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Michael Schumacher making motorcycle helmets

Michael Schumacher and Schuberth have developed a new motorcycle helmet called, Schuberth RACE.

The high-tech manufactured Schuberth RACE with its just under 900 grams weighs significantly less than a Formula 1 helmet, has integrated air conditioning and a particularly large field of vision. The prototype was developed and built within four weeks in day and night work.

“Together with Michael Schumacher our engineers have done a fantastic job“, said Oliver Schimpf, Technical Director at Schuberth GmbH.  Then the first test in Barcelona followed. “During the test Michael worked precisely like we have seen in Formula 1. He made statements which allowed us to progress immensely“, says Schimpf. The design was also the famous career changer’s idea: Black and glossy on a matt black background.

The seven-time Formula 1 champion is the head tester for helmet manufacturer Schuberth.

“After seven years together in Formula 1 a cooperation with Schuberth is a logical continuation for me”, Michael Schumacher commented on his new role in the company, “nevertheless the deciding factor is not the successful past but the products’ sustainability.”

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  1. Col Mohinder says:

    What would be the cost of this helmet? And is there any provision for having air conditioning for the entire motorcycle?

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