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Review: Hero Honda Hunk

Getting yourself a compatible 2-wheeler is no piece of cake these days, as it used to be a decade back. With a whole lot of exciting options lined down in the automotive market, an individual must know his requirements to stay at par with what he wants to own. The 2-wheeler industry is well-equipped with motorcycles/scooters from all the segments prior to engine capacity, looks, fuel efficiency & performance. It wasn’t easy for me as well, to choose from a wide range of motorcycles however I landed my search bug on a Hero Honda HUNK (2008).


hunk Some important traits:

  • Date of Purchase: 20th August, 2008
  • Total Kilometers clocked (till date): 27,430
  • Max. Mileage achieved: 52 kmpl
  • Min. Mileage achieved: 47 kmpl
  • Top Speed achieved: 128 kmph

HUNK was a stint of luck to me. It came with all the possible features that I could think of in my first motorcycle. I bought it a gross price of 60,500 INR. A fuel efficient motorcycle with 150cc engine churning out 14.4 BHP of power was quite a deal for a daily commuter like me & was certainly not a massive blow to my pocket as well. The machine gives a “big bike feel” once you settle yourself on the comfortable step seat. The Panther Black paint job suited me best.

Engine & Transmission:

The HUNK sports an Air Cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder, 149.2cc engine that develops max power of 14.4 BHP at 8500rpm & max torque of 12.80 Nm at 6500rpm. And this humble machine runs through an Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System with Electric Start. The engine rightfully boasts to be the fiercest among other competitors in the 150cc segment. As far as the transmission goes, a Multiplate Wet Clutch with 5-Speed Constant-Mesh gearbox gives the motorcycle a smooth shift & ride capabilities.

Suspension & Brakes:


The Front suspension holds a set of Telescopic Hydraulic Shock absorbers while the Rear suspension enjoys the first-in-class Swing arm with 5-step adjustable Nitrox GRS (Gas Reservoir Suspension) system. Over the years, there’s hasn’t been a single flaw with the suspension system, even on the toughest tarmacs such as ice, water & sand. Be it the icy-cold roads of Patnitop or the hot tarmacs of Delhi-Lucknow Highway, the suspension have stood out everytime without a breakdown. Front Brake is a Disc Type (Non-Asbestos) with 240mm diameter & the Rear Brake is internal expandable shoe type, diameter 130mm. The Hydraulic Brake Fluid either of DOT3 or DOT4 type can be used.


Dimensions & Capacities:

Inspite of belonging to 150cc class, the HUNK establishes its image as a big sized bike with an Overall Height of 1095mm & 2080mm Overall Length. And what drifts it from the dumb commuter bike segment is the incredible Ground Clearance of 145 mm that paves way for off-roading as well. The Kerb Weight of the motorcycle being 146kg makes it a stable ride. The Fuel Tank capacity is 12.4 litres having 2.2 litres of Usable Reserve. Engine Oil capacity is 1.2 litres, however at the time of draining 900ml is consumed.

Electrical prospects:

hero-honda-hunk-at-night The motorcycle comes with an AMCO made 12V-7AH (for Electric Start) or 12V-5AH (for Kick Start) battery which is ideal for strengthening the Flywheel A.C. Generator & other 12V lamps such as the 35/35W Halogen Bulb with Multifocal Reflector in the headlight, 5/21W tail lamp & other indicators. For the Electric Start type, 15A, 20A Fuse is fitted.


It’s been more than 2 years that I’ve enjoyed the status of being a proud owner of a Hero Honda HUNK. And no massive failure occurred over these years as far as the motorcycle’s performance is concerned. Hero Honda provides an inevitable promise of quality service for all its products & obliges the buyers by offering 6 free services, wherein the only cost that has to borne by the customer is for the engine oil. The consecutive services, that I avail from the Authorized Hero Honda Service Centers comprise of regular engine oil replacements, air-filter cleaning, battery check-ups, wheel alignment & brake checks.

And apart from this, Hero Honda also strengthens their bond with the customers by giving a chance to show their immense care for the motorcycle as well as win exciting prizes at regular services. The program is called the Hero Honda Passport Programme, in context to which, the customer can collect reward points on consecutive services & hence utilize the points in availing discounts on purchase of Spare parts & other accessories. I have myself used the reward points & purchased body cowls for my HUNK at discounted prices.


The Hero Honda HUNK is a powerful machine with some incomparable features like the Nitrox GRS or the MFR Head lamps. It’s been quite a journey with my bike. I’ve done a fair share of roadtrips to various parts of North India including Shimla, Patnitop, Agra & Chandigarh. And everytime I ride my HUNK, I know that it won’t let me down. I make sure that I jeopardize even a pinch of ignorance for my motorcycle & the machine loves me back too.


This review of Hero Honda Hunk was written by Rahul Arora. In case you too are interested in getting your review featured on, then please send them to [email protected]


  1. Looks good to me!!!

  2. well explained about the bike… jst love this experience….. mind blowing…. HUNK rocks…..

  3. can it goes 800km at a strech without any malfunction

  4. Hello Zoheb,

    This is in response to your query. HUNK has undoubtedly got an endurance to keep up with long stretches. I have successfully traversed Delhi-Lucknow via Bareilly (502kms) in 10 hrs at a stretch and Delhi-Patnitop (730kms) in less than 16 hrs without any breakdown or even a minor malfunction. The bike runs as smooth on long rides as it does in short rides.

    So, if you say 800kms, I’m sure it’s just another piece of cake for the HUNK. Please post for further queries.

    Rahul Arora

  5. Nice review there. I love the Hunk for the way it handles and dives into the corners. The only prob I find is the top speed- it starts gasping for breath once it crosses 90 kph.

    At what rpm did you touch 128 kph?

  6. Hello Deepak,

    If I remember correctly, I touched 128 kmph at an aggressive 6800rpm or so. It was back in Jan’10 but I just gave you an approx. value. Anyways, I never felt the way you describe the bike’s condition at higher speeds. In my case, I noticed that the bike runs with added stability once it touches 100 mark. I personally never felt the need for 6th gear, if you know what I mean 😉

    Rahul Arora

  7. Bhai mast hai….awesome man
    shabhas cheete..

  8. does hunk really touch the top speed of 128kmph/hr?? read lot reviews by auto journalists claiming it touches the top speed of mere 108 kmpk/hr only??

  9. Hello Prakash,

    I see no doubt in claiming 128kmph as the top speed achieved by me on the HUNK. For the record, I’m 6’2 and probably 90 kgs, and the HUNK reached 120 comfortably after which I pushed a little more to top at 128. But no doubt it did. The stretch was the NH1, Delhi-Panipat.

  10. hii,,friend my experience is ….awesome…Hunk Rock boss kya bike hai… when i buy this bike that time i think ‘this is also like nornal bike but later i understan that my thinking is completly wrong’.Friends no doubt in claiming 128kmph as the top speed achieved by me on the HUNK N i also achieved the top KMPH in 24-10-2010 the top speed is 139Kmph.which I pushed a little more to top at 141. But no doubt it did.”Great experience but Plz Do not try this in any where….
    it feel great bt if u disbalance thn boom…direct entry in heaven..”
    really great balance in this bike…

  11. Nice comment there Joy. 141 is a superb mark. I knew this baby could go beyond the expectations!!

  12. @Rahul: Well though am skeptical about your top-speed of 128 kph, I would still give it the benefit of doubt maybe due to momentum gathered in motion. But at 6800 is rather unbelievable. I have ridden my friend’s well maintained hunk N number of times…to reach 100 a Hunk crosses the 7000 rpm mark. I wonder how you are doing 128 at 6800 rpm. I’ll give you my example- I own a HH Karizma and I run a Pulsar 220 sprocket at the rear end which is 3 teeth less than the stock Karizma sprocket and with the Karizma’s top gear being relatively taller, I doubt if similar speeds can b achieved on my bike at the revs your bike does. Am not debating the top speed- but I would suggest you recheck the revs you are doing it at.

    @Joy: I guess your speedo needs some inspection..something is wrong there. 141 kph….am speechless 😀

  13. @Rahul: Well here’s something I would wish to add:

    Be assured its a genuine and sane video. This guy hasn’t touched even 120 and the needle is closing onto the redline i.e. 9000 rpm. That reminds me I had touched 120 at very similar revs on my friend’s bike. So am sure there is a big problem with your tachometer.

  14. @Deepak: I guess you didn’t focus on “Approx.” I’m myself skeptical abt the rpm reading. I’m sure the tacho is doing fine, all that is uncertain is that I can’t remember the exact value. As far as Joy’s 141 mark is concerned, I feel no hesitation in accepting the fact. I have seen people jotting down 136 mark easily on the HUNK, GPS confirmed.

    Nice video by the way.

  15. Hey thanks Rahul for the response. Can you share the link of the 136 kph GPS speed achieved on the Hunk?

  16. @Deepak: Will try my best to bring it up here!

  17. Thanks man! Am really eager coz the speedo errors usually are max at the top end i.e. 8 to 10%. So if we go by the 136 on the GPS- 8% error conversion gives you a speed of almost 147 kph and this figure I won’t believe even if god comes and tells me 😉 Also need to see which GPS device was used coz the GPS inside my Nokia N95 showed my earlier bike’s (P150 DTSi) as 136 kph when it wasn’t even at 100 😛

    Just for info sharing the log:

    See the top speed in the small box in the chart!

  18. @Deepak: Impressive stuff.. All the best for the results of the contest!

  19. Well after seein all the above comments I Agree with rahul the vehicle wch i own is hero honda hunk wch is 2007 model and i have tried reached the max speed is i got 140kmph and guys it also depends on the rider who can take the torque and throttle and shift up the gear @ rite time…!

    I have experienced the same and i have reached 140kmph thrice…!

  20. Well, thanks Arun. 140 is awesome!!! I’m sure you can share some reviews for your bike as well…

  21. Robin Keshri says:

    I second Deepak Dongre’s statements..
    Based on my experience of riding HH Hunk for 2 Years and 9200 KMs, I can never agree on the TOP Speed claim made by Rahul….& Joy Banik :D.
    Even on the mileage part I feel that average mileage of this bike is around 40-50 KM/Lt.
    However apart from this I firmly believe that HH Hunk is still the best Bike in the 150 CC segment.

  22. hello rahul i am planning to buy this bike but read in some reviews that the pillion seat of hunk is very hard that sitting more than 30 minutes is a pain also head that pillion seat is very small is that true.

  23. Hey Amit.. Good to know that you’re planning to go for the bull. In 150cc segment, it’s a fair buy.
    About the pillion seat, it is slightly elevated, may be that hampers the comfort a little bit. Just to share with you, my mother never complained of discomfort on the pillion seat inspite of going for a ride more than an hour.

    Still I’d suggest to go check it out, if you think it’s manageable, then only go for it. My opinion, it’s pretty comfortable for anyone who sits cross-legged as it’s got a sloppy dimple in the front middle to facilitate easy sitting.

    Let us know what you go for.

    Rahul Arora

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