Retraction on Bajaj switching to BS IV story

On the 18th of March we had reported that Bajaj Auto had started manufacturing BS IV compliant motorcycles (link). While in fact they had started manufacturing BS III compliant motorcycles, because BS III emission norms are about to come into effect from the first of April for two wheelers, while BS IV emission norms would be applicable on cars.

The article in question has now been updated and we would like to apologies for this goof up and thank Sid for pointing this out to us.


  1. posting incorrect information on the net is not a good practice. specially when you consider yourself to be a reputed blogger.

    please corrent the worg info given. motorcycles are supposed to comply with BS III norms not BS IV. and that is what Bajaj has done. Please correct yourself and your post

  2. i apologize for my tone. but Bajaj has said that they are BS II complaint and not BS IV

  3. Opps soory not BS II but BS III. even I made a mistake while posting 🙂

  4. That has already been done, hence this retraction!

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