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Royal Enfield Bullet Electra review

It’s a strange feeling to write a review about a bike that I have been riding now for the last 7 years and covered more than 60000 km across the length and breadth of the country. But then, that’s the beauty of the steed that I ride. It just doesn’t seem to get old. I own a Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 2003.


This was my first bike and probably would remain my last. Since I definitely don’t intend to get another one or give this one away. I fondly remember the day when my dad and I went to take the delivery of the bike. The mechanic who was fixing the bike for me at the showroom asked me, “have you ridden any other bike before?” to which I promptly answered “no”. To that he proudly said, “after this, you won’t ride anything else”. That day, 7 years ago, to this, I have not touched another bike.


The machine needs no introduction as it carries an age old legacy. The ride quality cannot be emulated as you can breeze through from town to town and yet not feel any fatigue. The machines, instead, just eggs you on for more. The bike can take on any terrain, be it roaring stream on the road or desert sand or even rocky roads on a mountain. More than a mechanical association with the bullet, the rider always shares an emotional association. With a bullet, you are never alone no matter how tough the terrain or how long the journey is. The steed just does not give up on you. In fact, I can’t recall even a single instance where I was left stranded because of my bullet. I call my bullet “The Messiah” and quiet aptly it has always been watching over me on my rides.


The ride quality, transmission is excellent. The thump from the stock iron engine just sends shock waves through your veins. The mileage is not very impressive and can range between 25 km/ltr on hills to 35 km/ltr on plains. The bike is a little laggard when it comes to pick-up in comparison to the regular bikes but it just cruises once the engines gets heated up. If you are looking for flashy electricals then this is not the bike for you as the electrical components are a little nagging.


Bike Details:
Name: Royal Enfield Bullet Electra
Date of Purchase: Nov 27, 2003
Total Kms: 65000 kms
Max Mileage: 42 km/ltr
Min Mileage: 27 km/hr
Top speed: 100 km/hr

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  1. Lovely short and sweet review and nice pics too!


  3. simply super

  4. chetan singrodia says:

    what tryes are you using

  5. Geo Kallooran says:

    Me too ride an electra 2003 model still i get 45 km per litre mileage any way it was a great review.

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