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Karizma R to sell along side ZMR

In a move which is sure to please the current owners and fans of Karizma R, Hero Honda has announced that the carburated Karizma R would continue to sell along side its newly launched Fi avatar, Karizma ZMR (PGMFI).

Karizma R which happens to be quite a favorite bike in touring circles in India, is also Rs. 19,000 cheaper than the newly launched ZMR and would likely continue to compete with Pulsar 220 DTSi and DTS-Fi on the pricing front.


  1. OH! that’s a relief hearing that Karizma R is gonna continue with the ZMR because honestly I think KArizma R is way too much better looking than ZMR, I personally didn’t like the ZMR much as it seems to be a Hayabusa rip-off and is kinda ugly too, So my money is definitely on Karizma R.

  2. o yaaro chaado hero honda di gadiya.sab bekar hai yaar lene hai te pulsar le lo india largest seeling nbike after splendor ok. no karizma no apache choose pulsar dil se………….ok….

  3. pulsar nei to maa ku pelibi……….

  4. Technically Karizma ZMR is far better than Karizma R.

    1) ZMR has Oil cooled engine (PGM-Fi)
    2) Rear wheel disk break
    3) Full digital console
    4) LED tail light
    5) 17.6 BHP
    6) New Chassis

    These are the major diff between Karizma R and karizma ZMR

    -Paras Dorle
    [email protected]



  6. Dude, dont even dare to compare a Hayabusa with the ugly looking ZMR…Hayabusa is the Emperor of the entire biking segment all over the world.
    Hero Honda turned off the Expectations of thosands of we Indian bikers
    by launching a Dirty ugly pathetic lookin bike ZMR, with just little increment in its BHP n other stats n figures…n that too
    the Bike priced at around 100grands..(1 lac)
    I M really glad to hear that Karizma R is going to be continued…now i can buy one..Really thanks for giving this piece of information. Cheers to Karizma R!

  7. Hayabusa rocks ..zmr is nowhere close to it . Karizma zmr has a refined engine it comes with hecs3 an eco friendly bike and pgmfi which calculates the input timings and delivers a good mileage.. it comes with an angle sensor which switches of the bike if the bike falls down which is safe… … you choose karizma you end up with a big fuel bill… the engine is the same as karizma but only with 0.6 bhp extra .if your poor and think your saving money go for karizma.. if you feel that you have pocket full and don’t mind venturing out then go for zmr it comes with a promising engine ….p220 comes with promising power but the engine screws up in less than three years…zmr has its failures which is being rectified like the radiator emitting too much heat and malfunction of FI these were found only in few bikes and that’s being rectified the upcoming bikes would be better than the ones in the market as of now.. the reason for less power is the want for mileage which was reported on karizma by many customers like you and me .. you can tune the bike and it would definitely beat any bike in city its got a bigger engine displacement 3 cc more than p220s ..Many say that zmr looks bad compared to karizma … when karizma was released everybody said the same the legend continues .. i have an R15 and karizma zmr .. r15 beats the bike only after i reach my top speed which is dudes have p220f and p220s which beats my bike in the initial and i catch up with them in less than 9 secs and from there its head on and i loose them after my top speed 126 is rached… but i can turn much quicker in curves and i can manage heavy breeze blowing against me (not me but the aerodynamics of the bike )… the engine is much smoother than R15 but the geer shift is not smooth.. R15 has the best geer shifts,aerodynamics,style thats a sports bike but your back hurts in a long ride ..Zmr is more comfortable to ride and the suspension is great since its a tourer…

  8. hi, i like to buy zmr, can you please call me 9871492562 now

  9. My Favorite bike is Karizma R..coz it has the best power in gear up (pick up)comparing any other indian bikes…even comparing R15.Karizma ZMR only has looks bt no power as compared to Karizma R..Karizma R rocks..

  10. hey u all, i appreciate every ones liking but somewhere it tingle me a bit. to tell u very frankly i own R15, P220. RTR180 & recently the ZMR. all this bikes rocks. if u a die hard fan of cornering, riding hard ther R15 is for u. real performer than P220, acceleration & instant pick up then RTR180. and if u need a package bike then it is only ZMR. all this bikes a own potentiality but ZMR really make u feel different through all the way. R15 gives u super ridind & sporty stance so u can feel the difference but make ur back pain. so as other bikes. but to truly ZMR. ride it to beleive it.

  11. i am soo big fan of ZMR n i wanna buy it….so wat do u guys suggest me ?? it a gud 1 according to u!!..coz i pretty much liked it n my frnds dnt….!!! help me out!!!

  12. If you love it then buy it! It is good, though R15 is more fun.

  13. To marandi says:

    Hi,i will buy zmr because i am mr.i wear body fit t shirts so the zmr will look good on ki jai

  14. boss.. m gong 2 purchase karizma r in few days..
    wil anybody suggest me 2 by it or i should buy yamaha fazer????
    also wantd 2 knw tht karizmas spare parts r expensive n noy easily avai;lable..
    plzz gve a suitable ans…

  15. Ravi,
    Go for Karizma R its much better than the Fazer on which pillions suffer a lot.

  16. hi there!! i feel all vehicles of HeroHonda are better then other companies!! because recently i have Herohonda Hunk and i hv booked Karizma R yesterday!! But the main problem is that, Herohonda premium bikes dont hv much resell value. all brokers and dealers are ready to give good amt. on 100 cc bikes like splendor, cd delux, etc.. They told me that, Hunk dont hv much resell value!!
    In short, i want to tell you that, if you believe that, Herohonda is hving good resell value then go for 100 to 125 bikes like Splendor etc.. and if want to purchase good resell value bike in or more then 150 cc then go for CBZ extreme!!!
    But wish me luck!! that, Karizma R will give me fun more then Hunk!!
    And one thing, there are many technical changes in Karizma Zmr, but its looking too ugly and not giving the feel as Karizma R.

  17. I want to sell Karizma R, Kms run:1600 only,
    registered on november 2009.
    expected price 69000 price not negotiatble.
    intrested parties may contact me on email.

  18. karizma r for sale..2009,july.done 15,000 km.indicators and brake light lightly smoked.perfectly maintained.price 65,000
    contact : nithin 9539234122

  19. Which is more fuel efficient KArizma R or ZMR ?

  20. WHich has the best mileage KARIZMA R OR ZMR?

  21. According to the sales persons of herohonda motors, ZMR is giving 40-45 average, and it has air cooled engine which will give more power then Karizma R. and its onroad price is around 1,05,000(plus, current rate, of 2011)

    While karizma R is also having the same CC as Zmr, looks cool- slim-trim, best tail light then any bike, enough weight, looks different then other bikes. Cost is around 85,300 Rs. And giving 35-40 average.
    Now compare all things, if you have sufficient money and want highest cc and huge look then buy ZMR, but if you want a good looking bike, with same cc then go for Karizma R. value for money.

  22. i bought Karizma R on 22nd Jan, 2011. Its cool, and you will feel the power.

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