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Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000 review

Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000 is a SAE 20W-50 API SG mineral engine oil for four stroke motorcycles.

According to Petronas, Sprinta 4T 2000 provides:

  • Excellent engine and transmission protection from excessive wear.
  • Superior engine cleanliness – ensures low engine wear, prolongs component life and maintains high power output.
  • Excellent engine protection – prolongs engine life and reduces maintenance cost.
  • Smooth gearshift and clutch performance – ensures smooth ride.

To test this claim, we decided to test this engine oil in a Bajaj Pulsar 180 for a little over 1500kms. The test run included normal city stints and couple of highway runs, including a twenty two and a half hour, 780km long Himalayan Ride.

Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000 managed to perform decently even under such severe stress and no clutch slippage or engine overheating was noticed during the commuting or touring mode. Gearshifts for most part were smooth and engine didn’t at all feel harsh.

For an engine oil which costs Rs. 165/liter, it is definitely a good performer and should be a good choice for people whose motorcycles (Bajaj Pulsar 180/220) require 20w50 grade engine oils.


  1. Harish Nair says:

    Can you please guide me or post reviews about the performance of Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000 in 200cc Oil cooled Engines like Pulsar 200,Avenger 200 etc..

  2. Harish, Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000 has been quite successful in Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi so it should perform well in Pulsar 200 and Avenger 200 DTS-i

  3. Where can I get these(Petronas) Engine oils in Bangalore.

  4. Vineet Sharma, Kanpur(U.P.) says:

    To Mr. PRATAP,
    recently when i was in a automobile shop for purchase of a litre lube for my bike then shopkeeper says to me after given me a litre of full synth lube of petronas sprinta 5000 10w40 (api sj, jaso ma) that this is a very gud lube with cost very less aprx 320/- only, i said to him that on other hand no full synth lube is available less than 750/- so how this oil cud be? The shopkeeper was not so smart for reply but my question is same that is this oil is a low performer than other’s or not? If no than why others are 2.1/2 times expansive from this oil.

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  7. hi,
    can u please suggest me the best engine oil for pulsor150 …
    can u tell me (Petronas Sprinta 4T 2000) about this engine oil..???

    suugest me plese which one is best……

  8. i m quite confused fr my bike`s engine oil …………suggest me wether i should use castrol or petronas……… bike is pulsar220 dtsi

  9. 4t premium is much better than sprinta 2000 because i use in my pulsar 220 and i get a noise free & smooth riding when iused sprinta 2000 my bike get in great trouble when i go for along drive.and from one of my friend iget to know who is working in lube industry that it is not imported from malaysia and for giving high margins to dealer they are using low quality base oil.and only packaging is attractive. you can prove if you get 2005& latest batch there is lot of difference between lubricant

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  13. himanshu dahekar says:

    hi i m looking the best engine oil for my bike(220f)can you please tell me which is it n where can i find it in mumbai.

  14. Krishnaraj says:

    Hi I would like to buy this oil in Hyderabad. Whom should I contact..?

  15. I want to buy this oil in hyd where can i get it…
    my Ph- 9059715719

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