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Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark features and specifications

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark has brought a sea of change to the Royal Enfield stable, which until a few years ago was dominated by models which had hardly seen any major change since India’s independence.

The Unit construction engine (UCE) marks a dramatic shift in the traditional Royal Enfield engine architecture. This is world away from the traditional Royal Enfield engine, which has an external clutch and gearbox. In Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark, both these elements are integrated within a common crankcase space. This makes the Thunderbird Twinspark’s engine more compact and reduces transmission loss, friction, maintenance and while at the same time being more reliable than the traditional Royal Enfield Engine.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark

The new Thunderbird Twinspark also incorporates hydraulic tappets – which are a first in India and combined with the new lean-burn combustion technology and twin spark plugs, give better power, torque and fuel-efficiency. The clutch in Thunderbird Twinspark has also been beefed up with an all new 6-plate one.

This makes the new Thunderbird Twinspark not only the most powerful 350cc production motorcycle in India; it also makes it the easiest Royal Enfield to ride.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark Specifications
Engine Type: Single cylinder, 4st, OHV, dual spark ignition engine, aircooled
Bore x Stroke: 70x90mm/346cc
Power: 19.8bhp @ 5250rpm
Torque: 28Nm @ 4000rpm
Compression ratio: 8.5:1
Carburetor: BS29/UCAL
Headlamp: 35/35W 12v halogen
Battery: 12V 14AH
Fuel tank capacity: 15.5 liters (2liter reserve)
Suspension (front): telescopic with hydraulic damping, stroke 130mm
Suspension (rear): swingarm with gas shock absorbers
Brake (front): 280mm disc brake
Brake (rear): 152.4mm drum brake
Tyre (front): 3.25×19”, 6/4PR
Tyre (rear): 3.5×19”, 6/4PR
Wheelbase: 1370mm
Overall length: 2120mm
Overall width: 780mm
Overall height: 1080mm
Minimum ground clearance: 135mm
Seat height: 775mm
Weight: 182kg (kerb)


  1. wannna double color in tank and a diGital speedo meter……. dont worry about the in twin spark so alloy wanted

  2. What kinda people wud want a two tone paint on this machine…
    n a digi meters…..dipwads!!!!

    Rather wud go for Tubeless Tyres n alloy wheels with bigger cubic capacity

  3. Thats a very cool bike. I am planning to buy one…

  4. perfect bike .amazing features.good looking bike then the other model of royal enfield.

  5. Thunderbird twinspark. It’s very good to look and ofcourse to ride smooth on the way, but……
    Something missing like, digital meter, blade style alloy, a pair of tubeless, and if you can to change the rear drum brake to a disc.
    and the real atraction catch by the long silencer.

  6. this is the worst enfield bike which i hav seen….. plz dont buy dis, its just a waste of ur hard earned cash…. insted of twinspark u can buy the old thunderbird…. its really a superb bike….

  7. Hi Friends, I’m very happy & oriented after reading the comments … Actually i was never in the favour of RE bike because of their starting problems .. because during my Engg days, i used to be first chap to leave the hostel premises on my Bajaj bike & leaving RE chaps , facing the staring problems… 😆
    But last week i had taken a test ride at IIT Campus for the first time in my life of a RE bike & that too Thunderbird TS, I’m amazed to ride the bike & felt the pick up of this giant Bike…
    I’m satisfied and might go for the bike within a day or 2 but i’ve one question from the existing users.. 💡 Please tell me about the maintenance aspect of RE , TS , beacuse till now no body has highlighted this aspect of this bike.. Will the periodical servicing is enough for the maintennace of this bike or u will have to really work hard/put money to keep it fit.. pls reply this thanx

  8. Still missing:
    1. Tubeless Tyres.
    2. Rear Disc brakes.
    3. Headlight bulb is tooooo small.. just 35W on highway. should increase it to 65W or 90/100 W.

  9. HELLO .i recently purchased the thunderbird in january and now bike has run 2200 kms…oil leaks….fuel efficiencyy is also very low around 34……loosening of partsof bike,,,,vibration too much…exceedin than the bullet….i contacted the showroom mechanics for the problems…regarding noise of the engine..they just say it;s normal…but it;s isn;t.they don;t know anythin about this engine…..on company.s site they say that hydraulic tappets reduce noise..but it;s makin noise like that of a diesel engine…it doesn;t even hear like a petrol bike…if any one could have driven old taurus bullet diesel could see the resembelance except that was smoot…i feel my money;s got wasted…better had bought a standard or electra…bullet…or go for karizma or pulsar 220…. this advice is to everyone who wants to buy a thunderbird twinspark

    people are sayin that most of the bikes have been sold through internet i will post on the net the real problems I;m facing….

    Thanx for your CHEAP .Slow and tiresome Service`..

    very Bad experience …

  10. i’ve bought a THUNDERBIRD TWIN SPARK a month before.

    it makes me sick.
    it has much more vibration and sound like a diesel auto.

    people who wanna bye think twice before you buy.

    all your money ll be wasted if you haste.

  11. i could not even ride more than an hour.

    i bought that stupid bike with dreams of getting riding pleasure on highways.

    it should have been my pleasure that was increased but
    it was my blood pressure that got increased.

    if you wanna buy this baggage of junk. . . oh no. . . i need not mention more i think.

  12. i bought this bike a month before with lot of expectations. but not even half of it is fulfilled. usually the thump comes frm the silencer but in this bike a noise like diesel auto comes straight frm the engine.. eratic sound not at all comfortable.. that noise comes down only at 70 km/hr.. apart frm that oil leaks easily and the RE people are unable to correct it. i think its not as worth as it was hiped… sooooooo sad

  13. I’ve been driving Thunderbird since last 5 years & have planned to buy new TBTS UCE with thorough check. I completely disagree with the above comments where so many problems were highlighted like oil leakage, vibrations etc infact this new Unit construction engine is so reliable and effecient that RE will be introducing it in his all bikes by 2011. I’m die hard fan of RE, they dont produce racing bikes but they produce great bikes. By the way even Yamaha RX 100 too had oil leakage problem if reved over normal limts so does that means it was a crap? Use your brains guys !!! RE is not for everyone, one needs a big heart to sit on it.

  14. this is the wonderful bike.I likes this bike a lot.

  15. i was planning to buy a RE TB TS, but after reading all these comment i m confused…… friends pl. help me on this……

  16. Guys , i agree with you’ll the service cener sucks like its engine , the engine is very noisy , got this TBTS going through its specks , RE 500 is far too good when compared to my bike , I had to change the silencer to a free flow GoldStar , so i could listen to the Thump , but its got good power trust me on that , but then you dont feel like taking this bike on an open highway ,
    any one planing to buy this bike pleas just drop the plan… Go for a Standard Classic or the 500

  17. Guys, I own thunderbird twinspark, purhcased on May 2009. I love the bike but I have a problem with the front disk brake. It makes hell a lot of noise when you apply it. However, the brake shoes were replaced twice in the thunderbird service center itself with no avail. It still makes sound. Probably I should fine some good third party break shoes. I owned pulser before, never had this problem……not even once in pulser.

  18. It is a wonderful bike.. It is a cruiser and have been cruising on it since I own it..

    It was my dream and I am happy to own it.. Thanks to Royal Enfield.. only tubeless tyres are missing the rest is amazing for the amount.

  19. I doubt any RE will appeal to people used to the Jap no-trouble bikes. Enfield’s are Enfield’s and will always have problems. If you do not have the time or the patience to maintain and take care of them, stay away! These are not bikes you can use like regular Hondas/Yamahas/etc.

    In short, those of you thinking of buying a Royal Enfield (even if it is the Thunderbird Twinspark), remember that it’s not just a purchase you’re making. You’re entering a marriage. Treat her with respect and she will treat you equally well. Forgetting to service and maintaing her will give you a constant headache.

    Overall, the new Twinspark is an excellent bike and I commend Royal Enfield for a job well done. But the old nags and glitches and pains still stay. So keep all this in mind before blindly buying it and expecting it to work like a normal old bike.

  20. Jabir shaikh says:

    Hi guys, i hv buyed thunderbird twinspark in jan 09, and i m really disappointed with the engine sound, so i finally changed the silencor & fixed a jet silencor now, ohhh! Now with this new silencor the sound is like a rocket, i m really enjoying now, but i m scared that, will this new silencor decreased the mileage? Somebody help me..(9846228889)

  21. it is a very good bike ,very good pick up ,cool looking……….i am buying one…..everyone listen if u take care of your bike you wont face any problems…

  22. if u have a thunderbird twinspark then dont worry please ride ur bike slowly for atleast 5000 km then u can feel ur bike cooler then ever i too faced all problems but now its cool ……so just ride ur bike within a speed limit of 40 max 60…then after 5000kms u can just fly thats TBTS….got it

  23. Hi guys……I am a proud owner of a TBTS. It is very good bike. I bought it in OCT’08. No problems as such except for a small oil leakage. That can be taken care. It has got a nice sound too.Sounds similar to a neigh of a horse wen u start the machine.I am loving it.Maintanance is not a prob. Timely check up is sufficient. Go for it guys. Its worth your money..

  24. Pritpaul Sohi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I procured one Thunderbird motor cycle from Bathinda dealership. On making various enquiries from dealerships at Chandigarh, Patiala, Rajpura, Ludhiana i/c Bathinda, I was told that Parado alloy wheels are suitable for the bike and these don’t violate the provisions of warranty.
    Accordingly I made a search & procured it from M/s. accurate accessories, Ahmedabad and got it fitted from Royal-En-field workshop at Bathinda. After fitment, it was noticed that the directions of blades in front and rear wheels were reverse .On enquiry from the supplier, I was told that no company is manufacturing alloy wheels for RIGHT SIDE CHAINED Thunder bird bike.
    Through this long story, I want to request you to please let me know the source from which I can procure such wheels for the prestigious bike. You may please forward relevant website or e-mail address for my further pursuance.
    Expecting an early reply and with thanks & regards.


  25. Dear friends,
    1st of all if u like and are satisfied with bikes like karizma or pulsar then trust me u dont know what RE is capable of. The people who compare RE with other plastic bikes manufactured in India are not worthy of owning one. There is no point in complaining about the weight of RE bikes because it is designed to give u a stabilized and center balanced ride which only comes through the higher weight of the bike, unless u want to duck under a hood for stream lining. I bought my TBTS some 3 months ago and so far ive had no problems with the bike. It feels like a glider when cruising through highways. The initial pickup is higher compared to its 350cc counterparts. The mileage is much much higher. Im getting close to 50kmpl. The noise of the engine is a bit of a worry but it disappears when u shift to the 5th gear. And with the helmet on u hardly hear the noise. Only the thump is audible with a helmet on. The same is the case for ur pillion without a helmet. The classic 500 and 350 are out in the market and they use the same Twin Spark engine. If it was as faulty as the opinions of people above, then RE wouldn’t have taken the risk with the engine of their long awaited model-revolutionizing bikes ie the classic 350 and 500. And after 1000kms it some what sounds like a Harley. If u have vibrations in your bike then sue ur service center and find a better one which can fix it. Im experiencing no vibrations even at speeds exceeding 80kmph and neither are my friends who have been riding it for over 10000kms.

    Dear Pritpaul Sohi ,
    If u dont mind keeping the the spoked wheel then i would suggest it over alloys anyday. Because they r much more comfortable to ride. And the look is great aswell. That was just my opinion.

  26. good article,my brother own , just amazing bike

  27. Folks,
    This is nice bike it seams…I have tried it & I feel very comfotable…. Take care of your budy..

  28. Manik says:
    June 1, 2010 at 4:48 am

    Hi Friends,

    My name is Manik and i am a working professional.
    I read a number of mixed reviews regarding this bike and was confused at one point of time. Not only reviews, but most of the people i took suggestion from also had some mixed kind of views regarding the bike.

    I was thinking to buy this bike for the last couple of years, even before the TBTS was launched. but every time i plan to buy the bike someone changed my mind and my program was delayed.

    I even testdrove the bike and even i feel that there a re a number of limitations in the bike, like the kind of vibration it has is annoying.
    Also i noticed one thing which i did not see in any of teh reviews. The black colour of the bike fades very soon (may be in a year or 2).

    If you want to buy a RE, never ask for suggestion. You will always get the answer as overprice, maintainance, oil leakage, gear shift problem etc etc…
    So now i believe that if you want to own a RE, you have to have a passion for that. i agree it is a big investment for a bike, but trust me it is a asset for life.

    Finally i am going to book the bike today. I hope it will fulfill my expectations.


  29. JUst booked the monster of the roadies……

    I have being in love since my childhood days, but never allowed by parents as bullets are heavy in nature..But now i have booked…Had a test ride…and its just wow….Hope my bike ride will be always wow…..

    Only problem its in so much demand , u actually have to wait for 45 Days…SAD>>>>

  30. guys- i have a TBTS and have been on it for close to 2 years now with over 25000 kms clocked… have been on a lot of bikes all thru my lyf… none can come anywer close to this monster…
    the bike lives up to its billing… its just that- IF U TAKE CARE OF HER, SHE WILL GO ANY LENGTHS TO TAKE CARE OF U…plz do a proper running in for the first 5k kms.. never got stuck cos of the bike… giving a mileage of well over 55km per litre now… the max achieved ever was 68 k’s.. .swear to god on dat..
    its the only bike dat can make u feel rock steady at speeds close to the 3 digits- can go upto 130kph if u strain it a bit n put on a K&N free flow intake..nd mind it- its not for the weak hearted!

  31. Raman Nautiyal says:

    dear all,
    Enfield is not a bike, its a personality, a head turner. Many buy new bikes but only Enfields attract queries, as I experienced after buying Classic 350 a month back. Yes, you have to take care of it like a buddy. Handle patiently, ride patiently. Maintain constant speeds and try not to vrooooom vrooooom. Its a cult, so followers only will understand.
    Enjoy your ride and drive sensibly.

  32. yar its all about your luck. please dont read this type negative comments. if you had done good in your past your bike will be the fruit of it. all iz wel all iz wel.otherwise go for cycle less problem great mileage. tring tring.

  33. HI FRIENDS ,
    MY NO IS 09845693536.

  34. Raman Nautiyal says:

    Dear Gururaj,
    The stroke like other bullets will not come. T’bird is not a bullet. Further, the enw UC engine is different from the earlier CI. Infact, I feel RE has tried to give the bullet thump to the UC and have succeeded to some extent. SO remember:
    1. Don’t expect the same CI bullet. The new UC has loads of advantages like less (practically no) oil leaks, light engine and good mileage.
    2. Drive around yout T’bird and enjoy it.
    3. RE has some genetic problems but they are not an obstacle to your riding, and who wants an RE without those?
    Good Luck.

  35. Hi Guys,

    I am also longing to buy an RE TBTS. I am bit biased for TBTS coz of his looks as a cruiser. Also I think the sitting posture while riding is straight up-right which I kinda like. Due to these I prefer TBTS aver other RE horses.
    Please feel free to comment for other RE boys if you feel like I can get a up-right sitting posture on other bikes like electra or classic.
    I can settle down for a non-cruiser style. I an more inclined on up-right sitting posture but it should really amalgamate with the bike’s overall look.

    Well above is how I like RE and what I desire. Below is a list of the problems I read in the TBTS reviews. This list got my mind and now I am not sure whether to buy TBTS or not, and for that matter buy an RE bike or not!!
    Ppl I know RE is kinda a cult. So, while commenting I would request you not to give a comment based on RE cult or RE-obsessed but give a genuine remark on the problems and if possible their solutions. Here goes the list:

    2) OIL LEAKS
    3) Vibrations
    4) Gear shift problems
    5) Bad/ weird noise
    6) Uncomfortable to ride!!!
    7) Bad service
    8) Spare parts – ?? Cost ?? Availability??
    9) Front brake makes lot of noise when applied
    10) No Tubeless tires
    11) Color fades!!
    12) Alloy wheels can tamper/ void warranty. Warranty of tires or bike as whole??

    So the Reviewers Take is – Problems are eminent. Needs a timely and good maintenance. But reliability is not up to the hype. Problems will eventually come.


  36. Raman Nautiyal says:

    dear arun,
    i own a classic 350.
    point wise replies:
    1. Engine Noise: Yes. not as quiet as previous RE. maybe due to uce. can be managed. sometimes it is silent though, mood, i guess.
    1. oil leaks: i haven’t experienced so far.
    3. Vibrations: heard they are there in TBTS. for classic, they are there but manageable.
    4. gear shift problems: yes. sometimes gears get stuck. you will have to live with them.
    5. bad/wierd noise: Not experienced so far
    6. Uncomfortable: Not for me.
    7. Bad service: Not in dehradun. Dealers are cooperative. Infact they were able to set the rear view mirrors perfectly, which is not always the case.
    8. spare parts: normal.
    9. Front brakes noise: yes, not too much but a slight purr in the discs when applied.
    10. Tubeless tyres: Not there. this is one area RE should look into seriously.
    11. Color fades: universal problem across companies.
    12. Alloy wheels: need to know more. however, they don’t blend with REs. better stick to spokes.
    will advise you to test ride TBTS and Classic.
    good luck

  37. I am now a proud owner of RE Thunderbird TwinSpark… finished 500kms in two weeks, now everyone tells me to be patent for 1500 more Kms. i ride between 45-50Kmph but i tend to put my bike in 5th gear as i cross speed of 40, its sound after that is not very pleasing and i have to really control myself from accelerating any further thn 50kmph. am i doing it right??? please tell me what a new memeber in RE family needs to know. = am cocerned about how to save my ‘grlfrnd’ from rust. how often shall i give it a shampoo wash…. plz rply

  38. hey!!! Guys i got TBTS on staritn of this year(10) n i havent faced any problem with the bike splly with the SOUND guess few ppl would hav gone with a rough ride with new engine, so prbly dey r facin prbls

    Its a roadking you’l enjoy ridin it tc lyk ur 1st GF

    Have a safe TRIP

  39. Yes raksit u dng it rite…..aftr 2000kms u gona Fly

  40. Hi guys,

    I was going through all reviews , but unable to decide whether to go for TBTS or not , dilemma exists

    SOme says ,, it is personality and attitude bike , give u a charm feel of driving.

    But on the other hand , says – Oil leakage , NOisy.

    Just wanted to know whether coming over to +ve aspects can -ve can be ignored

    Majorily it can be concluded that 80% of TBTS have oil leakage prob . But only discussing oil leakage will not resolve me to come at solution , can any 1 have solution to overcome oil leakage issue

  41. Neeraj Soddhy says:

    Neeraj says

    I have a TBTS silver bought it on august 15. since the day i ve bought this bike has not at all given me any trouble. when u buy such a big machine then there has to be some plus points and minus as well which is acceptable guys. and i am sure u guys also know that no other bike the brand name of RE. i love my bike alot its a mark of man. i had problem with my trip meter in the starting but its fixed and working perfectly. since i am from delhi i can review about the service centers in delhi. Ess aar motors mechanics do their job very well. And MR . Amit MOhan ( Service manager ) of RE is the reson behind this. RE crew is very prompt in replying for the mails or queries.

    what else to write guys, i wish you a happy and safe ride.

    Neeraj Soddhy
    New Delhi

  42. i have a tb .It’s the one before the TS.
    ,i have already clocked 30K .
    Faced a problem regarding the Crank , got it replaced.
    Apart from that the bike’s great.
    I have not tried Twin spark yet.
    But TB is a great buy.
    But if u plannin to buy a TB , i would suggest u def test ride the classic 350 …

  43. I have a TBTS thunderbird its 3 years old and crossed 25000 km till now.befoe 24000 km it was a fovarite dude for me. but right now after 24000 its really horrible because of its uce enngine.sound of my enngine turned entierly, so i took my dude to RE service center they informed me that the this noice is because of connector rod in the engine….. i will cost arround 18000 to make my dude recover,not only me many are facing the same problem in this new alluminium engine…… so my adfide to the new one is ride it in RPM below 2.5 and enjoy her fully within 3 yesra or 24000km. “I AM NOT PROUD AS AN ROYAL ENFIELS OWNER”

  44. kuppusamyselvaraj says:

    very sad to read your experience,and you have enlightned so many re tbts seekers who passionately waiting for a bike/crusier with in a good budget(below 1 lac).
    i personally dont see any justification for 1,16,000/- price tag(after reading so many ownership reviews here and there) for this bike, as for many of us who spends this much of our hard earned money on a bike,would only want to experience a good ride with a smiling heart without any problem(except some minor),it really hurts the feelings of you and me like others,royal enfield must address all the owner!’s problems before entering into other FURIES,otherwise the so called CULT which is been there because of RE,will be no more,because of RE too.
    (so disappointed after going through owner’s bad experience,and expecting all light hearted fellowers to express their opinion)

  45. I were here to gain some points about the bike tbts, but what i found is an idiot that is just irritating me by writing diff reveiws against the bike, with a damn idiotic english.. Damn you gasshole…. He is just setting doubt case in peopples mind by posting bt dont know and care why…. By the way the bikes good…. Rode frnd’z a month ago.. It feels like u are on a sofa on the road…. With all HOT eyes on you wishin to be with you on the couch…

  46. hi Guys,

    i have read all the above negative comments…still i dont care what they say…i going for my dream bike TB TS…i had already booked the bike few weeks ago…sad news is that i have to wait for 4 months for the bike to arrive…waiting for that spark of my life…hope see it soon…

  47. I got my new TB 8 days ago n It already started getting oil leakage n also it’s oring has burnt n it’s making some strang noice with a slight knocking from enngine , m really dispapounted after spending 1.20 lac I see my new bike spilling oil n making my garage dirty , this is not a worth spending so much of money on a bike n very next day I see my giving some annoying noise n oil leakage

    I am from Pune n going for first servicesing on 14 July if they can’t my fix my problem than I don’t know what will be my next step

  48. TBTS – Worst bike… Never go for bullet

    Guys stoping being crazy on Bullet… Service becomes worst and worst everyday..

  49. hai, royal enfield to royal person he use karta ha

  50. Hi, I have just read the above comment about the TBTS, may be all are true, but my experience is different, I got by TBTS on 6th May this year, after 1st servicing I have come from Angul to Raipur(near about 400km)with out facing any problem, after that I have to go Durgapur(WB)from Raipur(CG)on 20th Jun midnight for emergency I have gone by my TBTS and reach Durgapur(near about 900km.) continuous riding (only one stop for 5-7min for fue) of 17hrs.The road condition was not good all the way, in Orissa I faced hill and heirpin curvs, and orissa and bengal border faced so many potholes for that it was tough to keep the bike on road. and the time of starting faced heavy rain for approx 5hrs. BUT THANKS MY TBTS, IT WASN’T GIVE ANY PROBLE ON THE ROAD, till the date I have faced starting problem only once, and have a experience that if the battry is not charged, the byke will not start even apply the kick also. other wise it is the best bike I have seen form last 15 years. Bullet 350 is good but not comfortable like TBTS.

    Thanks RE and I am happy for my TBTS

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