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Honda Unicorn Sport Concept at Auto Expo 2010

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has displayed a new concept model of the Honda Unicorn, called, Unicorn Sport Concept at the Auto Expo 2010.

Edit: Honda Unicorn Sport Concept has been launched as Honda Dazzler, click here to view the details…

The concept bike in question was on display at the 10th Auto Expo in a beautiful and well executed maroon and off white color and featured a sharper bikini fairing.

Unicorn Sport Concept also featured well executed tank scoops, side body panels, heat shield and a rear disc brake.

While there is no word yet from HMSI, on whether or not Honda Unicorn Sport Concept would be launched in India, going by the track record of HMSI, we are fairly confident that Unicorn Sport Concept would soon see the light of the day, especially since HMSI is planning to accelerate its growth in the near future by launching new models and variants.


  1. UNICORN be named as POPCORN it suits the company and its vintage technology with low tech engine cdi mapping ,linkless monoshock which is prone to skid specially with female pillions sitting on one side
    ,higher clutch wear ,sprocket wear, chasis swing arm bush breakage, tuff up tube failure on all unicorns.So this popcorn bike has become sissy for college going crowd and so is Honda wing brand already gone with the wind, so is their manesar plant stopped producing due to labour stike and low sales of Motorcycles

  2. oh man oh man think twice before you write buddy im using uni from past 4 years and it has not given me a single problem i travel on bad roads it gives me good millage and comfort no shock problems and honda has not stopped producing motorcyles its only in your mind

  3. Price and detailes of sports model unicorn

  4. Srijith, engine would likely remain the same, though might receive a few tweaks for the upcoming BSIV emission norms. Price would only be known, once it has been lunched. Having said that, we believe it would be a couple of thousand rupees more than that of the current Honda Unicorn.

  5. Anirban Dey says:

    The Unicorn has been one of my favourite motorcycles which suits indian roads offering a great ride quality and fantastic mileage..However I would appreciate that they do continue the older unicorn without tank scoops..

  6. hi…….. i want this bike……………please give me this bike details

  7. launching date, will be available in mumbai features mileage & price

  8. New Unitorn Sport looks good I hope there are some major changes like fuel injection, digital console, etc. good the see disc at the rear wheel the current engine is still smooth and rev happy. I do own one for the past 3 years no problems with Engine, No puncture in the Tuff up tube till now good control on the road. I have done a 600 km strech on the Mum – Goa Highway last year in 8 hrs no engine problem then no engibne problem now also.

  9. well my concern is only one…WHEN THIS BIKE IS GOING TO LAUNCH..
    No doubt on anything related to quality and all nonsense stuffs…
    it will be my third vehicle form HONDA Family…so I have not 1% doubt abt the performance,quality, blah blah blah…
    Honda…name is sufficient

  10. Even Honda is calling it Unicorn Sport concept, the riding position of the bike seems somehow not reflecting it. It still looks like a power commuter rather than a sporty bike. Scoops could be better designed, like ones on HH Hunk.

  11. Md Mozammil says:

    when new honda unicorn is going to launch……………….?

  12. If the engine power remains unchanged it will be as old wine in the new bottle.
    Seeing the disc breake in the rear i hope the new unicorn will be having a 6 speed gear box and better pick up!!

  13. Quite true Francies, we too are hoping that Honda will finally tweak the engine for more power, especially considering that other 150cc motorcycles are now producing more power than Honda Unicorn.

  14. hi

    your unicorn sport is beutifull model … and i m now my old bike seling your new unicorn sport buying …….but your unicorn sport full details send to my email id ….. i m intresting send to information my number +91-97129-79774

  15. my house in gujrat in surat surat fist buying unicorn sport plz your bike seling me……ok…….


    mayur royal

  16. I LOVE THIS BIKE YAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……….. i will buy IT……….. this is the best one can get as a bike on indian road………..

  17. the older uni is quite good looking. the new one lacks that classy look. but the new uni must be loaded with new features and the above reply makes me laugh a lot, he he he..

  18. better luks and specially the riders position could be imporved with this bike as it say “UNI SPORTS”.

    n plz dont screw up d image of the fireblade by placing it next to the unicorn in the auto-expo.

  19. unicorn is the best bike in 150cc segment. engine is very smooth ,it makes low noise, easily controllable, can take cuts easily
    but it priced very high compared to any other 150cc especially
    in vijayawada krishna district andhra pradesh show room it self selling bikes in black they are pricing bike at 66001rs and do u know the cost of t/r over their absolutely 1200rs i request mr yogesh to take action on this show room if he has powers

  20. Well, this is a nice bike. When it will be launch in Jakarta, Indonesia?

  21. please tell me when it will be launch in mumbai as i waiting since last 3 years for a good model as i am using already unicorn thx

  22. It look very nice..sure i will buy it..i bought my old unicorn 4 year back and ride every road it still runing like new one…best bike…

  23. ohhhhh that’s nice honda bike I like how much prie in nepal

  24. fully view of honda unicorn bike pic ok I request you

  25. Hi Frnds…

    Can anyone please mail me when this Sporty Unicorn will be launched??? This is mail ID ([email protected])…

    I’m planning to buy Unicorn, but aftr seeing this model, i think its worth waiting a while… So, plz tell me wen it will be launched…

    Thanks in advance…

  26. Nice looking concept bike Honda.But a concept is a concept. I am really dissappointed that honda never took the indian market seriously.And they never will. I was waiting eagerly for them to launch the CBR150R last year. All they want to sell us are their 100cc,125cc and 150cc air cooled commuters.. with the same 150cc engine doing duty on the Honda Unicorn,the Hero Honda HUNK/CBZ X-treme,i don’t even want to think where honda will plonk their 150cc engine next.I am not against Honda’s reliability and quality.I saw in a magazine where they were advertising the CBF Stunner Fi that said it has the same technology as the 2008 CBR1000RR Fireblade..Pgm-fi is ok.Unit-pro-link swingarms? twin-spar frames?,15000rpm engine?…Wake up HONDA.

  27. i love this bike……………….its great

  28. pls tell me when unicorn is gonna b launched in maharashtra for customers to buy

  29. when it will be avilable

  30. hi i like the unicorn sports very much but when it is going to be launched in hyderabad bcoz i’m from hyd and wat price it is going to be i even dont find the details of new unicorn in the website

  31. UNICORN, is great bike frm HONDA.

  32. Hi i realy like sporty unicorn can u plz forward me the detail about the bike (price & when it will be in the market)…………….

  33. Dear honda,

    We hope U are hearing the enthusiasm from the biking fraternity!!!

    Please give us some tangible signals rgarding this matter.

  34. hi honda
    you are the best i m love it

  35. Chaitanya Vedak says:

    Hello Honda,
    This is a neat concept. Hope the rider foot pegs come below the hip for a better sportz feeling. secondly i also hope it is a 200cc version. FI and Oil cooled (radiator) will help a lot. the rounded headlight will ruin the sharp corners design the unicorn has. i am currently using a unicorn 150cc from about 2 yrs. neat is the word. i would definitely like to upgrade to this. So Honda, when r u launching this beauty in india with the above details. data please.

  36. hi i saw new honda sport bike its real super bike i m using honda unicorn from last 3 year without any problem. now i want buy new sporty honda unicorn heart beat and please tell me when it launch in rajasthan because realy i m waiting buy this one please send message on my number 09887289004. i love……… u honda

  37. please tell me honda unicorn sport how much take time launch in rajasthan. my e mail is [email protected]

  38. i saw this bike in auto expo 2010,
    but i am not satisfied with new look, as we compare this bike with stuneer then i feel stuneer is more sporty in look. as well its does not having sporty foot rest like hunk, not sporty handel bar like appachy, bajaj pulsar135, not sporty look as yamaha fazer & about fi engine is ?.
    something is missing, need more customatic changes.
    plz honda make it in complete look.

  39. plz give me this bike details

  40. Dear Dean…
    I think that u do not have minimum knowledge about bikes or u r great fan of u r saying like that about UNICORN.

  41. gaurav soni says:

    plze send me the details of this unicorn sport model about the prise,and when it’ll be launched……….also send the details of this at my num……+919713667600

  42. plze send me the details of this unicorn sport model about the prise,and when it’ll be launched……….also send the details of this at my num……+919887289004

  43. i liked new unicorn very much but when will it be launched in gujarat and what price?

  44. jishnu madhavan says:

    woooow soo coool………… exept the front disc brakes remains old…..
    i hope the power is improved.
    but for a sports model,the seating pos must be a bit changed an honda can provide clip-on handle bars too…..
    overall look is so sexy.

  45. When it comes to engines nothing comes close to honda’s.But the styling .. well don’t think this will really sell that much.

  46. With the amazing response Honda has received for the Unicorn Sports Concept bike showcased at the recent Auto Expo 2010, it is only a matter of time before it is put into production.

    At another website one reader has even anticipated that it could be as soon as the end of February. Well…. all I can say is that this new edition to the Unicorn will be warmly received by one and all. Way to go Honda !

  47. vicky punjabi says:

    i surely would like to buy the bike asap so please call me n let me knw the price of the bike n when it is getting launched 9821006691

  48. hi ur new honda unicorn r has made me go crazy i want to have this bike any how. just tell me where to deposit money & when will i get just can’t express u yaaaaaaaaaaaar

  49. Hi, Please any one tell the launch date for this UNICORN in Chennai, i am going to exchange my STUNNER. mail me @ ([email protected])

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