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Petrol price hike 24th July 2012

Oil Marketing Companies have gone ahead and hiked petrol prices again, citing hike in global crude price as well as the soaring rate of dollar, which the companies claim, causing them to loose Rs. 1.41 a liter.

Just a month, petrol prices were reduced by around Rs. 2 a liter, after an initial steep price hike and it seems, prices are now going to slowly creep up to the original level.

Delhi: Petrol Price hiked by 70 paisa to Rs. 68.48 a liter.
Mumbai: Petrol Price hiked by 88 paisa to Rs. 74.24 a liter.
Kolkata: Petrol Price hiked by 87 paisa to Rs. 73.61 a liter.
Chennai: Petrol Price hiked by 89 paisa to Rs. 73.16 a liter.

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  1. It shows that how bad can all things can become in future in India…

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