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Ownership Review Of Bajaj Pulsar 220F

2006 – An Evolution in Indian Bike Industry with the launch of Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dts-Fi !! Full of features and Unique goodies like Fuel injection, Projectors lights, Rear Disc, Tubeless Tyres, LED Lamps etc.. which no other company till that date use in their bikes.
Name Pulsar 220 Dts-Fi

2009 – Once again this Indian monster refreshed and this time its Fuel injection is replaced by biggest carburetor ever used in any Indian Bike. This time Performance is even better than before and named as ‘ THE FASTEST INDIAN ‘.
Name Pulsar 220 Dtsi

2010 – Again with little changes in 2010 new avatar of Pulsar 220 is launched. Still this Fastest Indian is too fast for others.
Name Pulsar 220F

About me :

Hi, I am Navjot Singh from Ludhiana. In September I got a new bike from my parents . This is a brand new Bajaj Pulsar 220 F misty silver!


About Pulsar 220 F:

It is now 2 month old and till now running very good. I like its smooth and aggressive ride.

Total Kilometers till now: 2800 kms.
Maximum speed achieved till now: 124 km/h.
Minimum average: 38 km/liters.
Maximum average: 52 km/liters.

I am a college student doing B.E in computers. My daily usage is about 40 kms. Which is mainly on highways, therefore my driving conditions are easy and I easily achieved such figures !


On paper: The Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi is powered by 4-stroke, single cylinder DTS-i (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) engine with a displacement of 220cc.The engine is air and oil cooled. The 220cc engine produces a maximum power of 21.04 bhp @ 8500 rpm and a maximum torque is 19.12 @ 7000 Nm. Pulsar 220 uses India’s Biggest 32 venturi carburetor with carb controlled variable ignition along with micro-controller digital CDA ignition is used.


Now, practical experience, Pulsar 220 engine is very aggressive and responsive. On highways with a little twist the bike comes to 100 Km/h in no time. Then 120 km/h can be achieved so easily than one could expect from 220 cc bike. I feel this bike is comfortable only up to 8500 rpm’s , beyond that bike feels stressed and engine become noisy. Overtaking is never a problem on this bike.

With oil cooler, one can drive hundreds of kilometers without engine stress.


Front: Telescopic, 130 mm stroke.
Rear: 5-way adjustable with 90 mm travel Nitrox shock absorber.


Suspensions are really good and do their Duty well. Highway driving is very impressive, thanks to stiffer suspension which suits best for highways and for city also. Front suspension is adjusted in very good manner that on hard braking bike does not lean too much to front to avoid rider imbalance during emergency barking.


Front: 260 mm Disc

Rear: 220 mm Disc

Brakes are really good. Totally confidence inspiring. I follow 60% front and 40% rear brake pressure during stopping and brakes stops bike in no time. Really impressive. Though rear brake pads needs to replace very soon, on my visit to Bajaj service station I saw many people complained about the poor life of rear brake pads.



Pulsar 220 F features soft compound tubeless IRC Tyres which are very responsive and very sticky. These tyres provide excellent grip on wet and dry roads. Pulsar 180 features MRF Zappers which are well known for their quality performance but in Pulsar 220 IRC tyres are on Duty, which I feel excellent on Roads. Soft compound tyres inspire confidence on corners during high speeds and under hard braking conditions .


Pulsar 220 F comes with 55W ellipsoidal for high beam and 55W Projectors for Low beam. Headlights are 12 V 9V Full DC and are really effective. Produce whitish and bright light unlike other 2- wheelers which produce little yellowish lights.


Pulsar 220 is the first bike whose headlights really impressed me.

Some Features of Pulsar 220 F : –

  1. Even at 3 digit speeds Pulsar 220 feels like cream. Any with a little twist one could feel the thrust of power.
  2. Very less affect of cross winds. Awesomely stable on highways.
  3. Speedometer shows battery low indicator, engine oil low level, engine over heat, oil cooler choke indicators. Dual trip meters and side stand indicators are good feature.
  4. 3D type decals look very appealing.
  5. Silencer with muffler for proper cooling and safety.
  6. Backlit switches looks cool and are of good quality. Self canceling indicates are boon.
  7. Auto coke is very responsive and helps easy cold starting.


Pulsar 220 is a high category bike that’s why Bajaj put Ninja, Pulsar 220 and Avenger 220 under Probiking crew. These bikes features open chains, Special lubricants etc which means proper knowledge and maintenance.

  1. The open ‘o’ type chain of pulsar is known as sports chain which needs little more maintenance. I use to clean and lubricate it every 100 kms with SAE 90 grade to avoid rusting, long life, proper performance and less noisy drive. Spray is bit expensive so whenever required got treat it from Bajaj Service center.
  2. This bike requires 4T 20w50 oil. I use Valvoline 4T Premium and found it perfect for my bike. Other oils like Bajaj Dtsi 10000 , Sprinta 2000 are also very good for Pulsar 220. These 4T 20w50 oils may not very easily available. Never put 20w50 car oil in it .
  3. Air Filter needs to be cleaned every 500 kms for full performance and fuel efficiency.
  4. Always use premium petrol like power, speed etc for this bike to avoid engine knocking.

Final Words for pulsar 220 F :

However I like this bike very much but I feel there should be some changes like,

  1. Overall quality is very good not excellent.
  2. Rear part produce ‘thuddd…’ noise when hit pot holes with speeds.
  3. Side mirrors are very pathetic, one has to bend arms inwards to see behind. Secondly, they vibrate a lot after speeds of 70 km/h so, show blur rear view.
  4. Rear brake paddle is little uncomfortable and can be improved. Comes in play after long press and spongy feel.
  5. Little more under seat space.

This is pure performance bike , a true ‘ value for money’ and a safe Deal.

This review of Bajaj Pulsar 220F was written by Navjot Singh. In case you too are interested in getting your review featured on, then please send them to [email protected]


  1. wat you said us about pulsar is ti real in mileage too…..????

  2. i love pulsar..but ineed mileage too and its maintence can you plz say mee more details? according to this!!!!

  3. Aman Chhikara says:

    This is best description of a bike I had ever seen.
    I am going 2 buy this bike in black color.

  4. Thanks aman.

  5. ravi suchak says:

    thanks for your description , i recently buy my 220f and it will very helpful for me to keep my bike perfect . .

  6. Congrats Ravi.

  7. akram khan says:

    hi navjot
    please tell me about the vibration, and sound its toomuch or ok,and rear disk break peformance

  8. sexy colour dude. have a p220f myself but couldnt get silver as its not sold in my place and so bought black

  9. Akram Khan , sorry for my late reply was busy these days.

    Bro, rear disk do not produce any sound or vibration just make sure you clean it with water spray occasionally. Never have any problem with it, my bike just going to complete its 10,000 kms.

    Performance wise: In city you will not feel any major difference if compare with drum brake , but on highways it will surely inspire you confidence. Use 60-40 (front 60% and rear 40%) for best performance in braking !!

  10. Prakash : Pulsar 220 looks aggressive in BLACK ….. BLACK BEAST !!

    Which place you belong, pulsar in silver is available in all over India !! i think 🙂

  11. hey… wanna ask u sumthin…. wich color will b the best..???
    E)orange {dnt want orange one…)

    plzZ man reply asap…………. i really need sum advices…!!!!!!

  12. A)black.. All black looks aggressive but too common !! Prone to dust and scratch.

    B)grey… Rare color. Looks very beautiful. the only color you can see curves of Pulsar as in pics. Decent one ! Don’t have to worry about with dust on it.

    C)blue… Looks very glamorous. After silver my preference is Blue.

    D)red…. Red always looks good with graphics.. saw many people complaining about color change of Fuel tank in Red. Atleast 4 cases !!

  13. thanx a ton buddy… even my frndzZ said that i shud go 4 grey one……. so its done m buyin grey one….!!!!! thanxX man..!!!!!!

  14. Anytime bro… !!

  15. brother plzzzz let me know the milage of p220f,as i m thinking to buy new bike,plzzz suggest,is p220f good or yamaha fazer,thank u

  16. i’m also using the 220f..but my bike comes with irc tyres. that tyre shows poor performanace. it will give more grip. but in case of me..rear tyres gone in 9000kms…

    i want to ask one thing…how much kms run by your 220?
    are you satisfied with your tyres?

    i want to say one thing. irc tyres is not good in indian conditions…specially in kerala state

  17. Atul singh says:

    This is best description of a bike I had ever seen.
    I am going 2 buy this bike in black color.

  18. @sparsh : Pulsar 220 and Fazer has nothing common except Price . Its upto you that you want performance or tourer with 160cc engine. Both bikes are good in their Prospect .

  19. @Dinsu : IRC are good on good roads like Highways. They have good performance in Rain on highways. But clearly saying they are horrible on sand, mud and gravel. MRF are better option if we choose overall option.
    On Black roads, National highways, i found IRC performance better only.

  20. @Ankit Singh : Thats completely my pleasure sir.

  21. I bought red pulsar 220f at Indonesia, mine top speed about 100km/h, i wanna try more again but i’m afraid to test :P.
    Your review was added more information about mine pulsar :D.
    Thanks for sharing your review,

  22. @ Hery B

    You can speed it up to 144km/h !
    Thank you very much for your appreciation !

  23. Hi Navjot,

    I would like to know the mileage of this bike in economy condition and in rash driving. i am planning to get this vehicle on october 1st week. please suggest me the mileage. and the mileage in highways too ie for long rides.

    thank you

  24. good review….

  25. akash khanna 88 says:

    hey navjot ….i really liked ur points on pulsar220…..few days back i had also bought PULSAR 220F its great …..same as ur description bro. but my personal querry –“is its chain & sprocket are fine even in its open condition,do i need to take very special care for it and specially are they good for rainy seasons ?”
    …..bro. if able plzz let me know………

    waiting for ur reply……akash

  26. in new model 2011….what about rear view mirror??anyone knows it???

  27. akash khanna 88

    Chain and sprocket need little care.

    First of all oil them with 90 grade oil or use spray(little expensive but don’t attract any dust) , During washing use pressure water to clean excess dust and with kerosene or diesel or petrol clean the chain once in 2 months( use earlier if you find it more dusty). Just after cleaning lubricate it.
    No problem in rainy season if you lubricate it properly.

  28. Hi Navjot,

    your review is great, how about the mileage your getting in city & highway? because i am planing to purchase the same very soon, i am only worried about the mileage..

    Thank you

  29. Hi Ajeesh,

    I am getting ~38 kmpl in city (please keep in mind Ludhiana is very traffic congested city) and on highways these days i am getting ~45 kmpl.

    Many new bikes with amazing price coming this year .. !!

  30. hi navjot,

    the rear brake of my 220 makes a lot of noise.ana which one is better p220 r karizma r

  31. Manish Sisodiya says:

    Thank u very much Mr. Navjot for explaining each and every thing about this monster bike, i recentlr buied 220F on 26 march and i am enjoying the rides… very well.

  32. hi
    i just bought new 220F n its awesome.i really love my bike n every one stares at me when i passes from somewhere. performance is amazing.vroooom…………… .

  33. @Manish Sisodiya

    Thank you very much for your kind words sir. It is really a great bike.

  34. @gaurav dahiya: That great, but drive safe !

  35. Best description of a bike ever….i love the pulsar…i am thinking of going for thr 180 but the prob is that is is air cooled so i wont be able to go on long trips…and in my country bajaj pulsar prices are double the prices in india so costs are high and difference between 180 and 220 is like almost rs 30000…but all in all i enjoyed reading your article very much…visit my blog for more info on bikes and pictures etc…thanks

  36. @Abbas: First of all thank you brother. Which country you belong? Here price difference is only 6-7 thousand.
    Yes Oil cooling surely helps on Long drives and is useful.
    Will surly visit your blog.

  37. susheel kumar says:

    hey navjot thnx for explaining dis….. i m going to buy a new black 220f next month….is it a great option or should i wait for 200ns..?.but i like 220f very pulsar 220 f is also available with liquid cooling?

  38. Dude the BIKE is simply AWSOME..
    i am going to buy a GREY PULSAR 220F as it’s very much rarely seen nd m not opting other colours becz red-black, blue, red there colours fade as my friend have red-black colour nd blue too.. n black is too much common nowadays..
    nd m really thnkful to uh for these details n ol..
    thnkz 🙂

  39. hey navjot i wanted to buy pulser 220f in red and black dual color because i like red color. so please give me some suggetion for color…… which color is best……….

  40. Hello susheel… 200ns is also a great option..
    220 f didn’t use liquid cooling technology, its only air + oil cooled.

  41. Hello sarthak… You are right, midnight silver is rare color, it gains more attraction. Thank you for your kind words.

  42. Thanks for your kind words susheel ..

  43. Hey anish…. New dual colors are great… You can go for red black for sure.. though i like blue black more….. What about 200 ns !

  44. thank u navjot ….. i buy black pulser 220f on 4 june……

  45. Tomorw? Great… Congrats in advance

  46. thank u…….

  47. its really an superb bike i bought black 220f on 09/02/2012… pick up is awesome… but navjot i want f stickers for by bike. how much it costs and where i may get them..

  48. Hello Prudhvi, Sorry for late reply… The ‘F’ logo stickers on fairing both sides will cost you Rs. 250 (per set). 1 set will have 2 stickers.

  49. vishal jesadiya says:

    helow navjot bro..
    in end of 2012 bajaj 220f availble in misty silver colour…
    given rply must bro’

  50. Thank you Navjyot paaji.. for your description, It will very helpful for me to keep my bike perfect..

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