph: 3.7secs
Bore X Stroke: 65.5 x 66.2mm
Comp Ratio: 9.0:1
Fuel Metering: PGM-FI;Programmed Fuel Injection.
Ignition: DC-FTIS (Full Transistorised Ignition System.)
Engine Oil: 1.35Ltrs
Oil Grade: SAE 10W 30 SJ Grade

Tubular Single Cradle Diamond Type.

Front: Disc: 276mm
Rear: Disc : 240mm

Wheels and tyres
Rim: Front 18X1.85, Rear 18X2.15
Tyres: Front 80/100X18 Tubeless
Rear: 100/90X18 Tubeless

Length: 2110mm
Width: 805mm
Height: 1175mm
Wheelbase: 1350mm
Ground Clearance: 159mm
Turning radius: 2.5metres
Kerb weight: 159 kgs.


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  2. Hero Honda needs to bring something new to its premium class instead.
    The competition has already gone fears with Bajaj & Yamaha.

  3. Hey Yogesh

    Has the HH Karizma ZMR (PGMFI) been officially launched ?
    Hero Honda is not sellng the bike yet…
    When would HH start selling the bike ?
    Do u have n e updates ???

  4. BikeBhp, the main question is, whether Honda actually wants to pass on techs for a proper 250cc motorcycle to Hero Honda.

    Akash, ZMR has been officially launched today. It should be available in Delhi soon, while other cities might have to wait a little.

  5. Yes yogesh may be you are correct, I guess now the time has come when Hero must think about the future apart from Honda also, or may be they are already thinking in the same direction- Hero’s indigenous R&D towards small sized(75cc) engine motorcycle is a clear indication towards the same.

  6. well hero honda is going to mess it again!!…sorry to say that but guys don’t u feel the competition has upped…only adding a FI kit to a trusted 223cc mill of the not gonna get a welcomeing from the biker boyzz, who are saving their moolah for long in waiting for the karizma to up the capacity or tech.,,, an fi unit is good, but it hardly contributes to the power raising figures to the machine…the p220 fi..for instance had 20bhp…was fast…only plus point..BETTER COLD STARTS!!!,,,,, now the 220 comes with a carb motor, 21bhp…but the pick-up has drastically improved…..karizma should atleast come up with a 250cc, liquid cooled, around..25bhp, rear discs, split seats(and not just split grab rails!!)…….plz hero honda we are waiting!!

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  8. Hi well since the bike is launched in the market but yet hh dealer is saying that it will take some time for the bike to come for us to buy it. When asked the reason he could not give me a answer for it. Well lets see what’s next is there for us in the upcoming market

  9. Arjun the bike would take some time to reach the showrooms.

  10. hero honda… dont dare to fool us … p220 is the best till now..!!

  11. dont worry guys .the pulsar 250 dts-Ri going to launch in 2010 which has a top speed of 180+,much power more pick up.just wait….

  12. Hey Pulsar Mania 2…

    Who has told you this….???
    I dnt think so there’s n e such news…
    Wat do u wanna say ?

  13. A 250cc Pulsar which is faster than the 250cc Ninja? Are you sure you aren’t day dreaming?

  14. Now what is this???it took 7 yrs for these hero honda people to increase 0.86 bhp ha ha ha ha ha! Im sorry for people who were waiting so long to get something better from these cheaters they have made us ‘bakra’. This stupid machine zmr is just another face lift.God knows how many decades it will take them to increase another 0.86 bhp. BAJAJ TRULY RULES we love u bajaj for understanding us performance bikers.keep up the good work.

  15. Pulsar 220 dtsi top speed – 144 kmph karizma zmr top speed – 126 kmph verdict karizma zmr sucks pulsar 220 dtsi THE FASTEST INDIAN ROCKS!!!

  16. p250 Ri will launch in 210 to compte with karizma zmr.

  17. guyz if u r lookin for more power go 4 sme super bikez ….karizma pulsar karizma wotz wrong wid u guyz………karizma iz allbout a quality n reliability….pulsar iz juz fast only no ny othr gud qualitiez so karizma iz da bttr 1……..

  18. guyz if u r lookin for more power go 4 sme super bikez ….karizma pulsar karizma wotz wrong wid u guyz………karizma iz all bout quality n reliability….pulsar iz juz fast only DER IZ ny othr gud qualitiez so karizma iz da bttr 1……..

  19. KARIZMA ZMR i think good.

  20. pulsar is nothing in front of karizma zmr

  21. Hi all, nonsns replys, ZMR is looking good, and some are saying its not good coz they cant pay spend 105000 for the bike, see HH is fare better than Bajaj when comprd coz Bajaj Engns are utter wast, yamaha fine but very short bikes not suited to all indians, external body fittings are very cheep and talking about zmr only thing we have to see is will the PGM Fi works, i think it will coz Honda will support with its technology, some of the people around me go for pulsar only coz it has pikup but it lasts only for max 2 years after that clutch plates gone, and comes for Bore……..

  22. it’s time HH R&D guys wake up, look out da window and test drive other bikes as well. no doubt the Karizma ZMR looks good, drives better, and probably will have the same super service backup of HH. Q is: is that enough? ive test driven the karizmas, old and new, as well as the pulsar220 – theyre all good, but thats it.
    knock, knock, HH R&D! stop clapping yourselves on the back and see if you can come up with something better, something that will REALLY drag me from my trusty 2003-CBZ! heh-heh

  23. well guyz i m hvng both d biks p220 n d karizma sports i think pulser is better n i m wtng ….4 zmr 1 coz d bike is not avail…in my city letz see n wanna say 1 thing dat p 200 is better dan all n d best bike is dis range is p 200 well i m wtng 4 zmr.

  24. Pulsar 220 dtsi rulez da roads!!!!
    my frn has karizma zmr……bt truely guyz…..i thnk it has let hero honda down!…i ws thinkin dat it wud b a bettr byk dan mine(p220)….bt in da back of my mind sumwhere i ws confident dat it wont b……n i ws correct wen i really saw it n had a ride on it….wen we ride zmr its lyk we’r on a typical hero honda byk…..da feeling is js not dere…engine sound suckz!!…horn suckzz!!….n dat too….its 25000 more costlier than p220!!….

  25. jet set go………….sorry fly………….hehehe

  26. main drawback of zmr z v cant do street racing,jst drag race only possible.. in our country v cant drag everywer….. pls HH design us a musky,height,[email protected] initial n top …….
    pulsar did it, but v r not hppy vit d engin aftr 2yr….

  27. i dont under stand y drag racers r going 4 pls -220 or karishma, if u port ur rx135 4 speed, with an imported carbonater & 5 speed gear box it would go up 2 150++……….


  29. Honda ZMR is the best. . . its like a DADDY of Pulsar. . .!

  30. replacing luck says:

    u suckers…PULSAR byck suck…u fucking people comparing ZMR wit a crap…P220 is for dump ass people…hahahaha/..PULSAR…has no future after 2yr of use :DDD…

  31. hi all zmr owners….i have a doubt in my mind,want to clarify.pls help
    my zmr has ridden 608kms n first servicing is done..when i exceed speed above 55kmph it vibrates like a it normal???pls suggest.

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