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Mahindra Rodeo Photos and Video

Here are the photographs and video of the recently launched Mahindra Rodeo Scooter, along with the press release.

Conquer the Wild West with the Mahindra Rodeo!

The perfect choice for the young urban male, the Mahindra Rodeo is a high performance, feature-packed scooter with a distinctly macho demeanour.

mahindra rodeo scooter

A robust 125 cc engine offers 8.0 bhp of power, making it one of the most powerful vehicles in its class. Excellent pick up and smooth acceleration ensures agility even in dense traffic and low maintenance costs.


Telescopic suspension ensures you can ride the Rodeo in comfort on the roughest of roads, while specially designed brakes allow smooth and effective braking for a safe ride. A bigger 7AH battery permits easy starting and implies less maintenance.


A colour changing digital console incorporates various car like features including a trip meter, clock, tachometer, digital speedometer and odometer, allowing the rider to see important data at a mere glance. Horn rimmed headlights add to the vehicle’s stylish appearance, while ensuring greater visibility. A USB port cum mobile charger keeps you entertained and connected even on the move. The mirror is adjustable and non-breakable and moves inward in case of impact, resulting in almost no breakage. A unique ‘side stand buzzer’ reminds the rider that the side stand is still on, avoiding any imbalance or undue damage to the vehicle.


The Mahindra Rodeo offers the ultimate in comfort, convenience and safety. A specially designed petrol tank inlet in front allows the driver to refuel without having to alight from the scooter. This peppy two wheeler also boasts of the largest illuminated storage space in its category, which allows you to even store food and perishable items as the petrol tank is not located inside.

Ergonomically designed seats ensure a comfortable journey for both the driver and the pillion rider. A 4-in-1 key system starts the engine, operates the fuel lock, handle lock and a magnetic shutter which provides additional safety against theft.

This testosterone packed two wheeler sports aerodynamic, sleek contours with attractive body graphics and is available in seven sophisticated shades usually found on high end sedans – Fiery Black, Forest Green, Cappuccino Brown, Blazing Red, Golden Beige, Majestic Maroon and Deep Ocean Blue.

Mahindra Rodeo Video



  1. This looks solid to me. Mahindra is a company that is willing to experiment, try a thing or two that others wont.

  2. Dear Yogesh,
    Only in this site I could be able to review the power scooter.The looks are excellent and features are rocking.IM a bike lover but after reading it’s features I feel like owning one and i will ….

    Good work keep it up.After seeing this even suzuki’s and hondas scooter has started looking dated.Excellent work by mahindra.they appying common sense which our so called big MNC failed to deliver.


  3. sanjay goyal says:

    Can anyone tell me the price and mileage of this scooter….??????????

  4. When one rides for some 100 km only can one comment on it. I have ridden bajaj M-80 four stroke for two lack seventy five KMS for outdoor duty. The only thigh is was disappointed with was its Shock Observer otherwise it was o.k. TO EXECUTE THE ABOVE DISTANCE INSIDE THE CITY.I was residing in nerul, Navi Mumbai

    Thank you.

  5. I Hope the shock absorber is good.

  6. This is nothing but Kinetic Flyte a with brand new paint job and stickers.

    Mahindra Duro is nothing but Kinetic Nova!!!!

    Deja vu, anybody?

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  8. mahindra rodeo priced 38,ooo……something…..but i don’t know the mileage..

  9. I think Rodeo is going to be best choice for a scooter in India now. Honda Activa was ruling in this category till now and I’ll say that Activa is a superb scooter. It is worth every penny. I and my wife have been using Active since last three years now. But Rodeo is going to beat Activa now. The quality and the sturdiness is evident in Rodeo.

  10. Mahindra is a very good brand. All time Mahindra has got all good cars which are like paisa vasool. for example bolero, scorpio and xylo. from mahindra name it is sure that rodeo scooter is also paisa vasool thing.

  11. what is the average and milage of this scooter

  12. Unfortunate that new TV ad is all about image, and nothing about features. We’ll have to wait and see. What does ‘specially designed brakes’ mean? Look, if a two wheeler doesn’t have at least a front disk brake on it today (such as the new Suzuki AN 125, then it is substandard. Yes, Indian manufacturers are good at ‘sticker coverup’. Let’s see. They are tooting their horn about the 4-1 ignition system. Personally, I hate them, and they are often problematic, as I prefer a separate key for the seat. And I prefer the fuel filling under the seat as well. But that’s just personal preferance. Anxious to see the instrumentation, hopefully its not gaudy like the Yamaha ZX. Digital could all take a lesson from the new Suzuki GS150. Anyway, its nice to FINALLY see motorcycle options put into a scooter (like the Blaze) such as tack, clock, flash-to-pass, etc.

  13. what the price of mahindra rodeo n where is available in vadodara gujarat showroom ?

  14. Only worried about mileage and build quality. Anybody know what mileage Rodeo gives?

  15. Bhushan Buchade says:

    I wanted to buy Mahindra Rodeo.
    So I had visited Mahindra 2 wheelers showroom at Bhandup, Mumbai two days back.
    This is the only dealer in Mumbai. So it has few disadvantages:
    1.No transperancy: They wont provide you tax receipt, form 21, 22 details.
    2.You are not allowed to do RTO passing on your own.
    3.Booking amount is Rs.10000 (You can book Activa at just Rs.1000)
    4.On Road Price at this dealer: 48700 ( Which I feel is very high)
    Actual Ex Showroom Price: 41299.. So calculate on your own.. it should have been around 46500 on road (including all taxes, agent charges).
    5.No response from [email protected] for any queries on price, legal documents.
    6.No Test Drive available for Rodeo.
    7.Timings of showroom
    Mon-Sat 10:30am-9:00pm
    Sun : 10:30 -2:00pm
    8.No clear response to phone calls at this showroom or on mahindra customer care center
    9.Waiting period is 15-20 days for delivery.

    For mileage we have to wait and see. One of the Rodeo owner told me it is 46km/ltr.

  16. bhavin chitroda says:

    i have purchase the mahindra rodeo on oct-09,i am very much impress with its features, its style shape and is light in weight, as i am using the rodeo since from four months,

    for milegae it is 46 km/ltr

    for average it gives 50

  17. i hav bukd RODEO bike. i jus luved its features. i’ll get it 2mrw on gudipadwa. m tooooooo xcited!!!!

  18. Ashwin Pancholi says:

    I have visited Mahindra showroom in Gandhidham. The Rodeo 2 Wheeler is very impressive. Its small but its powerful vehicle jumper are also good. It has feature that attracts youth like us. Instead of getting harras any Gear bike i like to be in comfort in Rodeo Gearless. Its also long running vehicle.

  19. comparing rodeo with activa then i must say Rodeo is new trend !
    Activa is 100% worth for money but now m looking towards some change !The another feature of rodeo is its SYM system break. its exclusive and used for the first time india for 2wheeler.

    m going for it . and will buy it by this weekend from pune showroom .
    as of now stock is availble, so you can get immediate delivery. no long waiting like Activa ! hussh

    go for it! try something new ! 🙂

  20. why the on road price is high of mahindra rodeo compare to activa

  21. ritusood01 says:

    I bought Roadeo and sorry to say that it has eaten my 800 Rs fuel(16 L) in 250 km it is giving me a average if 15 per km in city.The ground clearance is very low.I feel it very heavy to take in and out. If any one want to buy please buy mine i purchased on April 6,2010 Its brand new and red in colour TVS claim for 70 and Mahindra Roadeo for 45 it gives 15 at least i can expect 45 from TVS.I want to sell this and want to buy TVS.Not worth for Women.

  22. hi, worried to see the review by ritusood, am taking the rodeo delivery tomorrow, hope it doesnt disappoints me, will update my review soon

  23. rodeo average is 28 to 30 per1 liter

  24. my experience so far with rodeo has been good, its a good bike for ladies since it has a low ground clearance and easy to control…also front fueling helps a negative points till now with rodeo…only its not seen much on the roads as you can see honda activa and suzuk access

  25. Sir i want to know the dealers of Mahindra Rodeo in hyderabad can u send me email asap and can u let me is it launched in hyd

  26. Sir,
    I want to own a Mahindra Rodeo within a day or two but the mileage as compare with others and few friend commenting on it really confused me.
    I have visited our nearest dealers i.e located in Dimapur and found very new its features bur regarding the services and mileage feel like shifting to another company.

    please advice.

  27. sajjan kumar says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have purchased an Mahindera Rodeo last week so i cant say about its mileage but i can only say that the ground clearance is very less. if you cross an speed breaker with pillion rider on it, then it definitely touch the breaker.

  28. I have booked Mahindra rodeo today, I will get it on Wednesday.The dealer took 52,700 bucks from me. Hopefully it get a better milage in bangalore road and it wont disappoint me.Will post more update soon. 🙂

  29. sajjan kumar says:

    I am riding this scooter from last 3 months. I finds that
    1. It gives just 30 to 32 Km. per liter average which is very low.
    2. Fuel tank capacity is small. You have to fill it again only after 100 kms.
    3.Suspension system is not too much good as advertise by company.

  30. very poor service mailage problem ,, battery problem

  31. Joshini Balchandar says:

    Dear All,
    I just came from Mahindra Showroom.. Loved Rodeo .. Great features.. But flyte has got really nice colours. The Rodeo colours displayed in internet and magazines are just opposite to reality.. Coz the colours available are Navy blue, Merune,Dark Green, Brown, Black and White. Promised mileage is 45-50 kmpl ..

  32. sir,
    earlier i had inquired whether white color is introduced in rodeo scooters thereafter i new from local dealer that pearl white color introduced and available hence i purchased the rodeo white\ on 18-02-11.good performance. hope this performance continues for longer period and need arising will get satisfactory serevices.
    with thanks,
    cn.makhecha,senior citizen,porbandar.

  33. Hi frienz,

    I have gone through the features of ACCESS, ACTIVA, WEGO AND RODEO. I am absolutely convinced with the price and features of RODEO. Many frienz complain about the mileage, YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF SPEED till the first two servicings. It should not be beyond 30km. Once you are through with second servicing, you can experience mileage of 45kmpl in city and 50 kmpl on highways.

    The only limitation is GROUND CLEARANCE. I admit that it is lesser than ACTIVA, ACCESS AND WEGO by 30mm that is 3 centimeters.

    Overall, nice byke to own. Dont wait for ACCESS AND ACTIVA…GO FOR IT.


  34. shubham barange says:

    sir may i know ki ye rodeo kitna milage deti h……

  35. Hi Don’t Buy Mahindra Bikes. in the service centers they used to cheat and they wont repair , and they used to take money as they have put engine oil , but they wont’ put engine oil, and other maintenance, and the mahindra redeo , when any humps come it will get ditched , then it hurts, if we take duble ride on the redeo, the humps make ditched like any thing,

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