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KTM presents its 2009 motorcycle models in Milan

At EICMA, Milan, the Austrian sports motorcycle manufacturer KTM, has presented its 2009 motorcycle model range to the international media and motorcycle enthusiasts.

2009 KTM 1190 RC8 R

The newly developed 1190 RC8 R is the motor sports-oriented variation of the 1190 RC8. The 1190 RC8 R has an 1195cc two-cylinder 4-stroke engine and produces 165hp and 123 nm of torque. KTM has also made an optional sport kit available for the 1190 RC8 R, that enhances the engine performance to 180 hp to produce the most powerful KTM series model of all times.

High quality equipment like forged light alloy wheels and suspension components specially developed for motorsports use, compress the weight and sharpen the lap time potential of the 1190 RC8 R. The Superbike, with the characteristic orange-colored tubular steel frame, will be available from the spring of 2009 and therefore just in time for the new motor racing season.

2009 KTM 990 Supermoto T

The new 990 Supermoto T also comes with significantly sporty characteristics but at the same time there has never been such versatility concerning a targeted application. The new 990 Supermoto T is a product that enriches the market with the first ever Supermoto suitable for extended touring. The result is unlimited riding fun even on longer or touring stretches and that is the clear message of this new street bike also available from the spring of 2009.

Based on the 990 Supermoto, that was successfully introduced at the beginning of 2008, the 115 hp strong Travel Version features a modified chassis construction for increased use application – among which is the efficient, newly designed cladding with integrated multifunctional cockpit. Thanks to consequent development work and despite the equipment that makes it suitable for long distance use, the KTM technicians have still managed to keep the ready to ride weight of the 990 Supermoto T under the magic 200 kilo limit.

2009 KTM 990 Supermoto R

As an overall expression of the KTM model philosophy and as a signal of the clear market leadership in the Supermoto area, the new 990 Supermoto R is both the apex of the SM family and it’s most sporty example.

2009 KTM 990 Adventure S

To preserve its reputation as the most active manufacturer of sports motorcycles, the brand is also present with other innovations in the form of successful, added value Adventure models and the purist, sports 690 Enduro R. Whereas the Hard Enduro, powered by the highly praised LC4 engine demonstrates the entire sporting know-how of the world’s leading brand of sports motorcycles, the much loved LC8-two cylinder travel Enduros come with more power and improved equipment in 2009. The sporting and optical highlights are unmistakable in the KTM-typical R optics of the specially kitted out Adventure R. Around 20 percent more powerful than its successful pioneer, the 990 Adventure S, the “R” from 2009, and only available without ABS, gives sports-oriented two-wheel adventurers 115 hp at their disposal while the 990 Adventure with power increased to 106 hp.


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