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Motul 5100 4T review

With Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000 20w50 motorcycle engine oil disappearing off the shelf, faster than honest Government Officials in India, it was time to start looking for a new engine oil for my beloved Pulsar 180 Classic, which just recently turned 9.


This search ultimately lead me to a shop not too far away from where I live, which had engine oils from Motul and this is where I spotted the Motul 5100 15w50 Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil, priced at Rs. 450 a liter. I decided to give it a try and immediately got the engine oil changed.

Motul 5100 4T 15w50 engine oil Initially I couldn’t feel a major difference, though I did noticed that the bike smelling different when it was hot and remembered the shopkeeper telling me how this engine oil also smells nice! Lol, not what I bought the engine oil for, but it was kind of different and nice.

Over time I began to notice an improvement in quality of gear shifts and also in engine smoothness, which was quite good and in city riding was slightly more pleasurable now. Sadly though I couldn’t test it out on the highway, since I had managed to clock around a 1000km before my recent trip to Jalori Pass in Himachal Pradesh and thus decided to get the engine oil changed before the trip and this time, tried Motul 3100 4T Plus 15w50 Mineral Engine Oil (click here to read its review).

While the 3100 wasn’t as good as the 5100, whether in comparison to gear shift quality or engine smoothness (slight differences), on the next oil change, I decided to go in for Motul 3100 again, mainly due to the fact that it is half the price of 5100 and performs nearly as nicely.

Having said that, if it wasn’t for the fact that I change my bike’s engine oil every 1200-1500km and that I don’t rip her as much as I used to do earlier, I would have certainly gotten the Motul 5100 engine oil put in again, as it is a much nicer engine oil.

Overall, both Motul 5100 and 3100 are worthy and even slightly better alternatives to the Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000, which I am happy to say, won’t be missed much, thanks to these two engine oils.


  1. anyone used supertech (walmart) synthetic oil or supertech high mileage motor oil?

  2. I am having a Yamaha G5 bike. I have made a search for better engine oil for my bike. The engine oil I used so far worked up to 1400KMs only. I tried motul 5100 for my bike. What a suprise the bike feels very smooth and crossed 2200 kms still the engine was smooth and didn’t have the feel to change my engine oil. I also planned to purchase my bike before using this motul 5100. But know my mind completely changed. Thank you motul.

  3. sir im using 4t my this fine.,

  4. try using valvoline 20w50, nice engine oil. awesome engine oil priced at 300 bucks…i dr0ve my bajaj disc(100) easily to 2500kms. but aftr that it looses its life. you will feel its smoothness after driving about 200kms..which is obvious for any engine oil to show its class. but this time i will give motul 5100 4t 15w50 a try. wish all safe riding

  5. sir,
    my bike is hero honda cbz(xtream)2010… and i want change engine oil to motul semi-synthetic… suggest me which is best to my bike ? my place is kerala,india

  6. akshay gowda says:

    i have baja pulsar 220f 2013 model its performans is well i am getting a milage of 38-40 but i feal my engine is gruff but many people say tht pulsar is having gruff engine at present i am using shell semi synthetic ax7 but i am not happy which is the best oil for it

  7. Hitler Rabha says:

    motul 5100 is the best energy liquid for the heart of pulsar 220f.
    if you want to spend a bit less from your pocket you can go for motul 3100 which is not bad option either

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