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Honda to launch new motorcycle, CBF Stunner

Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India is planning to launch a new motorcycle on the 30th of June.

It is expected to be a 125cc four stroke motorcycle and would feature a half fairing like Hero Honda Karizma.

Honda CBF Stunner

Design wise CBF Stunner is exactly the same motorcycle, which was displayed by Honda at AutoExpo 2008. As you can see in the photograph below (click to enlarge), is has the same fairing, tail lamp cluster, rear set footrest, exhaust, duel suspension setup and even the clear lens turn indicators.

Honda CBF Stunner KWFA

Honda CBF Stunner 125

This bike would come as a breath of fresh air into the 125cc segment which is at this moment, dominated by motorcycles with bikini fairing. If Honda manages to price it right, it could give a stiff competition to other motorcycles in its segment.

While there is no doubt CBF Stunner is a looker, we also hope that Honda launches something similar to the CBF Racing Concept Motorcycle they had displayed at AutoExpo 2008, and which is loaded with goodies like petal disk brake, rear disk, under seat exhaust etc.


A good engine configuration (possibly CBR 150 one) would definitely give strong competition to the likes of Yamaha R15.


  1. Nice bike foreever

  2. Aakash kulshrestha says:

    Hi well I want to buy Honda Stunner,But I mam looking for 150cc I want to buy this bike in jan. So will 150 cc bike is going to be launched in January please suggest me some thing ..
    and what will be the price of it…

    [email protected]

    please reply soon…

  3. hi friends,
    it’s very good bike, looking nice and sporty also given goog maileage.
    it’s advantage is good for long ride very cooooool bike

  4. I ve never seen such a ugly bike before ,,, guys go for discover DTSi

  5. What is new Honda Stunner 150cc Prize. i m buy this Bike. send me it’s details.

  6. Hello Folkes.
    Honda Stunner is not under any plans of releasing the 150cc bike infact Honda is planning to launch Honda stunner 100cc bike. That is sad i dont understand y they are planning to downgrade rather than an Upgrade,& the Person who says (Anil Rai) its the ugliest Bike.. Bob for u Bajaj Chetak is the perfect match…Ther is no bike in this segment that can match Stunner’s looks & try goin for a Test ride For the FGMFi version of Stunner Really really Smooth like butter Amazin Bike. i just hope they plan for the 150cc segment


  8. sir i want to phone number of honda show room in patna.

  9. it is very sexy bike
    we can buy it

  10. stunner gaadi se unicorn gaadi majbooth hai then long travel karne keliye ye gaadi acha hai. average,break,road grip, then more all coundition’s bi bahooth acha hai…….

  11. Anil rai.. U are such a JERK.. Well said Sanky.. Anil deserves a bajaj auto rickshaw rather than a bike.. Anil u don’t have any idea how stunner’s performance is. Discover really sucks man. its service center is irresponsible.

  12. dear,i want to purchase 125cc bike with low maintenance n high average… would u give me price list of honda stunner-cbf.
    on road……. hope u rply fast.

  13. manish kumar says:

    hey guys , i have purchased honda stunner in yelow colour, it is a great bike , do try to check this out , how great experience of driving it gives to u , when i drive it peoples used to comment for the bike , then i feel i have a nice bike and u should also have .

  14. Hi, New Honda CBF Stunner Sports bike when can i aspect in market.

    how much time it will take to come to the market.

  15. When is this orange colour model of CBF STUNNER is going to be lounched?????

  16. its toooooooo good bike i like it very much

  17. i want to know when cbf stunner 150 is going to be launch
    and what is the price can i book it now from any honda showroom

  18. stunner cbf 225 cc bike is a great one ,great style ,mailage ,look ,etc..

  19. All motorcycle gaint is aiming high….first introduction of Bajaj Pulsar……it was outstanding look and was the best in the market and now only performance…….looking is outdated..

    Right now Yamaha FZ16 is the best….Few bad qualities in yamaha…,
    1) We can’t turn the properly like other vehicles.
    2) It doesn’t have best horn like Bajaj ( twin Horn)
    3) They should provide Neon Lights for better look and better lighting performance.
    4) They should increase the Petrol tank capacity.
    5) Should introduce remote locking facility.
    6) Slightly develop on mileage.
    7) Should introduce Twin Head lamp (front and Rear like Yamaha R1 Design and Old Karisma Hero Honda for better looks)
    8) Broad tyres for better looks, comfort, roadgrip, etc
    9) Should give cost variation as bajaj gives for pulsar( eg. for 220cc DTS Si is 85000/- to 90000/- max, for Yamaha FZ16 78000/- to 80000/- and Fazer 85000/-)

    10) Should be looking to recaptivate before other brands stablize in the market.

  20. Should give better battery capacity for higher volts of Headlamp.
    Twin spark plug, air coolent and other best features should be introduced in yamaha….

    Should give cost variation as bajaj gives for pulsar( eg. for 220cc DTS Si is 85000/- to 90000/- max, for Yamaha FZ16 150cc is 78000/- to 80000/- and Fazer 150cc is 85000/-)

    Think about cost factor and give best features to yamaha…..Indians customers are looking best looks in the market….Hope to see soon.

    Please give some comments who love yamaha….

  21. Hi guys! The all new stunner is very good and smooth drive. In 125cc segment this bike is so good it is better than hunk,discover,passion pulsar135,150.

  22. woooooooooooo! what a sexy bike man!

    but actually i am looking for 150cc new Honda bike

    the Unicorn is now little bit older one so please tell me when

    the new 150cc bike lounch

    reply soon

  23. hiiiiiiii
    i m aditya from bareilly i just want to nknow dat
    whts the price of honda cbf stunner 150cc
    & it can be available in bareilly

  24. Pulkit...kwtra. says:

    i dunno y they dont cum up wid mre power engine dan 125 cc…!!!! concept…!!!

  25. it is a very good bike in 150cc sigment youngstars will love this style of bikes when they r loncheing it.i am weating for it

  26. if you want a 150cc byk then go for fazer 150 its rpcking

  27. suman saha says:

    honda stunner cbf fi is the best one…its smooth, gives good milage, stunning looks btter thn any others..
    @anil rai do u know what is ugly?? its ur choice man… i will suggest a auto rickshaw for u..

  28. Shivabrata says:

    Can ny 1 giv me the details ov the Stunner 150cc sports !!
    I wanna buy it !!

  29. I’m eagerly waiting for 150cc.

    when will be launched and price of the bike

    contact me on orkut ID [email protected] plzzzzzzzzz…..

  30. i m waiting for 150cc when will be launched & whats the price of that honda stunner & full detail also with image .i want to buy it soon.

    plz plz send detail on my orkut id i.e [email protected] .


  31. Hi Guys,

    Im using Stunner from the last four months….and beleave me its a nightmare for me…..the mileage is not good….after sales service is pathetic……the engine sounds like anything….pls i’ll request you all dnt go for Stunner in 125cc segment….it will be a complete wastage of your hard earned money…..!!!

  32. hey hiiiiiiiiii
    frends honda stunner is the best bike in 125 cc i m riding this from 10 months its average is very good it give average-58 it is the best bike with low price with very cool sporty luk
    i think u just try once & dont listen to any one instead me and who r suggest u to buy honda stunner 125cc bike

  33. now i m w8ing for honda stunner 150cc sports racing concept bike …………

  34. New stunner is awesome man i am just enjoying it……………..
    bajaj sucks…………….

  35. Hey frnd wana buy honda bike in 2011 feb suggest me 1 sporty bike with features of gud average,great performance,superb luk,also bst in quality.
    Plz plz rply me soon on my yahoo i.d

  36. dear sir i purhsed today new bike of your company
    bike of 2010 stunner i am loving it…… is so sexy bike and girls also like this bike and so few p….


    rafik khan

  37. @rafik khan Ya its soooooooooooooooooo sexy
    n gud looking bike……..
    i love it,,,,,

  38. hey hiii. im trilok. i had purchased stunner cbf 2010 model. its extremely awesome to drive in a city like hyderabad. its been giving a milage around 60 in the traffic!!!! and would you belive its soooo cool at its looks.

  39. when will stunner 150cc launch in india ….
    i am eagerly waiting for dat.. plz rply on [email protected]

  40. Pushap thakur says:

    this is a awsome bike i had never seen a bike like this before
    its my dream bike u know i love this bike this is the best than bestest of 125cc segment its cooooooool is’nt it

  41. I also have Stunner CBF but

    it doesn’t have kick is there any problem with starter what i do
    please reply

  42. this is very nice bike, this is not like old stunner, really this sooooooooooooooooooo nice n comfertable.

  43. this bike very good looking but start viverating after 80.

  44. i like this bike very much because its price is very low and its look is very nice……………………..

  45. I also have CBF STUNNER but
    it doesn’t have kick is there any problem with starter what i do
    please reply..THANZXXX LOT

  46. pankaj singh says:

    i have purchased cbf stunner in black color.its a quiet smooth need 2 work more on its average and also its fibre body is nt much durable.

  47. Hi, I am from Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Is this bike available in Bangladesh? What is the prize for Bangladesh ?

  48. Hello.i want to buy my 1st bike.please help me.i am so so confused.i want style,milage and for long lyf.

    Unicorn dazzle-150 cc,72000,

    stunner pgm fi -125 cc,75000,style but no digital spedometer,125 cc,dnt knw about engine n performance of unicorn dazzle n stunner.

    Pulsar 135 ls,59000

    please recomend me,help me.which bike i should buy ? ? I am confused.apache also i like,..i like all the bikes.but i want the best one.please help help help . . .

  49. hi i want to buy stunner….. please tell me honda is going to lanch stunner 150cc within the month of jan….? reply soon…

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