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Honda Stunner PGM-Fi launched in India

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India have launched Honda Stunner PGM-Fi in India. Priced at Rs. 64,630 (ex-showroom, Delhi), Honda Stunner PGM-Fi is the forth motorcycle in India to come equipped with Fuel Injection technology, which is expected to have a positive impact on rideability and fuel efficiency of the Honda Stunner.

Speaking on the launch of the new Honda Stunner PGM-Fi, HMSI chief executive officer Shinji Aoyama said, “Last fiscal we sold about 10.7 lakh units of two-wheelers and this year we are targeting 12% increase at 12.5 lakh units. And the CBF Stunner will play an important role.”

While we respect and applauded HMSI’s decision to introduce Honda Stunner with EFI, which is already on sale in European countries (link), we can not help but wonder, at a price increase of Rs. 14,226 (CBF Stunner with Self-Disc-Alloy is Rs. 50,404, ex-showroom, Delhi), how many Indian bikers would actually be willing to purchase this new 125cc motorcycle.

Honda CBF Stunner PGM-Fi Official press release:

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI), the 100% owned 2-wheeler subsidiary of the Honda Motor Company, Japan – the world’s largest manufacturer of 2-wheelers, today unveiled the new CBF Stunner PGM-FI in New Delhi.

The new CBF Stunner PGM-FI is targeted mainly at youngsters in the 18-24 years age-group. Being promoted with the punchline ‘Absolute Sensation Reprogrammed’ CBF Stunner PGM-FI always reminds you of the CBR1000RR image, thus making it more appealing to the youth.

The introduction of PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) technology has made the bike’s performance exceptional on various drivability parameters. The CBF Stunner was launched last year and had attracted the attention of country’s youngsters as an affordable sports bike. The introduction of new variant with advanced PGM-FI technology now will further boost the popularity and performance of the model.

Powered with a 125 cc Air-cooled four-stroke self-start engine, the new model will deliver a power of 11.6 [email protected] rpm. The PGM-FI technology has greatly contributed towards increasing the efficiency, top speed and engine power. The new model will give a mileage of 65 kms per litre as compared to 60 kms per litre delivered by the earlier Stunner. Even the top speed of 100 KM/Hr can be enjoyed by biking enthusiasts.

Another strong point of CBF Stunner PGM-FI is the manner in which it addresses the environmental issue. Though all the Honda products adhere strictly to the emission norms, the PGM-FI technology in CBF Stunner PGM-FI has enabled to bring down the emission levels to one-tenth of the existing emission norms in India.

The New CBF Stunner PGM-FI requires less maintenance because of its viscous air filter and maintenance-free battery. It has CBR1000RR inspired dual tone styling and a sporty half-chain case. Among the other attractive feature of CBF Stunner PGM-FI include: Bank Angle Sensor, Premium 3-D Emblem, Handle Weight and the premium key.

The CBF Stunner PGM-FI will hit the roads by first week of June. It will be available in two stylish colours – CBR Red and CBR Silver Metallic.

The bike has been priced at Rs 64,630 ex-showroom.

Honda is looking forward to expanding the fun biking culture among the youngsters with the launch of CBF Stunner PGM-FI. The company has already entered the fun-biking segment with the introduction of CB1000R and CBR 1000RR Fireblade in the Indian market. The bikes have drawn a good response from the biking enthusiasts.

In order to promote and expand fun-biking culture, HMSI has been conducting the ‘Honda 1 Make Race’ motor sports event since last year. The company is in full gear preparing for this motorsports event which is scheduled from the first week of June this year in Coimbatore.

Present at the CBF Stunner PGM-FI launch event were: Mr Atsushi Amataka, President, Honda R&D India; Mr Shinji Aoyama, CEO & President, HMSI; along with Mr N.K. Rattan, Operating Head – Sales & Marketing, HMSI.

HMSI is one of the youngest players in the industry and currently the fastest growing company in Indian 2w industry. The company grew at the rate of 18% in 2008-09 & sold 10.7 lac units. The company has set a target to achieve 12.5 lakh sales mark in this financial year 2009-10.


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  2. devendra suredia says:

    wow ! what a bike,becos i have stunner cbf previous model

  3. Melroy Menezes says:

    it,s going to be a big FLOP!!!!!!125cc bikes dont sell much.people want 150cc+ bikes in is also 14000Rs more than regular stunner!!!!!!!!wonder who will buy it when u can get good lod Unicorn at same price that too 25cc is a waste of ur hard earned cash.GO FOR THE UNICORN INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!Its Much Better!!Pl reply to this u guys.if u liked this comment!!!

  4. well, let me think, da fire blade design, n 125 cc wid 5 gear , all dis r good , but da price is too much hikes on indian economy n n da byk lovers also, so, i wud love 2 buy it , but like 2 have a short n some reduced price of it ,……………………. so, in my opinion its 50/50, ………………..

  5. I agree a little with melroy’s comment.HONDA should have launched stunner ver.2 with 150cc.features are allright,but the engine power is lacking behind.

  6. performance and milage is good but price is too much.go for apache instead if you are a performance lover.

  7. sarthakmaniac says:

    yes suyash u r really speaking the golden words tvs apache is worth of buying it has displacement of 180cc and ist quite sporty and it melts on road like a butter muha wat a bike yarr. the only prob of stunner is of its power other wise it is also a zakass bike if u want a bike which has the best performance then money dosent matters and this fi engine has over comed it in stunner so dear melroy its not a bad bike after all if u guys can wait honda is also launching a 150 segment bike cbr 150cc of top speed 160km/hr.

  8. hey sarthak….
    wen will the CBR be launched…???
    plz reply…
    and in ur opinion is R15 a good choice,KARIZMA a good choice or the upcoming CBR….??

  9. I have uploaded some pics of Honda Stunner PGM-Fi in the below link..

  10. to costly honda need to think about prise becoz 125cc bike not more than 60000 $……..

  11. 2 costly it not more than 60000

  12. honda get mad becoz thay think our brand name under can sold any bike 125cc in prise of 150/180cc bike but indian boy sharper than honda they divert bajaj pulsar is best……………..Gay’s

  13. ARUN KUMAR C says:


    i am on a plan of owning a bike but in dilemma whether its stunner or honda shine or discover 135cc , i am bit lean and even worried about the mileage and price too…\ any sugesstions plz….

  14. its good looking but its too costly

  15. Oh! its a big disappointment for me…
    I expected the new stunner to be 150 cc atleast
    with a power of around 14 bhp and a top speed of 120 kph.
    But still Honda had made an excellent piece of work.
    Hope they will do it next time.

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