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Race to Dakar review

I recently got the opportunity to watch Race to Dakar, a documentary on Lisbon – Dakar Rally by Charlie Boorman, the same guy who made Long Way Around (number 3 on my list of must watch biker movies and documentaries) and Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor.

Plot kind of starts where Long Way Around left and Charlie once again teams up with Russ Malkin to make a documentary on essentially his participation in the Lisbon – Dakar Rally, which he had vowed to do, before Long Way Around began.

Documentary follows not only Charlie’s preparation for one of toughest motorcycle rallies in the world, but also the rest of the nitty-gritties associated with such a project, including the snags in preparing BMW X5 (support vehicle) for the long journey ahead.

As the race and documentary proceeds and Charlie ends up breaking bones in his hand, it becomes race-to-dakar much more than a documentary on a well backed (financially and support wise) novice to a documentary about the pain, determination and triumphs of the riders, who dare to participate in this bone and soul breaking journey, which even proves fatal for one of the riders!

Race to Dakar is a story which is rarely seen or known by people beyond rally circuits and manages to shock and captivate you at the same time! Couple that with some awesome footage of motorcycles racing through sand and off road trails at near triple digit speeds, and you are looking at one of the most captivating motorcycle documentary ever made!

Though last couple of episodes seems hurriedly put together and one gets to see less of the race and more of backstage drama, but it is still engaging to say the least and well worth the watch.

While it might not be as fast and awe-inspiring as DTK is for most bikers, it is certainly worth a watch and would have likely pushed The World’s Fastest Indian from the second place in my list, had I seen Race to Dakar earlier!

Overall, it gets 4 out of 5 stars from me, go and watch it now!

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