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Qatar MotoGP postponed due to rain

A violent and prolonged desert rainstorm that began just minutes before the race was due to start, caused the opening Grand Prix of 2009 season to be postponed. The reflection of the floodlights on a wet track means it is impossible to ride in the rain at Qatar and the huge amount of water on track, coupled with high winds, rendered racing impossible. The race will now be held on Monday evening at 2100 local time (2350 IST), with warm-up at 1830.


  1. ARJUN BAGGA says:

    yeah last now i saw it on the news. very sad to learn it. I was waiting for it. lets see it in japan.

  2. Well it is still going to be held as it has not been canceled, simply rescheduled (to tonight). However I am not quite sure if we will get to watch it here in India, especially considering the fact that it wasn’t scheduled to be broadcasted live in India.

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