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Mahindra Power Scooters commercial

Here is the new commercial for Mahindra Power Scooters, which is aimed at improving the brand image of Mahindra Two Wheelers and would be the first TV commercial for Mahindra Scooters, ever since it took over Kinetic Motors.

The commercial would be aired on TV in the coming days, till then enjoy it on!



  1. hello yogesh,

    i saw the mahindra power scooter commercial on TV, and again here just to be sure that i was not mistaken. i think the commercial is in very poor taste.

    what did the creative people intend by it? to me it seems like the woman in the ad is frightened by what she sees as a car tailing her. she is driving as fast as she dares on the narrow curving mountain road, and is being pursued by the car. the expression on the woman is definitely that of concern, and one might say a few minutes short of panic.

    the ad moreover doesn’t say anything positive about the scooter’s extra powers. if the ad is intended to convey the macho/manly image of the scooter, as opposed to the scooty’s pretty girl image, they are not succeeding.

  2. Swapna I agree, personally I would have preferred if they had showed off the scooters, rather than this.

    As for your comment about building a macho/manly image, that is what Mahindra 2 Wheeler might have had in mind. As I personally feel, Duro and Rodeo, are targeted more towards men, than women.

  3. I agree with you yogesh, these scooters are more on a masculine side,
    i checked them out on

  4. Well, I think that the ad is a rather good attempt at building the brand positioning of Mahindra’s “Power Scooters.”

    Not showing the scooters up front adds to the suspense and curiosity that Mahindra is trying to create about its scooters. The car driven by the lady is cruising down at considerale speed down the highway. The power scooters swoop past this cruising car with relative ease. One might think initially that the ad is about some car but it suddenly showcases two scooters going past the lady. Good transition.

    In any case I think Mahindra is the perfect manufacturer of power scooters going by its reputation of power utility vehicles like Bolero and Scorpio which are every bit masculine. Mahindra’s scooters are bound to posses the power and the sturdiness of its utility vehicles.

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