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Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler launched in Bangalore

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) today launched Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler in Bangalore at a price of Rs. 65,227 (Ex-Showroom Bangalore).

Speaking at the launch, Mr. V.Sridhar, V.P Manufacturing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd said, “The CB Unicorn Dazzler will be available to customers by end of May. It is an ideal bike for young people who aspire for aggressive style and performance. The bike offers blistering performance by delivering a power of 14 BHP and a mileage of 60 kms/ltr*. With a price-tag of Rs 65,277 (Bangalore Ex-Showroom), the bike is a very attractive option for the Indian youngsters. We plan to sell 120,000 units of CB Unicorn and CB Unicorn Dazzler in the first year.”


Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler will be available in four attractive colours; Armour Gold Metallic, Pearl Nightstar Black, Sword Silver Metallic and Pearl Siena Red.



  1. bike looks good..

  2. Sebastian Zamora says:

    only HONDA only the best

  3. i like the new CB Dazzler………
    its cool for young guys……

  4. its look good but when will it luch in nepal

  5. wow its a cool bike. when it comes in delhi

  6. its a nice bike but, dont have kick start what if electric start fails in Unicorn Dazzler…

  7. bike is somewhat good bt not best at all…head light is not good

  8. pranav kurlawala says:

    no freindz it excellnt and also gives good mileage..!!

  9. hi ! this is krisshhh … dazzler is toooo cooool and it checkz all other bikes ….

  10. Hi ,

    This bike is good and a best pulling .. but only thing is honda made a very bad Petrol tank . it’s too small and while riding the bike you fell that you are riding a small bike . if they could have done some alternation on the Tank there was no doubt it looks perfect

  11. Hi,

    I love to go long ride on my HONDA UNICORN, From past 5-years i am riding it & almost crossed 75000KMS… The changes whatever HONDA made was good & enough for this bike…

    Y HONDA wont come up with new bike which really compite YAMAHA R15… or more then that with superbike looks..

    I want to upgrade my bike… Again & again HONDA is releasing same old engine with new out looks..
    & again they disappointed me….

    I am thinking to purchase YAMAHA R15 to enjoy my long ride… Bcz.. On my experiance i trust Only HONDA & YAMAHA engine.. for long Durabality…

  12. About this new bike… I think This will be flop bike… bcz.. of its compact size, Back off is somehow good, but if we see the front half from side view.. Its more then a worst.. Only hope to sell because of it engine performance…

  13. bike is looking bood

  14. cool byke……..

  15. hi this is Amir!!! A cool bike for young bikerzzz but no good headlight!!! hey honda company give another good head light and launch another lot of unicorn!!! that will be cool

  16. Hi all..i have bought uni dazzler on May 31st…Completed my 6 months and it has crossed 4500kms…Only one word i can say is Awesome or excellent or great….now i m feeling the slogan of Honda “I Enjoy the Quality”it has very smooth engine with comfort riding…. its definitely a gud upgraded package than old unicorn…the wider rear tyre,sexy digi console,power increment and tubeless tyre gives u a pleasant driving and sporty look…paying just 4000 bucks extra u get thise upgrades than older Uni which is good value for money thing… In City riding i acheived mileage of 52…Depends on driving style..but it gives around 50-55 kmpl in city riding conditons…In top speed(60 – 70kmph)also bike doesnt makes noise and vibes..feels like flying….only doubt is it doesnt have kick start..oly elec start..i ve doubted and scared while hearing first..after enquiring dealr he said comes wit MF battery and sure ther will be no prob for 4-5 years in battery….gear shift is really smooth and easy….braking is excellent…one more thing i like to clarify is here i seen in several posts that rear disk is risky and tough for fresh new first time riders…But the truth is rear disc is not powerfula s front one…i’ve felt rear dis is some wat 20 -30% sharper than drum brake…but ther is no question of riskiness in rear discs….on the whole its a sporty commuter,… top speed is 116 kmph..i m very much satisfied…it simply overtook old uni in all aspects…while comparing to

    pulsar(Poor performance and engine and no comfort..only style) and
    gs(rust prob and relaiablity of engine) and
    fz(Better and good style – but fails in mileage and high price)..

    Dazzler is better in all aspects…but it can beat the style of fz..Looks shud b compromisedbut in performance and specs wise it has comparitively better than above 3…so guys go for it and Have a enjoyable riding…

    Some Issues i faced in my 4500 kms of journey wit my Machine
    1.Sometimes i face this..not all the times..wen i m driving in 5th gear it automatically shifts to 4th gear…
    2.In Winter season have to use choke for starting…
    3.My Clutch cable has got cut aftr 20 days of purchase and they have replaced me for free of cost..
    4. Engine gets very heated after some 10 to 15 mins of drive for first 2 months…. now its ok…heat reduced…5.the vibrations i hav faced it in initial stages…but now if i go at 70kms also no vibs and gearshift is so smooth like slicing the butter or boiled egg

    Tips for Good maintanence of Dazzler :-

    1. Do timely service

    2.Jus lubricate u r chain 10 days will b gud..This is Important.

    3. For Better braking u shud apply both front and rear if you go beyond 40 kmph

    4. For Good Mileage .. Daily Morning after starting the bike leave the bike in Idle engine running condition of 1500 rpm..It allows Engine oil to flow through all parts of Engine fully..Start riding after doing this.. Dont Use Clutch Frequently..Use it wisely..

    5.Each and Everytime u giv for Service jus tell the service person to check the MF Battery health and Recharge it fully for avoiding Battery related problems..This is very important since u hav to rely only on elec start…

    6.After your free services get over – Dont go for Honda service after that…Prefer your Good Local mechanic..BCos honda service mechanics are not so good.

    Prefer Silver than black..Silver is Much Sexier…Red and Gold is worst..This My Prsonal opinion..

    From my Experience i hav crossed 4500kms…it got very smooth……….its like grape wine man…as days pass it will taste gr8…sure u will feel aftr crossing 3000kms….Dont Read my review and take decisions…U Jus go to the showroom..test ride the Dazzler ..andd u urself will feel the difference from other bikes…Take a wise decision..

    if any issues or queries mail me to [email protected] or [email protected]…bye..

  17. Ravishankar says:

    This is a superb bike, I rode it from Hyd to Bangalore recently….covered 580Kms in 9hrs with 6 to 7 stops for me to relax….in the last two weeks I covered 1500kms but still the vehicle is in damn good condition…..Hope you know Honda is releasing its 250CC version CBR250 in April…awesome lookinng one…I am planning to ride on it till the USA.only thing is mileage is less in CBR…but chaltha hai…I am passionate about bikes and riding long distnaces

  18. DIs is the bike..dat has got all the things….its just awesome..i bought dis bike today…n now i can say dat dis bike is just supa coo….its features n all ..everythng is good…`

  19. sai prashanth says:

    hi hw much does dazzler cost in blore

  20. Reddy Siva Saran says:

    Can any one tells how much it costs in BANGALORE

  21. Delux varient in Bangalore on-road costs 79637/-
    and ordinary costs 78477/-

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