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One Crazy Ride review

I recently had the pleasure of watching One Crazy Ride, a motorcycle documentary made by Mr. Gaurav Jani and Dirt Track Productions, here is a small review of it.

The documentary, One Crazy Life, revolves around 5 bikers from motorcycle travel club, 60kph, who are attempting to traverse Arunachal Pradesh, without reentering Assam to reach different parts of the state, as travelers and locals usually have to do, thanks to non-existing road infrastructure and territorial tribes which inhabit Arunachal Pradesh.



What follows is a captivating story of the hardships the five motorcycle tourers (including a lady rider) have to endure, while traversing through a route, which even the locals don’t know much about. From punctures to breakdowns to bad roads to no roads, the five tourers travel together till a crucial point, after which four have to pull out due to lack of time, as the several weeks they had allocated for the ride, aren’t enough to cover even half the distance!

At this juncture, it becomes a solo ride, one man’s resolve to finish the ride at any cost! That man is none other than Gaurav Jani, who then have to not only find the route from one village to another in order to reach his destination, but also have to do it on his own, without any backup and that too  while documenting each and everything through his lens.

From finding food and a place to stay to traveling on riverbed for miles on end to riding a fully laden Royal Enfield on a rickety bamboo bridge with a fall deep enough to lead to a certain death! This and much-much more makes this truly One Crazy Ride, a joy to watch for bikers and travelers alike.

Here is a small trailer of One Crazy Ride


DVD of the documentary can be ordered directly from Dirt Track Productions through this link.

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