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New Bajaj Pulsar coming in December

A good news for all motorcycle enthusiasts in India, Bajaj Auto will be launching a new Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle in the month of December.

Edit: the new Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS has been launched, click here to read the story…

While the details are still sketchy, Bajaj Auto has decided to tease us all by launching a teaser website called Goodbye Traffic and has also launched a teaser video ad, which although doesn’t shows the bike, but teases nonetheless :D.

Here is the video of new Bajaj Pulsar, which will be launched in India, in December 2009.


Coming back to the motorcycle, from the photograph one can make out the following:

  • New Pulsar has larger and more sharper tank scoops with integrated indicators
  • Sharper bikini fairing
  • New heat shield for the exhaust and probably a newly designed exhaust as well.


While there is no news yet on the engine capacity of the new Pulsar, we hope it is either going to be a revamped Pulsar 150cc to take on the FZ16 or the Pulsar 200 DTSi making a comeback to the market! However, we have a gut feeling that it is likely going to be XCD Sprint, which would now be rebadged as a Pulsar.

While we sure hope it is the Pulsar 200, we will find out what exactly it is, in 15 days time. Till then, keep guessing…


  1. Bajaj going to rock the world with the launch of yet another bike from “Pulsar” family.

  2. Maximum Throttle says:

    Hey Guyz, After looking at the picture of the new Pulsar 2010 Edition I have noticed some very important details about the Pulsar that it is not a New P180, P200, P220 or even a P250 as we thought it would be but it would be the New P150 or P160 Bike & I know this how by seeing that it has a Kick-Start and no Rear Disc Brake which is seen only on the P150 Bike.

  3. Maximum Throttle you are right, there is no rear disc brake, but then again, Pulsar 200 DTSi didn’t have a rear disc brake either! Having said that, I do not think that this is high capacity Pulsar, even though I personally wish, it is.

  4. Nilesh, Pune says:

    He guys Anyway FZ looks like TOY while riding on it ….IT so looks TOys,Kid’s bike after seeing by very close..
    only looks better with TANK appeal if we are seeing by far..!!!

    by the way FYI, Yamaha stolen FZ’s Front headlight faring look from BAJAJ XCD S-Print which was show cased in AUTO EXPO 2008…!!

  5. Nilesh, Pune says:

    Looking at the revealed spy pictures of NEW Pulsar 135,it would be definitely great hit..!!!

    Wow..! what a sexy muscular CLIP on handle bars which is advanced clone, taken from design of P180/P220 clip on handle bar…!!! Also the tank Design looks bigger..!

    With this clip on handle bar,The below features fact should be part of P135..then only it can compete FZ…!!! then would be GREATEST ever hit after Discover 100..!

    1.Fork suspension should be more thick…if discontinued P200’s sized forks are used here then it would suit to clip on as well as this sport bike..(so can compete FZ)
    2.Engine POWER/torque should be more than 12 Ps … P150 has 14PS ..!
    3.Gears should be total 5 and not four…Expect digital gear indicator here in console..!
    4.Digital speedometer console should have all integrated features like
    DIGI speedometer,analog rpms,battery indicator,Average indicator,digital CLOCK indicator,DIGI GEAR indicator etc…!

    5.Giving monoshock to rear suspension in place of DUAL (as getting to see in spy pictures)WOULD have been mean more Meaningful n Appealing in now these days as compare to FZ and as getting to SEE in future launch of BAJAJ-KTM 125 cc with monocshock within 1-2 months.

    I hope they must put this in FUTURE and won’t be possible now..Since all othere PULSAR series carry P150,P180,P220 Dual rear suspension…
    SO unless n until those get upgraded after completing 1 year from the launch,I dont’e see this mono suspension to be available in all above P150,P180,P220 models.

    6. But in my opinion BAJAJ needs to give more attention towards rear part…!!
    Rear tire of new Pulsar135 should be kept as NAKED with some wider in width to compete FZ ..similar to P180,P220..

    ONE FIANL WORDS …Guys time is no long when we get to see above freature would be upgreaded in near future in Pulsar 150 i.e. clip on hadle bars of P135,large fork similar to P180,split seat and offcourse monoshock (in all P150,P180 n P220)…!!!

    AS BAJAJ no where left any OPTION to upgrade above features in above P150 (and then in P180-P220 like monoshock,FI,clock console,wider tires, P180 with 200 silencer)in next 4 months…!! [earlier P150-P180 UG4 were launched in April 2009 …completing towards 1 year]

    Also would SEE above GOOdies in next Pulsar launches BJAAJ-KTM P125, P200 and P250….!!! in next 6 months..!!!!!

    Don’t you thinks so guys!!!! 🙂

  6. bajaj suckssssssss sucksssssssss in short it really sucks

  7. hey guyz…any ideas about ktm’s new launch in india(stunt and race 125) price..??? launch date..??? anything anything dn let me know….thanks

  8. New Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS has been launched in India! Check out the full story here,

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