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Honda Dazzler launched in India

Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India (HMSI) has launched the Honda Dazzler in Delhi today at The Grand.

The 150cc Honda Dazzler was first showcased at the Auto Expo 2010 as Honda Unicorn Sport Concept and has since been the topic of discussion of many bikers and has managed to garner quite a bit of admiration and fan following.


Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler is powered by a tweaked 150cc engine of Honda Unicorn, which now produces 14bhp and comes with 17″ alloys, 110/80×17 rear and 80/100×17 front tyre, front and rear disc brakes and digital instrument console.


Honda has also put the Dazzler through some strict diet to shave 8kgs of weight, even though it has more plastic than the older Unicorn!


So how did they managed to save so much weight?

For starters smaller alloys and tubeless tyres contribute significantly towards weight saving, then they decided to loose kick start leaver and then they went on to replace the 7AH battery of Unicorn with that of 4AH maintenance free battery to save some more weight!

Result of all this and much-much more is a motorcycle which not only looks good, produces more power, but is also lighter than its predecessor!

What remains to be seen is, how all these things translate into real world performance and whether Honda has managed to get the gearing right to make this one of the best performing motorcycles in its class.

Honda Dazzler is priced at Rs. 62,900 (Ex-Showroom Delhi) and will be available in Armour Gold Metallic, Pearl Nightstar Black, Sword Silver Metallic and Pearl Siena Red colors.


Speaking at the launch, Mr. Shinji Aoyama, President and CEO, HMSI said, “With good appreciation by Indian customers, Honda has always been on the growth momentum in India. We achieved sales of 12.7 lakh units in 2009-10 and have set a target of achieving 18% growth this year by selling over 15 lakh units. With our Fun, Safety and Environment initiatives, we are constantly trying to become a company that the society admires. Today’s launch of New CB Unicorn Dazzler is to satisfy the diversified needs of Indian customers. We will continue to provide such unique products for healthy expansion of fun-biking culture in India.”

“The CB Unicorn Dazzler will be available to customers by end of May. It is an ideal bike for young people who aspire for aggressive style and performance. The bike offers blistering performance by delivering a power of 14 bhp and a mileage of 60 km per litre. With a price-tag of Rs 62,900 (Delhi Ex-Showroom), the bike is a very attractive option for the Indian youngsters. We plan to sell 120,000 units of CB Unicorn and CB Unicorn Dazzler in the first year,” added Mr. N. K. Rattan, operating head, Sales & Marketing, HMSI.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Specifications

Engine type: Air cooled, 4st, SI engine
Displacement: 149.1cc
Max Power: 14bhp @ 8500rpm
Max Torque: 1.3kg-m @ 6500rpm
Air Filter: Viscous paper filter
Fueling System: Carburetor
Starting system: Self
Transmission: Constant mesh, 5 speed gear box
Gear Pattern: 1 down – 4 up
Chassis: Advanced design diamond frame
Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension: Mono suspension, 3 step adjustable
Front tyre: 80/100 x 17 46P, tubeless
Rear tyre: 110/80 x 17 57P, tubeless
Front Brake: 240mm disc
Rear Brake: 220mm disc
Ker weight: 138kg
Length: 2073mm
Width: 754mm
Height: 1085mm
Wheelbase: 1328mm
Ground Clearance: 162mm
Petrol tank capacity: 12 liters
Battery: 12V-4AH Maintenance Free
Headlight: Halogen 12V 35/35W


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  2. Akshay pradhan says:

    It is a nice bike but the design is dull to say the will be accepted well by the consumers no doesnot even match twister let alone fz. It would have been great if honda had followed the design theme of twister.

  3. Completely agree with what you have said Akshay, though it is now at least better looking than the Pulsar and has similar power to boot. It would be interesting to see what the next update from Bajaj would be.

  4. this bike has front full of twister but twister is better. Honda now needs to increase its horizon the Uni got to CB uni not Uni has again gone to Uni Dazzler. Yeah this will attract Consumer but with only 1BHP increase in power not that gr8 was expecting Honda to add more Horses.BUt they kept the Fuel efficiency in tact which will add to this bike being liked and price is competitive still it will not Match FZ but will take a small chunk of FZ market.

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  6. Adi they have also reduced the weight of the motorcycle by 8kg, which should lead to a more responsive bike as the power to weight ratio has gone up.

  7. i’m glad dazzler is launched, because what honda is left with right now is a 250cc, no more 110, 125 and 150….all launches and upgrades are done, hehehe!!

  8. lol, lets hope so. Hopefully the 250 would be a new benchmark in the market, rather than an answer to other motorcycles currently available.

  9. If someone has test for this, please share about + and – for this mtorcycle

  10. sinil kumar p.r says:

    price and more deteals

  11. Sourav Banerjee from shyambazar,kolkata says:

    Great at last….launched….

    Someway Or the other i liked it….m just waiting to see it at front.
    I am riding Honda Unicorn since May 2005,and now i was really looking for a change in terms of up gradation i.e tecnology as well as looks.

    I don’t like the bikes of TVS n Bajaj …because there bikes don’t have that much of comfort ride what i feel in Honda’s.
    But i like bikes of Hero Honda.
    And regarding Honda,its worth fit.Honda always gives preference to the comfort rather than show offs.
    So,i believe this would be a challenge rider for the others.
    I will buy it!!!

  12. Sinil price and all the details are mentioned in the article itself!

  13. help me people … iam confused between…. yamaha fz and dazzler.. and a 3rd option is apache rtr…
    wat shud i do?? which one 2 buy.. m confused!! waiting 4 ur suggestions 🙂

  14. Sebastian Zamora says:

    what a beauty bring it to Colombia

  15. My dream almost came true.Thumps up. It’s great.But,it would be a bigger success for Honda IF…(1)Dazzler was earlier than Pulser 220 (2)the mono-shock,rear disc brakes & digital meters were for Stunner (3)Dazzler’s fuel tap is upgraded to the present generation’s pattern.

  16. Good one by honda with rear disc facility n attractive design. Powered by 14 bhp engine honda has slightly entered in sports market. Now waiting for another move of honda in 250 cc segment…

  17. Its good bike so bikers now have more options but lookwise it can improve more….

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  19. Hi,

    I had a test ride of Dazzler…yes it is as smooth as UNICORN. it has enough space for pillion & disk brake on both rear n front really makes it comfortable. but as usual, honda will not give everything in bike…there is no engine gaurd,as it is given in STUNNER.also, i personally feel, they should have launched with multi color as shown in the auto expo…
    For those who want 250 cc, the dealer told me next yr HONDA will bring 250 cc. I booked my dazzler, he said it will come in 10-15 days..but as per HONDA record, i dont think it will come so soon. Keeping my hands crossed. :))

  20. As everyone knows Honda is the brand on whom we can trust upon [ Pulsar & TVS are just useless ] I have booked my new Dazzler and i am sure this is gonna band the sales records !!

  21. hmm ..the bike looks preety good but not better than unicorn …i think it can b compared to hero honda cbz xtreem …..any one can telll when its gonna launch…????& its market price…

  22. gud but nt should have more sexy desine than uncorn…

  23. Pradeep (Arya) says:

    not bad but the design of body is same has new Apache 250cc byke…
    digital meter of speed should be more larger than the RPM Meter..
    but it can’t beat Pulsar and TVS Byke

  24. i am really confused my dad says he is going to buy pulsar or glamour . any one please tell me a few things i could defend upon . i am really CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY about dazzler .

  25. Paul,
    tell your dad, two of my friends ride the last model of unicorn and they
    are very happy with the mileage and performance. It is very comfy and the most smooth
    engine in the market. No vibes at all. Honda reliability is a bonus. Now, my cousins bought pulsar
    brand new and sold it before he hit 500 kilometers. Pulsar engine starts rattling after one year
    and very high maintenance bike. Digital meters of pulsar gets water in
    them and stops working within months. Very expensive to replace.
    Now, glamour, my brother in law bought one and still has it.
    No power, but reliable. Worst part is terrible handling and control. Had the worst accident because of bad handling
    and lucky to be alive. Broke knee cap, twisted backbone
    some more I don’t remember. Dazzler should be the most comfy in class and cheap to run as well. Slightly bigger than
    FZ and apaches. I hope that’s enough for your dad to be convinced.
    Live to ride,
    Ride to live.

  26. hi,

    i own a black dazzler..which i got few days back. I am very happy to ride
    this bike from the day 1(test ride). i think its worth of that money. if i am paying 71 k(b’lore price) for Old unni…then why not for 75 k for dazzler..with same engine + add ons…

    also, here are few observations i have :

    1) Looks: it all depends on person to person.I liked when i 1st saw it in auto-expo.but it couls have been more stylist..may b twister style with
    150 cc would be awesome.

    2) Milegae: Defintialtly better than yamahas & old unni. good thing is that
    in its digital speedometer, it shows the milege also. It may not be 100% accurent…but atleast 90% u can be sure. I am getting almost 55km/lt in city. Highway i will ride tommorow…n c..I will keep all posted.

    3) Clip on handle: Yes the handle is old fashioned, but still it is gives all the stability n comfort.

    4) Performance: I am not a expert…but yes the pick is really good.Good thing is that at low revs also, it can pick up, no need to change gears.
    which is very useful in traffic. Gear shifting is smooth, it may not be as smooth as Old unni, but definatitly better than others.
    as per performance is concerned, there is new video in bloomberg UTV, which says dazzler has outperformed FZs.

    5) Brakeing: Really impressed with its braking. Even i was spectical, abt the rear disk brake, but its worth it. .
    rear disc is spongy but it is very well crafted, if it would have been sensitive …there are chances of skidding. I have seen many pulsers…skidding.Yest it was raining in b’lore, & it didnt see any prob in braking of this vechile.
    Honda has a perfect combination for both the disc.

    6) Accesories: I checked with dealer they have not yet got saree gaurd & leg gaurd , seat cover. They are saying they will get in few days.
    if not you can get it outside.

    Some flaws are there in every bike ..if……then..why..1lk..bikes..are..there..

  27. Hi all,
    Even i m confused btn unicorn & dazzler….

    i just want to know is it as comfortable for a pillon as old uni..
    Other thing is, is it as stable as uni at top speed….

    plz answer me guys…i m up for booking one of them….
    and surely i ll b using it for 5-6 yrs of more than tat….

    i am really awaiting for ur opinion guys…..

  28. @chetan

    you are still in confusion. why dint u take any old person with u ..for test ride. may be ur dad can join u….as i mentioned earlier in my post old unicorn will be more comfortable for old ppl..dazzler is having bit up right sit may find it difficult or odd.

  29. Hi all..i have bought uni dazzler on May 31st…Completed my 30 days and it has touched 800kms…First service too over…Only one word i can say is Awesome or excellent or great….now i m feeling the slogan of Honda “I Enjoy the Quality”it has very smooth engine with comfort riding…. its definitely a gud upgraded package than old unicorn…the wider rear tyre,sexy digi console,power increment and tubeless tyre gives u a pleasant driving and sporty look…paying just 4000 bucks extra u get thise upgrades than older Uni which is good value for money thing… In City riding i acheived mileage of 52…Depends on driving style..but it gives around 50-55 kmpl in city riding conditons…In top speed(60 – 70kmph as of now)also bike doesnt makes noise and vibes..feels like flying….only doubt is it doesnt have kick start..oly elec start..i ve doubted and scared while hearing first..after enquiring dealr he said comes wit MF battery and sure ther will be no prob for 4-5 years in battery….gear shift is really smooth and easy….braking is excellent…one more thing i like to clarify is here i seen in several posts that rear disk is risky and tough for fresh new first time riders…But the truth is rear disc is not powerfula s front one…i’ve felt rear dis is some wat 20 -30% sharper than drum brake…but ther is no question of riskiness in rear discs….on the whole its a sporty commuter,…..i m very much satisfied…it simply overtook old uni in all aspects…while comparing to pulsar(Poor per and engine and no comfort..only style) and gs(rust prob and relaiablity of engine) and fz(Better – but fails in mileage)..its better in all aspects…but it can beat the style of fz..but in performance and specs wise it has comparitively better than above 3…so guys go for it and Have a enjoyable riding…if any queries mail me to [email protected]….bye..

  30. I ride unicorn about 3 friends have pulsar and apache..when compared to my bike, pulsar and apache are one step ahead in the class of style and sporty position but it lacks in its perfomance and the resail value..i get around 58k for my 3year unicorn and my friends get 38k for pulsar and only 35k for you can understand the difference between these 3. For my suggestion any one confuses with unicorn and fz, one can choose fz for its style.. for perfomance,riding comfort(incl pillion riders),reliability and economical one can choose unicorn,hunk and cbz bcse three have same 149.1cc honda engine.

  31. i saw this bike the head light part is looking horrible,not up to the mark..,

    when all other brands are coming out with very good international style,Why honda is not able to do,

    i didn’t expect this poor model from Honda..,

    only good this is rear disc break,other than that every thing is a total mess..,

  32. I am totally in agreement with Henry. This bike has such a horrible look that I wonder whether anyone will really like the apperance of this bike. If Honda makes a better looking model with the same specs as this bike and perhaps include a kick starter, then this would surely stand head and shoulder above all other brands. For sure it is a horrible evil looking bike.

  33. not a perfect design to impress the customers

  34. Dazzler is good but in no way match with FZ in performance and Style. Compared to FZ Dazzler performs well in mileage. But in Power, Style, Handling, and safety and traversing in traffic, FZ will kick out Dazzler, after all Honda makes bike just to make money

  35. Attractive bike.. i like it much.. i need the mileage details

  36. Hi Gopal…

    Jus watch this video….bloomberg UTV autocar 2010 compares uni dazzler and fzs in all aspects and declares that dazzler has ouperformed and beats fz-s…

    not only honda…every company makes bikes for money making….

  37. Hi Nitesh/george/Henry,

    Styling and design perspective depends upon each and every personals taste…. the only main thing prioritized for indian customers is mileage,performance,low maintanence and resale value…in all the above aspects uni dazzler wins d race ahead of their competitors pulsar,apache,fz’s…
    Jus watch this video….bloomberg UTV autocar 2010 compares uni dazzler and fzs in all aspects and declares that dazzler has outperformed and beats fz-s…

  38. honda dazzler rocks go 4 it

  39. i purchsed dazzler just 4 days [email protected] .i can just say its amazing………………………………..its great’s miles ahead than apache & pulser

  40. ankur gupta says:

    ankur says average hai yar

  41. such ue nice honda

  42. dazzler…..huhh…!not at all….look is so bad cant think of buyin….

  43. Its awesome experience to own the Honda Dazzler.
    Talking about the performance it much better than old unicorn
    & most important it light in weight.

  44. comfortable ride

  45. i got uni dazzler on june 2010,mileage pick up and performance all are very nice. but in my dazzler rear suspension is not give that much result what honda guaranteed me. my uni crossed 4200km and i gav it to first service and raise a complaint about this mono suspension they changed the shock absorber,but the result is not again i gav it for second service for the same complaint they changed it as new one and i paid 1718rs for it but now also its not rectified til yet.due to this i have got severe back pain. i dont know now what to do. whether i am wrong are the hope on uni dazzler are wrong???

  46. Hi,

    I had purchased my Dazzler after 3 days of the launch. I was going to buy CBZ Extreme but come to know abt this byk n searched for it in Delhi. While purchasing it got many problems bcoz it was on 25 days waiting. But i need to buy it on urgency. I purchased that byk without having any reviews but rely upon Honda as i already used Shine for 4 Yrs. This byk really dont let you down. I had purchased Delhi’s first Dazzler n i have faith on it. Excellent riding comfort, great mileage, smooth riding, great pickup n a long list of positive things. I had already drived it to 8000km without any prob. I love my byk as regarding comfort level it left fz n apache far behind.

    Purchase it n enjoy ur drive.
    Good Luck……

  47. Frany George says:

    Hello Guys,

    I had been using for almost last 6 years and I am very much satisfied with its performnace . Now as it is completing 6 yrs it is showing some age problems like holes on silencer pipe due to rust and i feel as if the engine is not as smooth as it was before.Now i sold the bike for 35K( Is it a fair price for a 2005 April selfstart Uni ?) and would like to buy a brand new Unocorn.
    Unfortunately in kerala the waiting period is 10 months now.So now I am thinking of going for a dazzler which is readily available. As some of U mentioned earlier i am not that impressed with its styling .However I dont give much weightage to styling.I also read somewhere that dazzlers engine is not as smooth as Unicorn. Is it true? So Guys,please give your opinion on this matter.

    Expecting your valued advices,

    Frany George

  48. saud parkar says:

    had buyed this bike & i am so glad becouse the chain is making so noise stay awwyy from this dazzler

  49. Removed kickstart to reduce weight and to make more profit. They also put smaller battery to reduce weight and make more profit. Greedy honda. Because of this dazzler is unreliable and sales is less.

    I would prefer kickstart and bigger battery, even if weight increases by 3 kg. Having kickstart and powerful battery is always better and more reliable.

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