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Ownership review of Yamaha FZ-S

Hi everyone. Myself Ajay Singh a.k.a. AZAXX from Lucknow, proud owner of this Yamaha baby. I brought it on March 10th,2010 and till date it has done over 17,000kms.


When I saw this vehicle back in January 2008 at the Auto Expo in Pragati Maidan I hadn’t thought that it was going to hit Indian market so soon. Yamaha fz-s is perfect combination of power, comfort, design and when I say design it covers all balancing, center of gravity, handling and of course looks! According to me, its second naked macho bike after pulsar 150/180, first variant. Since it is naked bike so I don’t expect much top speed like other sports category bikes, but aggressive enough to beat them in cities.


FZ-S is equipped with SOHC 4-stroke single cylinder with 2 valves mill with a displacement of 153cc which is aircooled. It give maximum power of 14bhp @ 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 13.6Nm @ 6000 rpm.
Speed – 5
Clutch – same constant wet multiplate which is used in any other bike in India. Although I like it’s smooth gearshifting.

Diamond shape which distribute the weight in such a way that it causes no vibration even at 90kmph. Very balanced.

Front: 100/80 -17 (tubeless)
Rear: 140/60 – 17(radial, tubeless)

I must say very good tyre for good roads like in city as well as highways. Very stable, soft compound rubber which sticks to road even on rain drenched roads. Small potholes on road is easy task for it with the help of rear suspension. But when it comes to offroading like Ladakh, poor performance and I am not amazed, as it is not designed for that.


Front: 267mm hydraulic disc
Rear: drum
Brakes fully satisfies me.

Ground clearance
160 mm, and I must say atleast it should be 165 because with heavy rider and pillion, it causes dent on silencer tube below there.

12v 35/35w I am not satisfied with this stock bulb, hence using Osram 55/60w halogen, which is little more yellowish but bright enough for highways, and I am a die hard tourer.

Many of the people complains about headlamp design and lack of kick start. For headlamp, I think people are habitual enough to see balloon shaped headlight or sports type headlamp. People should rethink about it and see from another dimension as this headlamp design is the most aggressive among others as well as it is for naked monster type bike, not for other chocolaty type bikes.


As for kickstart, I don’t think there is any need for that, as long as the owner of the bike keeps an eye on battery at every service. What if Pajero start giving handle start (mechanically manual) comfort? People should realize they are looking at small prototype of Yamaha fz-8, definitely not a next door bike.

Maximum: 45kmpl
Minimum: 35kmpl
Comm’n it’s Yamaha.


  • Very smooth refined engine.
  • No vibration.
  • Can ride at 27kmph at 5th gear, thanks to tourque.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Good handling.
  • Fully digital meters.
  • Suspension performance.
  • Great looks and design.


  • 35/35 stock headlamp.
  • Low ground clearance.
  • 12L fuel tank, a tourer needs more.
  • Fuel meter needs accuracy.
  • Mileage, if u consider it.
  • Should be atleast 200cc. (lack of body and engine ratio)

Yamaha FZ-S…..very refined prototype.

This review of Yamaha FZ-S was written by Ajay Singh. In case you too are interested in getting your review featured on, then please send them to [email protected]


  1. Nice review there, but most of all- awesome pictures. Do you have an online album when I can see your trips.

    I guess in the pros section- you can add it to be underpowered. Though I would agree its a great city bike and is quite a sprinter till 80kph. But after that very similar to the HH Hunk- it starts panting to build up speed thereon.

  2. Oooops sorry…I meant CONS section 😉

  3. hi Deepak bhai…thanx lot for your apprciation,i have no other online profile but on facebook where you can see my ladakh trip.

    well about power, i think you are indicating above 80kmph, i don’t know about HUNK, but i don’t feel any problem till 95kmph,after that it accelerates’s a co-incidence that whenever i tried to check it’s top speed there was always a pillion behind me, i’ve gone till 104kmph and i gaveup.Also it’s engine is refined for low and mid-range performance that’s the difference between both 150s, R15 and FZ-S.
    I like your pictures too..nice experiences bro..south is on my card too. thank you.

  4. are bhai ajay….. tum to likhen lage college chor k….great article….hats off to u…

  5. hehehe…thanx nitin for your appreciation…just living my passion.

  6. Hey thanks Ajay for the reply. Well on the speed front- you have been pretty frank. We have people claiming 141kph on their HH Hunks 😛

    FB is blocked in office, but will see it for sure from some other location.

    As for Yamaha, no doubts on the quality, refinement and the handling. Am a Yamaha Fan myself 🙂

    Ride on!

  7. thank you deepak bhaii,,the pleasure is entirely mine.

    Ajay Singh “like” this! 🙂

  8. well my town is full of pot holes and has poor roads with overspeeding vehicles. Is this bike a good buy?

  9. well Ashish…if u h’ve got muddy road then i must say u would like to change tyres,,,but if there is tarcoal road, then u’ll cross small potholes with a smile. for rural area, u have many other options, but if tripling and mileage is not your concern, definitely go for YAMAHA FZ16 OR FZ-S.

    Happy Riding.


  11. this is Azad from Bangladesh. can anyone help me to get rear disk break for yamaha FZS. plz mail me [email protected]
    Thanking you,

  12. good bike then any other in 150-160cc segment a grandpix test in city life no skiding when turning for redial havy tayer but front number plate is very ugly and boring on viger. Yamaha should find the suitable position for that and then fzs will be looking great

  13. chandan kazi says:

    Great bike FZ16,thanks yamaha upgrade by FZs great bike like poor mans Hearly Davidson. if Yamaha thinks rear disc brake would be batter…mileag will be minimum to minimum 42kpl. One thing Yamaha didnt follow that wind screen as a crown / visor is ornament of FZs but front number plate putting on  visor FZs looking very ugly. Please  wake-up Yamaha RnD wake-up….. to save the glamour n looks of FZs Regds  Chandan Kazi

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