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HMSI to phase out Eterno

In a news which is sure to sadden geared scooter fans, Honda motorcycles and scooters India (HMSI) is planning to phase out it’s only geared scooter in Indian market, Honda Eterno.

HMSI president and CEO Shinji Aoyama said at a press conference, “We will stop producing Eterno. We will not stay in this segment (geared scooter). Eterno will be phased out and the company would focus on gearless scooters in the future”



  1. what about cbf 150 and unicorn any news

  2. No concrete news as of yet, however the CBF150 is coming this year.

  3. aswini ku padhi says:

    Dear MD,

    the eterno is the v. best in its class . you should not dream of phased out the scooter but definitely it needs a simple modification , to make it a very perfect for india.
    1. I have changed a halogen lamp it is the best for it.
    2. i have changed the ac horn provided by company , used a suzuki dc rectifier and a dc horn it is very good for the vehicle, two yrs passed no problem. company can do the same.
    3. the front shock abserver be changed as provided in honda aviator scoter with disc brake that will change the vehicle.
    4. more over if you provide it with auto start and dc battery operated then nothing like it.
    this is a very good fuel effecient ( 60 -70 kml per ltr in avg speed of 70-80 speed of my driving ) vehicle hence may not be phased out.
    hope u will appriciate the proposal.
    aswini ku padhi , Jr. Manager (tech.), RE cell, orissa small industries corpn ltd , a govt of orissa ut, madhupatna , cuttack -10 , orissa ,

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