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New Honda Unicorn R

Honda Motor Scooter India has launched an upgraded version of Honda Unicorn. The New Honda Unicorn has the following new features:

  • Engine tweaks to make the engine smoother and increase pickup.
  • Exhaust Heat shield has been given the same black treatment as the rest of the exhaust, making it some what more attractive.
  • Honda has also decided to paint the sari guard in black paint to make the bike look sleeker.
  • Honda Unicorn’s instrumentation panel has been changed to incorporate larger dials with brighter colors to improve readability.
  • The new gear paddle is toe actuated, as oppose to the conventional heel-toe shifter in the older Unicorn.
  • Honda has also added bar end weights to reduce vibrations.
  • Unicorn also gets a Chrome plated 3D logo to enhance its looks.

Overall the cosmetic upgrades have managed to make the New Unicorn look more appealing than its predecessor which was never a bad package to begin with.


  1. among pulsar ,unicorn,gs150rnd apache rtr160,apache is defenately the best performer

  2. Hai my byk is unicorn, i just plated the clutch and break levers, painted spokes into alloy colour…… nw it luks lyk heaven………… pls replace the cycle type handle wit pulsar 180 handle………. it is UNMATCHABLE wit any byks under 200cc in INDIA………

  3. Unicorn Sucks and is for low class commuters. This bike is absolutely powerless if you compare it with Apache or Pulsar. Hero Honda sucks too as it is meant for low class commuters. For High class commuters, Yamaha Fz, Pulsar 180 and above, and Apache RTR 180 are the best bikes in terms of speed, comfort, handling. Honda has lost the race.

  4. hmm…i thynk among honda unicorn cb dazzler is the best bike aomng pulsar,apache,fz,unicorn…it is very comfortable and is very smooth….in riding….i luv it…

  5. hey friends suggest me the rite bike for,
    im looking for the combination of looks,mielage,and comfort in 150cc catogory.

  6. chaitanya says:

    cb unicorn 150cc is a good bike…provided u take care of it’s initial running! if u use it roughly in the beginning days after purchase,u have lost the time to enjoy the magic of this bike!!
    i now enjoy it’s “roughly 55kmpl” n uber-comfort ride in long runs n highways!! awesome bike

  7. how much it cost

  8. i think unicorn is not satisfactory in its mileage, beter than this is pulsar 180, 150

  9. among pulsar ,unicorn,gs150rnd apache rtr160,pulsar is defenately the best performer

    i think unicorn is not satisfactory in its mileage, beter than this is pulsar 180, 150

  10. Please suggest me good bikes.I am planning to buy 150 CC..

  11. saleh amar says:

    Even iam also buying unicorn is good looking bike

  12. Ranjeet Singh says:

    unicorn is the best bike in its 150 cc class…when it is from honda then no need to say any thing abt technology & performance…its owesome……

  13. buy pulsar 150 is the best choice

  14. when it comes to bike…… just dont think … go with HONDA ……100% satisfied … i own a cbr 1000rr fireblade… it jus roxx …in mileage compard to othr 1000cc bikes, style, comfort, power, speed , life….and evn low maintainance

  15. if you want to sell ur bike within two years by a pulsar………yuck pulsar freaks

  16. Anandha kumar says:

    Pls need the rate of the unicorn in cbe and how many day take time to deliver the bike

  17. Unicorn awmatch mani

  18. I am planning to buy unicorn

  19. harshal udawant says:

    hey friends please suggest sport bike
    i want my bike staylish and average upto 65 – 70

  20. I own my unicorn at March-2007 & at this time i have no problem….Unicorn is the best in it’s class, becoz of it’s some amazing features like,,

    1] Pillion comfort
    2] Excellent riding quality
    3] Average fuel efficiency- City.52KMPL, Highway.61KMPL.

    Unicorn downs only in it’s looks!!!! becoz Unicorn isn’t looks stylish like Apache, CBZ Xtreme, FZ-16 etc.

  21. unicorn tail light is not good looking sugestion to honda

  22. i make my unicorn like dirt+sports bike but still average same like 52 in road nd 60 in highway…………………………………

  23. I like honda bikes…. Special unicorn

  24. i like unicorn

  25. Gopala Krishnam Raju says:


    My friend said to me if u want to take byke u should take honda bikes is given best performence. It,s really good bike.

  26. I stil bookd honda unicorn..

  27. supb performer, liked it. with peromance,style,milage,power etc……and many more

  28. I am going bo buy unicorn becouse unicorn is honda’s product.and its verry cumfortable bike than pulsar and fz.

  29. hey,../.
    unicorn is a very good bike in terms of engine quality..
    but looks are not satisfactory for the youth…
    its the bike for uncles

  30. Im planning to buy one in 55- 75k range.. which one ll b gud ? in terms of mileage, good ride, without much vibration??

    Unicorn, fz, sz, pulsar 135 /180??

  31. the best is pulsar, beccause its a very fashion looking and great riding , with no other bikes is better than pulsar, only it has a weight, other than no defalts. honda is good not than pulsar, performance and looks no one can beat pulsar.

  32. honda unicorn black colour price in eluru modals 2011&2012 plz send to my mail

  33. honda unicorn black colour price in eluru. modals 2011&2012. plz send to my mail

  34. hi ! sudha , suggest me UNICORN or PULSAR ?????????

    a new bike best 4 its best performance , maintenance free , millege ,
    pick up ?????????????????

    please suggest me ??????????

  35. i want to buy unicon bike.,.,
    so plz tell me any 1 witch bike nd color is batter .,

  36. this is the best bike

  37. Premchand Pandey says:

    I hv purchased honda cb unicorn….bike is gud its gear shifting paddle gives trouble….needs to be changed… u have to lift the paddle from toe…. putting your shoe under the paddle…unlike hero honda splander,,ss,,deluxe etc..

    Let me know please if it could be replaced….


  39. Please give me ideas and features of good mailage bikes and for good style .

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